David Marceau 2021

I updated my Twitter profile picture recently and since then no one recognizes me because I grew my hair out during the COVID Lockdown and have kept it that way.  I realized it was time for a new blog post.  It has been a couple months.

David Marceau 2021
Hello me, it's me

Today's article is an opportunity to get my readers caught up with what has been going on with me over the past few months.  I have been busy, so busy I was unable to write about my thoughts on the big UFO Report that came out in June, amongst other things.  That day, I was beginning a family road trip cross-country.  For the following four weeks I would be unable to do much of anything other than drive and sight-see.

I will list a few details of the trip at the end of this article.  Pictures are available at David Marceau on Instagram.  In a nutshell, we drove 10,000 miles over the course of four weeks, crossed through twenty states (six of them twice), visited a dozen National Parks and ten museums.  My car needed three oil changes, two washes, and a new windshield.  It was a tremendous amount of fun and we created memories the kids will have for a lifetime.  But it was exhausting.  I needed to rest for a week when I got back.

After that, I spent the rest of the summer catching up on work, cleaning and doing some projects around the house, and I began my most earnest attempt at writing a book.  Between the trip and the book writing, that has been my whole summer and that is why I have not updated this blog in so long.

The book is centered around my UFO Sighting in 1992.  That event only lasted 5-7 minutes but I could have focused on that brief time for a hundred pages.  I am not doing that, though.  Instead, I am starting out writing about my childhood and all the events which led up to how I ended up in Gagetown where I encountered the UFO, and everything which affected how I reacted to this experience.  Later in the book I will write about the time after the sighting and what led up to me being in the place I am now in as a member of the UFO Community.

Right now I am still in the beginning stages of a rough draft.  As of this writing I have about 40,000 words written.  Once I have completed detailing the facts I will go back through and rewrite everything into the nicest prose I know how to write.  I hope people find it interesting and a pleasure to read.  Either way, the book needs to be written.

I mentioned in a recent interview that I had embarked on this writing project, and someone criticized me on Reddit for "trying to make a buck" off of my experience.  Well, that really is not the point.  If writing the book helps pay a few bills I will not argue with the publisher about it.  But the real reason for writing it is because I see my experience now as a matter of historical significance.  It is important to document what happened before the memories fade.

Indeed, the memories are fading.  Prior to my appearance on Unidentified the memories of my encounter seemed permanently etched in my mind.  After nearly three decades I still got emotional when I told the story, reliving the trauma of the terror I experienced.  But each time I told the story, the trauma subsided.  Each blog article I wrote allowed me to focus on minute details.  Each subsequent interview I did provided therapy.  Now, I have mostly recovered.  I no longer re-experience the event when I talk about it.  The downside of that is it is getting harder to see the event in my mind's eye.  I need to write it down before it is gone forever.

In conjunction with this effort I have agreed to do some new interviews after a year of declining them.  I recently appeared on The UFO Believer's podcast and Michael Mataluni's The Singularity Lab.  Tonight (August 31, 2021) I will be Live with Martin Willis.  Part of why I am doing this is to tacitly mention the book.  A bigger reason, though, is more of a public service.

Throughout all the years that I held on to my "open secret" (my closest friends and family knew about my sighting) I was unable to admit I was traumatized by it.  I was more plagued by the thought that, "I can't be the only person this has happened to," even though I knew of no other similar encounters.  I was not involved with the UFO Community.  I had never heard of #UFOTwitter.  I knew there must be others out there but did not know for sure.

Now that it is clear I am indeed not the only person who has had an experience like mine, now that the US Government has admitted they do not know what UFOs are and where they come from, now that I have mostly overcome the trauma of my experience, I want to help others to do the same.  I had thought for a while that I could do that by interviewing other experiencers, allowing them to air their stories.  That was part of the reason for starting this blog three years ago.  But there are dozens of other guys doing the same thing - a bunch of them have interviewed me.

A quarter million page-views later, rather than trying to compete with the Mini-Mike Douglasses of the world, I think it is better to simply focus on setting the stage for people to step forward.  I do not care if they share their story with me or anyone else (though a surprising number of people have spoken to or emailed me confidentially).  All I really care about is fostering the atmosphere for people to feel comfortable stepping out of the shadows.  I want to help destigmatize the subject of UFOs and alien visitations.

The way I will do this is simply by being myself.  I am not someone who saw something because I "believe in UFOs."  I write and talk about UFOs because I saw one up close.  Other than that, I am just a regular guy.  I have been married to one woman for fifteen years.  I have three wonderful children.  I own a small business.  I have many friends and several really good friends.  I am involved with my community.  I do volunteer work.  I take the family to religious services from time to time.  

I do not have all sorts of paranormal experiences.  I do not believe in Bigfoot or El Chupacabra.  I do not believe Consciousness affects aliens or anything else.  I am rooted in Science.

Other than the fact that I grew my hair long in 2020 and I ski over twenty days a year, I am not much different from anyone else.  I just happened to have had a close encounter with a UFO one time.  Perhaps you did too.  Or you know someone who did and you promised not to tell anyone.  I am here to tell you it is not a big deal.  Your friends will still be your friends.  Your status in the community will not diminish.  Some people will talk but those people talk about everyone - they are already talking about you, whether you know it or not.  Forget them.

That will be my life's mission from here out until society has reached the point where discussing UFO encounters is as mundane as discussing the weather.  Most of that effort will likely be via this blog.  But these posts may be few and far between as I focus my creative energy on writing the book over the next few months.  In the meantime, I will be accepting more interviews in hopes that I will reach the people who need to hear what I have to say.

And now, here are some more details on that cross-country trip:

We drove from Ridgefield, Connecticut to the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, back through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and home to Connecticut.

Devils Tower

Major cities included, Cleveland, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Buffalo.

We saw Steamtown, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Football Hall of Fame, The Air Force Museum, The Gateway Arch, Wonders of Wildlife, The Cowboy Museum, Prairie Dog Town, Carlsbad Caverns, The UFO Museum (more on that in a future article), The Rattlesnake Museum, The Grand Canyon, The Musical Instrument Museum, the beach at Coronado Island, The San Diego Zoo, a Padres game, The Korean Friendship Bell, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Pacific Coast Highway, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Warf, San Francisco's Chinatown, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, The Legion of Honor Museum, Muir Woods, The Redwood Forest, skied Mt. Hood, The Oregon Trail, The Seattle Space Needle, The Chihuly Garden and Glass, Pike's Place, The Nez Perce Indian Nation, Yellowstone, The Cody Rodeo, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, The Crazy Horse Memorial, and Niagara Falls.

Grand Canyon

We ate some great steaks in Oklahoma City, some of the best Mexican food we've ever had in Carlsbad, NM, surprisingly good sushi in Flaggstaff, AZ, In-n-Out burgers four times, Bubble/Boba Tea several times, Chicago Pizza in Chicago, and Buffalo Wings in Buffalo.  We even went to Applebee's so the kids could have some perspective on how good everything else was.

Pictures are available at David Marceau on Instagram.

Enjoying this blog?

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.