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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Alien Health and Beauty

Yesterday I wrote about the technology aliens might share with us after Contact is established.  If it were up to our government, we would probably ask for military technology before anything else.  But what if it were up to the people?  What would most individuals ask for, if aliens offered to share their knowledge with us?

The first two things most people would ask for would be health and youth, in that order.  Some people would, no doubt, believe rather that it is better to look good than to feel good.  But most would want to first ensure their health.  What good is beauty if you are going to die young?

Aliens Could Improve our Health

The Top 10 Causes of Death account for 75% of all deaths in America and of 50% of those are caused by the top three

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Lung disease

There is an obvious correlation between those three.  Not smoking would cut down each of those significantly.  However, there are many causes of disease which are difficult to control.  As of right now it is not possible to prevent certain kinds of cancer which are passed on by heredity, unless one decides not to reproduce.

Aliens could improve our Health
Aliens could improve our Health
People with a family history of life-threatening diseases would certainly clamor for help.  In the short term there would be requests for a cure, to help people already afflicted, to prevent their deaths.  Longer-term we would ask for help from our alien benefactors to prevent these diseases.  This may come in the form of altering the DNA of living people to turn off certain genes which could trigger diseases.  Or maybe we already have the ability to fight off everything and we just need a way to accelerate the body's current abilities.

Ideally, this help for our species would come in the form of a knowledge transfer which would make the technology available to all people.  It would be a shame if the ability to prevent life-threatening diseases through a gift from The Stars was put into the hands of the rich and powerful and not provided to Earth's poorest.

Aliens have the Fountain of Youth

Now, with improved health and the ability to live longer, people would want to look good doing it.  People have sought out The Fountain of Youth for thousands of years.

Aliens have the Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth
Every year we spend millions of dollars on moisturizers marketed as beauty creams and prescription medicines which claim to remove wrinkles.  Eventually most men will lose their hair and women's hair will lose its soft and shiny luster.  We will get fat in places we want to be lean and lean in places we want to have some meat on our bones.  Our voices will creak.  Sex drives will diminish.  Our noses and ears will continue to grow and grow and grow.  Maybe this is why aliens are typically depicted without ears and noses.  Could you imagine how big they would get after a thousand years?  You could fly away with those ears, that is if you could see past your huge honker.

The Cure for Old Age

What if there was a cure for old age?  How much would you pay for this?  Nothing against old people (I'm becoming one myself) but if you could live for thousands of years at some point you would get tired of looking like an old person and would want to regain your youth.  I know I would.  Right now I do not care.  Twenty years from now I might.  One hundred years from now I most definitely would.

Again, one would hope this technology, if it exists, would not end up solely in the hands of the rich and powerful.  Everyone should get to benefit from it.  I would expect this would be a condition aliens would set prior to sharing it with us - assuming they shared it in the first place rather than sold it to us.  If Youth was sold to humans there is no doubt some people would give anything to have it.  What would you give?  What would you not give?

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Alien Proxy War

Often times when I am thinking about aliens, which is often times, I wonder what new technologies they will share with us first.  Certainly our government would be interested in military technology, things which could give the United States an edge over our adversaries - like we need another one.  Of course, that could start an arms race as each country vies to get the next upgrade before the other guy does.  Eventually we would destroy ourselves and the planet would be rife for takeover by our alien arms dealers.

There is precedent for this on our own planet.  The US and Russia have each backed opposing sides in other people's wars for decades.  We each sell arms to smaller countries either as part of a proxy war, to show our rival that we can coach our team to a better record than theirs, or simply for profit without any care as to who wins.  Certainly, there must be some alien civilizations out there who would do the same with us here on Earth.

Alien Military Technology

What would be the first alien military technology we would want aliens to show us?  Would we be more concerned with getting the edge offensively or with being better able to defend the lives of our troops and our private citizens?  In War, preservation of life is most important to the extent we are able to achieve that objective, after which it is most important to launch a counter-attack as quickly as possible (Clausewitz, 1976).  This is evident by the fact that the US remains virtually undefended, relying on two oceans to either side of us and peaceful neighbors to the north and south, to secure our borders.  Instead of amassing troops along our borders the US has traditionally deployed troops around the world, ready to pounce on any would-be enemies.

Alien Proxy War
Alien Proxy War
This leads me to conclude that we would ask our new alien friends for offensive weapons, so we could better destroy our adversaries.  Perhaps we would not immediately launch an offensive.  After all, we are the good guys, right?  But certainly, having the next generation of game-changing weapons would put us in a strong negotiating position, much as having the nuclear option did for us in the 1940's and 50's.  Once Russia, China, and several others created their own nukes we lost that position and so began the arms race of the Cold War.

The next Cold War may begin by having more advanced drone technology.  I have no direct knowledge of this.  But it stands to reason that drones have been playing a much greater role in our military offenses as we have adapted to the guerrilla tactics of small but well organized terrorist groups and we would want to do more of this in the future.  We can not fight terrorists on a battle field unless they amass an army.  We can fight them from the air as we identify targets in their secret hiding places.

The alien technology I have been exposed to in-person enables an aircraft, seemingly of any size, to hover and move slowly without any visible or audible means of propulsion.  Imagine the advantage this would give a military, to be able to sneak up on an enemy leader, perhaps even slowly creeping into his house, down the hall, into his bedroom, and then launching a bomb or even releasing a lethal gas to kill him in his sleep and then silently leaving the way it came in.

Alien Military Technology

Aliens who can get from there to here would indeed have incredible technology which we cannot even imagine.  They would be foolish to share all of their capabilities due to the possibility that it might be used against them.  Even telling us they have the ability to do something, without telling us how to do it, might be enough to get our scientists and engineers working on projects they never would have thought of embarking upon.  We already know about hovering.  I am not the only person on Earth to have seen this.  So the cat is out of the bag on this one.  We know about it.  Now we want to know how to do it.

Since there are also many commercial applications for this technology I am thinking Industry would push for this.  Aliens may be willing to share this one with us.  I am leaning against the possibility that aliens will teach us how to make a Death Ray, though.  That is, unless they have a Counter-Death Ray.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Space Station Meet-ups Conspiracy

I laughed out loud, this morning, when I read that some people think the International Space Station is being used as a "meeting place" for aliens to interact with humans.  This is reported in the British tabloid, Express.  I love a good conspiracy theory (and even some bad ones).  This is a fun one.  Let us take a look at it.  I will examine
  • Feasibility of alien visits to the ISS
  • Practicality of alien visits to the ISS
  • Repercussions of alien visits to the ISS

Space Station Meet-ups Conspiracy

Feasibility of Alien Visits to the ISS

Could an alien spaceship dock at the ISS?  Have you seen this thing?  On paper it appears to be huge, at least as objects in space go.  It is 375 feet (109 meters) long with 13,696 cubic feet (388 cubic meters) of habitable living space.  They say the living quarters are the size of a six bedroom house.

If you think about that, as compared to your own house, you could imagine that it is possible to host a few aliens.  We have hosted as many as about 30 people at our house, including my immediate family, and it was cozy and comfortable.  With six people living at the Space Station at any given time, it would be possible to host a small crew of aliens in the building.  There would be no room for overnight guests but assuming no one got drunk and passed out on the couch that should not be a problem.

Feasibility of alien visits to the ISS
One too many, on the ISS
What about parking?  Even a large driveway can get crowded quickly when you put more than two or three cars in it.  The Space Station is designed to host up to six spaceships, connected to the building, with room for another twenty out on the lawn, so to speak.  Our Earthling spaceships are fairly small.  The Space Shuttle was small enough to ride piggy-back on a 747.  Current space capsules are smaller.  An alien spaceship would have to be similarly sized in order to dock with the Space Station.  This transport ship would need to have a connector with the same gauge as the ports on the Space Station.  How would they know, ahead of time, what size to design in their specs and then build their ship's access port?

There are two possibilities which make the size feasible, given the distance from there to here and the requirements of a ship which would make that journey.  One is that a ship the size of the spaceship I saw could have a dinghy on board which could transport a few occupants from one ship to another.  

Practicality of alien visits to the ISS

The second is, maybe some aliens are very tiny, say less than a foot tall, and one of our tiny space capsules would be enormous for them.  They could then dock the whole mother ship with the ISS.  If they were that small, hosting 30 of them would not even be a problem, as far as available space goes.

Practicality of Alien Visits to the ISS

Watching videos of the space station interior it is clear that it can be difficult to get around in there.  The tunnels connecting one section to another are tight.  In one section you actually have to shimmy around a nose cone used to dock arriving spacecraft.  If the aliens had any wide-reaching appendages or tentacles they would have difficulty getting from one section to another.  Fortunately no one has ever reported seeing a fat alien.

The Central Command Post does not appear to be set up for entertaining.  There is no large conference table or lounge area.  It is just a control module with a coffee machine.  I wonder if aliens would like coffee.  What if they really liked it and drank five cups each?  What does the alien pee-pee dance look like?

There are two bathrooms on the ISS.  That is OK for six people.  What would aliens do if they had to go.  I am not going to speculate on what an alien would do to a bathroom.  I will only say that I am not convinced our facilities could handle whatever happens.

There is a constant drone of air conditioning sounds.  I could imagine aliens repeatedly shouting, "What???  What???"  Hopefully they have telepathy.

After docking and some initial introductions I am thinking the first thing the aliens would ask is, "What's the WiFi password?"  They would likely complain about how slow it is, compared to back  home.  Our astronauts would say the same thing.  They would all have a good laugh and then get on to, "So, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

They would all have to stand since there are no large meeting rooms, suitable for hosting an alien delegation.  This might be off-putting to our guests.  They would also murmur to each other in their own language about how primitive it is to have people living in zero gravity.  The one guy would say, "That's the first thing we're changing about this place after we eat all these guys."  The other guy would elbow him.  They would both look up at their hosts and smile.  Their boss would give them a dirty look.

Repercussions of Alien Visits to the ISS

Finally, the repercussions.  What would happen if some alien life form boarded the Space Station?  My first concern is disease.  Think about when Europeans first encountered Native Americans ("Indians").  The results were devastating.  Entire villages were wiped out due to infectious diseases like smallpox and even common ailments which Europeans had built up immunity to.  All it would take is one alien with the sniffles and the entire crew could be laid out.  It is possible that any humans who arrived afterwards, to retrieve the lifeless bodies, could also become infected.  Certain modules of the Space Station would have to be jettisoned and destroyed.  The entire building could be declared a loss.  Although, if that were ever to happen I suppose we would have bigger issues to deal with than rebuilding a space station.

If disease did not affect the crew, certainly there would be a mess to clean up.  Think about how you have to go around and tidy up after having a few friends over.  Some aliens may have clean, smooth skin like humans do but others may be slimy and smelly.  They would leave a sticky or slimy mess on anything they touched.  I am picturing something like the Soul Glow family from Coming to America.  Some items may be so thoroughly saturated with grease and slime, they would have to be ejected from the building.

Repercussions of Alien Visits to the ISS
Just let your Soul Glow
When you feed a stray cat or dog, it keeps showing up on your porch every day.  What would aliens do if we were hospitable towards them?  Would they come back every day for treats?  They could quickly cause the supply of food on the Space Station to dwindle.  Resupply ships would need to be sent up frequently.  We would notice this, here on the ground.

We would also notice extra military and diplomatic personnel being blasted into space.  Why should we expect that Contact with ETs would best be handled by scientists.  Many people do not even trust scientists to tell them that Global Warming is cause by man.  Why would these same people trust a scientist to represent all of mankind?  We would definitely send up a politician or other diplomat, along with a security detail.  Again, we would notice this.

More likely, though, the astronauts would tell the aliens they had to meet with people on the ground.  Could you imagine Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi putting on a space suit and getting on a rocket?  No.  Not happening.  The astronauts would kindly call out from behind the triple-locked door, "My mom's not home and I can't let anyone in," and direct them to Washington or New York, or perhaps Moscow.

Could aliens meet up with humans at the Space Station.  Sure. It is possible.  Would that ever happen?  In scientific terms, meh.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

We are like Ants to Them

A couple months ago I began dealing with the Fermi Paradox a.k.a. Where-is-everybody, and then introduced the Marceau Paradox, or Why-are-they-hiding-from-us?  The premise behind this update to the question is that I have seen an alien spaceship, up close, therefore the Where-is-everybody question is somewhat moot.  They are here.

Why are Aliens Hiding from Us?

Right after introducing my new question I spent a couple weeks exploring some possible reasons why aliens will not contact us, or at least show themselves.  I put forth many reasons but the one that stands out to me is we are probably just too violent or aggressive.  If the new show Project Blue Book is to be believed we have attacked them in the past.  Why would they then feel comfortable landing on the White House lawn or even my lawn, for that matter?

I stopped exploring these possible reasons for the Marceau Paradox partly because of the reason above and partly because I came back from the Thanksgiving break with a lot of new ideas to write about.  But I still have about a dozen more possible reasons why aliens do not contact us, which I have not yet written about.

We are like Ants to Them

Then, last week a friend of mine sent me a link to a Ted Talk about alien contact which I thought I had posted on Twitter last week but now I do not see it.  At any rate, the talk was about the Rare Earth Hypothesis, which is the preposterous idea that we are alone in the Universe and no other life exists.  What was really odd about the Ted presenter was that he claimed to have seen a spaceship when he was a kid.  But now as an adult he has convinced himself that he was wrong.  Bizarre.

One of the people who commented on the video, you gotta love the comments, "SBlaze89" posted the question, "Do humans try to communicate with ants? I mean, we've observed them. Learned about them. But they pose no threat. Insignificant."  Most of the replies to him or her ranged from snarky to hostile.  Everyone is a comedian or a big shot on social media.  But I took it seriously.  It was one of the items on my list to write about which I had tabled after Thanksgiving.

What if we are like ants to aliens?  We see ants going about their business down on the surface of the planet.  They see us do our fly-overs without stopping to communicate.  We go about our lives indifferent to what they are doing in their little sandy pyramids.  We see them collecting food and we do not stop them - sometimes we will even drop a few crumbs of cake, just to see them team up and pick them up.  Do they consider these delicious treats as gifts from the gods?  Perhaps there are hieroglyphs of humans inside ant pyramids.  Probably not.

Once in a while we abduct an ant.  The ant is transported through the air by a force it does not comprehend.  It then spends some time on an alien transporter, perhaps your hand or even your arm.  Ants tickle.  The ant is then transported back home, sometimes by flicking it with your finger.  I suspect if they were bigger, people would conduct experiments on them.  Most of us have no medical training but that would not stop the vast majority of people from acting like doctors on a species which is completely insignificant to us and which PETA and the ASPCA would not complain about us mistreating.  My wife says that is how Jeffrey Dahmer started.  She is usually right.

Do Ants Worship Humans?
Do Ants Worship Humans?

Sometimes ants bite or sting.  I do not like those ants.  Since it is hard to differentiate one from another, I try to avoid all of them.  I do not want to be bitten.  The bites do not hurt much but still, who wants something biting them?  What if something in the bite causes an infection or a disease?  Aliens probably think the same of the bullets and missiles from our jet fighters.  It does not hurt their ships but still, why chance it?

When two different types of ants come into contact with each other they may try to kill each other.  An entire colony may attack another, just because they are different.  We do that too.  Usually we justify this with some higher purpose like religion or politics and we say the other guys want to destroy our way of life so we are going to kill them all.  This is a primitive mentality.  We have been doing it since the dawn of Man.  That is probably what happened to the Neanderthals.

Do Aliens Try to Communicate with Us?

YouTube user "Impreval" asks, "The real question should be: Do ants try to communicate with us?"  Great question.  We try to communicate with aliens.  Do they recognize our attempts?  Our radio/TV signals can not reach their planets but their ships flying around in space can intercept these signals.  Are they able to decode them?
Do Aliens Try to Communicate with Us?
Would they recognize what the images are portraying?  Would they see it as a history of our people, like in Galaxy Quest or as more of a challenge to fight, like in Pixels?  Have they tried to reply but we do not recognize their responses?  There are a few channels on TV that I wonder about...  I suspect that if ants had the ability to know they could communicate with us and they actually tried, we would not recognize their attempts.  Maybe it is the same with us and aliens.

Sometimes we will smush an ant.  For no reason.  We do not think of it as murder.  The life of the ant is meaningless.  Just smush and, "Pass me another Junior Mint."  Would aliens think of us the same way?  Or do they think of us more like dogs or dolphins?  You would never smush a dolphin.  For one thing, they are too slippery.  Not to mention, they are really smart.  And cute.  Dolphins have a lot going for them.  Ants, not so much.  Are we more like ants or dolphins, to aliens?  I am hoping it is dolphins.

Along the same lines, for no reason at all people might step on an ant mound.  Those ants work really hard to build their colonies.  The sandy pyramids at the tops of their tunnels are designed to keep running water from rain out of the tunnels.  It is pretty smart for a dumb insect.  (Are we pretty smart for dumb Earthlings?)  And then along comes six-year-old Joey in his untied Nikes with the broken aglets and smush.  Bye-bye ant mound.  Would aliens ever do that to us?  Just come along and blow away a city in the blink of an eye?  We do not know.  If they can get from there to here, they could.  There are a lot of bad things we could do but we do not because of some moral code we are taught as kids.  Then there are laws preventing really bad things.  Do aliens have laws against destroying cities on other planets?  So far, so good.

Out of all the reasons why aliens do not contact us, the thought that we are like ants is probably the second lowest on my list, after Rare Earth.  But it is on the list.  Perhaps someday soon we will find out.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Take Me to Your Leader

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day in the United States.  The day commemorates the life of Civil Rights leader Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.  Over the course of King's crusade for equal rights between Blacks and Whites, he traveled over six million miles and spoke 2500 times.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

Inspirational Icon

Dr. King's most notable accomplishment was not, however, his Nobel Prize, nor any of the thousands of smaller wins in furtherance of his cause.  Even the Civil Rights legislation he advocated for is less remembered than the symbol of who Dr. King was.  His image is iconic.  The face of Martin Luther King immediately provides inspiration to all who look upon it.  For most people, this inspiration takes on a positive form.  For others, it inspires the opposite.  Whichever it is, all Americans recognize who Dr. King was, what he stood for, and what his legacy endows for the future.

Inspirational Icon

Those in the UFO Community, which at this point I can count myself as a member, seem to be looking for their own Dr. King.  We seek a leader who will usher in government Disclosure, who will be a symbol for the cause they believe in.  We are being visited by civilizations far more advanced than we are.  Once we have established official Contact and a line of communication, life as we know it will be forever changed.  Who will be the messianic icon of this movement?  Who is the next Martin Luther King Jr?

Some names immediately come to mind.  Steve Greer, Lue Elizondo and his boss Tom DeLonge, Bob Lazar, even Harry Reid.  Worldwide there are thousands of people writing blogs about UFOs, and producing UFO Podcasts and YouTube videos.  Scientists are studying the physics behind UFOs and space travel, politicians are creating initiatives, military personnel are witnessing sightings.  People are working towards informing the world about this issue.  But to what end?

Soon, one person will step forward to emerge as a leader.  This person will unite the individuals scattered around the world to create a team of writers, scientists, politicians, and others.  He or she will define a goal, perhaps Disclosure or maybe communication.  They will be admired by most, reviled by others.

Who will this person be?  I would like to hear your suggestions.  Respond in the Comments below or on the Facebook page.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Earthlings Convention

I will be traveling tomorrow so this will be the last blog post for the week.  I have a meeting to attend this weekend.  It is not an aliens meeting.  More of a training session for an organization I advise.  But thinking about aliens, which is what I do a lot (A LOT) I imagined aliens attending a conference.

Attending the Earthlings Convention

What would it look like if 1000 aliens all showed up at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel in Orlando?  Why would they attend?  What would be the subject?  Would vendors create displays on the exhibition floor?  Would they have after-hours social events where attendees get loaded and then pretend they are not hung over on the last morning of the event?

Attending the Earthlings Convention

Here on Earth we have events where people meet up to discuss aliens and UFOs.  Do aliens have events where they meet up to discuss humans and travel to Earth?  Do they wear silly t-shirts with pictures of random human faces?  Do they put on Captain Kirk ears?

At the Earthlings Convention, aliens would likely attend workshops and discuss topics like:

  • How to blend in with the clouds
  • What to do if you are spotted
  • Why don't humans believe in us? a.k.a. The Grok Paradox
  • Do humans celebrate Christmas?
  • Defensive Driving, evading primitive airships

On the exhibition floor, most of the vendors would be hocking travel insurance, no doubt.  Most of the others would be offering some type of services related to space travel or survival in an inhospitable environment.  A few would represent totally random companies selling office cleaning supplies or coffee filter pack services.

Earthling Schwag

All of them would be giving away novelty trinkets like Earthling key chains, Earthling face on a Rubik's Cube, that weird snake puzzle that no one can figure out how to put back together once it has been taken apart - with a random Earthling picture on it.   The coffee supply company would have a human blow-up doll in front of their booth - sans genitalia, as goes the custom.

I am thinking the keynote speaker this year would be Steve Forbes.  Everyone would be disappointed that they could not get Snoop Dogg.  He was booked.  Forbes would talk more about politics than the topic of the convention.  He would probably say something crazy that would make people roll their eyes but overall it would be an entertaining speech.  He is no Snoop, but whatever, my company is paying for me to be here.  I wonder what time the bar opens?

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

75 Blog Posts

Four months into this blog it really seems to be gaining traction.  Thank you for making #ISOT a part of your day, every day.

I Saw One Too is Trending

I have written 75 stories since September when the blog first went up.  In that time the stories have been read over 2700 times.  On an average day dozens of people read the blog.  That is not viral status but it is great for a site which has no organic traffic other than word of mouth.  In other words, the site is not coming up in Google searches yet.  Everyone who reads the blog arrives here via my Twitter or Facebook pages.  So please keep sharing these posts.

I Saw One Too is Trending

On those social media sites, Likes on the Facebook page have risen considerably and I have been adding three net new followers on Twitter every week.  Again, not much to crow about when you consider that I have over 500 friends on my personal FB page and thousands of LinkedIn contacts.  But I have not advertised this site to everyone I know.  Rather I have shared it with a select group of people whom I thought would be interested.  Please do the same and share the Twitter and Facebook pages with people you know.

Readers come from over a dozen distinct countries plus a couple hundred hits from an "Unknown Region."  Maybe it is aliens, ha ha.  No really!  Probably not, though.  Wishful thinking.

Over the past four months the blog has evolved a bit.  If you were with me when it started you will remember that initially it was all about a certain TV network's interest in my UFO sighting and my own efforts on rebranding my internet presence to go along with that.  I had plans to do a podcast, YouTube channel, and maybe a radio show.  I still plan to do the podcast, it is just a matter of finding the time to get the ball rolling amidst running the best staffing company in America, teaching five classes, writing this UFO blog, taking care of my family, the gym, snowboarding, oh and sometimes I sleep.

share this blog with your friends

Once the blog got going and I revealed some details of my sighting I began writing about my thoughts on why we are being visited and why the visitors are not making contact with us which I call The Marceau Paradox.  Catchy, isn't it?  I have tried to keep each post based in reality, using Scientific Method, as much as is possible when speculating on things that no one could really know.

From time to time a friend will text me a news story about aliens or UFOs.  Most of the time I will write about it the next day.  Please continue sending these.

Now, as we head towards my 100th blog post (which should be by the end of February) I would like some feedback.  What would you, my readers, like to hear about?  More about why aliens have not made contact, more about space and space travel, more about current events, more about the government's knowledge and their role?  Something else?

Write something in the comments below, on my Facebook page, or in a private message.

Share This Blog with your Friends

Thanks again for reading.  Please continue to share this blog with your friends.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I didn't see it, but it's real

In the face of overwhelming evidence, deny deny deny.  It is what cheaters do when they are caught.  It is what Global Warming Deniers do when presented with scientific data.  And it is what UFO deniers do when presented with mountains of eye-witness accounts.

LiveScience Bad Science

You know I've had my share.  For example, in my research for yesterday's post I Saw a UFO. Now What? I came across an article titled UFO Sightings & News on the website  Overall the website seems to be of a scientific nature.  But it maintains a "Bad Science" column which is, well, bad science.

The article lists a myriad of UFO reports and inexplicably states that they are all false, without providing any evidence as to why.  Apparently, the mantra of Live Science is, "I didn't see it, it doesn't exist."  Yet, Science is rife with claims of "I didn't see it, but it does indeed exist," and mankind is expected to go along with it.  And we do.  Dark Matter, Higgs Boson, um... Gravity...  Ya, if I did not see it, it does not exist.

There is an ongoing game of "I know you are but what am I" in UFOlogy.  On the one side you have thousands upon thousands of eye-witness reports of unidentified flying objects, spanning decades.  On the other side, you have a bunch of guys wearing lab coats, trying to sell books shouting, "Fake news!"  In a court of law, an eye witness account can condemn a  human being to death.  But when it comes to alien visitors, tens of thousands of eye witness accounts are meaningless.

Real science takes a different tack on this.  While most scientists are scared to risk their reputations, reporting about "little green men" the scientific approach is more to accept the hypothesis and try to prove it rather than taking the religious-based point of view that humans are alone in the Universe and anyone who says otherwise is a heretic.
Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer
Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer's Work
This is why I have great admiration for Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer who reported last year that the Oumuamua "asteroid" may in fact be an alien probe.  Loeb is not just a scientist and not just a professor at Harvard (as if that were not enough) he is also the Astronomy Department Chair.  Apparently, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world thinks this guy is worth listening to and is someone who should lead others in the quest for answers.  I am listening.

In a recent update to the Oumuamua story, Loeb doubles down on his suggestion that perhaps we have been visited (ya think?).  In an article in Haaretz, Loeb says, “I don’t care what people say.”  He has taken a stand and risked his reputation on it.  Finally, a scientist with some guts.  Yet, the ne'er-do-wells will criticize and ridicule.  They will attempt to tear this man down.  They will hide behind pseudo science and make unrealistic comparisons.

I say, "Bring it."  I've got your back, Dr. Loeb, and so do millions of others.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, January 14, 2019

I Saw a UFO. Now What?

First, chill out and relax.  You are not crazy.  Rather, you are in good company.  More than one in ten Americans have seen a UFO or know someone who has.  We can not all be nuts.

No One Believes My UFO Story

I enjoy hearing all UFO Sighting stories.  But just because you have seen something in the sky which you can not explain does not mean it was of alien origin (and that is OK too).  So the first thing you need to do is think of all the things it could have been.  If it is daytime it could have been an airplane (but naturally,  you thought of that already), strange cloud formations, and of course everyone's favorite, the weather balloon.  It is hard to believe, fifty years after we put a man on the moon we are still using weather balloons.

No One Believes My UFO Story

At night, it could have been a meteor, a nearby planet, lights from a plane or helicopter, or even the Space Station.  It could also be a flare, fireworks, or any number of other things.  A couple weeks ago I saw a sliver of the moon through the trees in the proximity of Venus and Jupiter and thought I saw a UFO.  I am not ashamed to admit I made a mistake.  I laugh when I think about it.

The next thing you need to do is to consider the movement of the object.  Does it move?  It is much easier to explain your sighting as just some weird light or an aircraft if it stays put in one spot or it moves steadily in a straight line.  If the object moves erratically up and down or side to side, changes direction at right angles, zips from one side of the sky to the other, quickly changes speed or abruptly stops, it is harder to cast it aside as a man-made aircraft.

Types of UFOs
Types of UFOs
Does your object have any lights on it?  Are they red?  Do they blink?  Blinking red lights are indicative of Earthly aircraft.  They are warning lights to keep other flyers away, when flying without the aid of navigation equipment (which a surprising number of small aircraft do).

How does the object you saw stay in the air?  Did you see or hear any propellers or a jet engine?  Did it have wings or a tail fin?  If it was low to the ground, did it make the trees around it blow in the wind?  If you were able to answer yes to any of these questions then it may be a man-made aircraft.

There are many other factors to take in, when trying to convince yourself that you did or did not see an alien spaceship.  But at the end of the day, you know what you saw.  I know what I saw and no amount or type of questioning will convince me that what is pictured in the illustration below was anything other than an alien spaceship.

 I Saw a Spaceship

You know for sure.  Now what?

The first thing you need to do is note the day/date, time, duration (amount of time) of the event, and exact location (if possible).  Do a crude sketch by hand, noting the shape and size of the craft.

Do not worry about coming up with a name for the shape.  There are many different types of UFOs (see guide, above).  You can look up definitions of cigar-shaped or teardrop, etc., later.  Also, you may have seen something which defies prior definitions.  I have searched for years to find a description of the ship I saw (below) and cannot find one.  So I named it after myself.    

 Steps to Report a UFO

  1. Note date, time, duration
  2. Note shape and size
  3. What color?
  4. Was it shiny?
  5. Any lights?
  6. How many objects?
  7. How did they fly?
  8. Any creatures?
  9. Make a crude sketch
  10. File a report

If you are unsure of the size, use objects you are familiar with to gauge it.  Was it taller than your house or longer than your yard?

What was it made of?  What color?  Was it shiny or dull?

How many of these objects did you see?  Did they fly in unison or independently of each other?

Then, if your phone has a voice recorder, describe what you saw in detail as if you were telling this story to a friend.  When you can get to a computer or a notebook, write the story down so you can work out the details word for word.

Once you are satisfied with your account of what happened there are several places you can share your story.

The first, and best place, is with me, using my contact form. 

The Marceau Ship

You may contact me, if you want.

The next best option is the National UFO Reporting Center at  There you will find a UFO Reporting Form.  There is an optional checkbox to request that an investigator reach out to you to get more information.

There is also the Mutual UFO Network at There you will find a more detailed UFO Reporting Form, which has the option of, among other things, reporting if anything was ejected from the spacecraft.

Do not expect to be contacted by people from either website.  They receive thousands of reports and have limited staffs so the odds are against anyone reaching out to you.  I have reported my sighting to both sites, as far back as the 1990's, and no one ever reached out for more info - and I would like to think my story is one people would be very interested in, since it was not just some strange lights or a faraway object but in fact a close encounter with the ship illustrated above.

Regardless of any reservations you may have it is important to follow the Steps to Report a UFO, above, and report your sighting.  We are being visited.  The more people who speak up, the more likely this issue will get the attention it deserves.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.