I'm not Steven Greer

As I move forward with this project two things have become clear to me from the get-go.  One is I can already see this project will snowball quickly.  My first post had a dozen hits in less than one day.  I only told one person about it.  This is going to be good.

The second thing is, there is a community out there that I am now being exposed to.  There are many who believe in what I believe in.  Maybe it's because they've seen something too.  Or maybe it is because they did the math and they know it is statistically probable that there is other life out there, lots of it and it is also highly likely that some of this life has the ability to move around the universe in ways we cannot yet understand.  Whatever it is, I have enjoyed meeting some new people and am looking forward to meeting others and to sharing information.

Steven Greer

In a week's time I heard the name Steven Greer twice, along with his movie Sirius Disclosure.  I decided to watch the movie and see what it was all about.  This isn't a movie review and I am not bashing anyone.  It is a brief commentary on how Mr. Greer and I differ and what you will and will not find on my show.

So I will start with, I think what Greer is doing is great.  A lot of people probably think he is a wack-job, as many of my friends may soon begin thinking about me.  C'est la vie.  Life is too short to stress out over haters.  Greer believes in a cause and he is doing what he can to chase down the truth and get it out to the public.  I admire that.

I applaud whatever Greer and CSETI can accomplish in the way of advancing the public's knowledge about aliens and their observations of us on Earth.  But I am wary of conspiracy theories.  My stomach churns when I hear some of these theories because many (perhaps not all) simply are not true.  For example, I have heard several times over the past few years that some people do not believe the Sandy Hook massacre happened.  I had an employee whose daughter worked in that school.  I had a vendor whose daughter was a student there.  I can name the company which won the contract to demolish the school after nobody wanted to return to it.  I assure you that Sandy Hook was real and there can be zero debate on the subject.

I am not linking Greer to this conspiracy theory in any way.  I bring up that one example because it is irrefutable and yet it gets mentioned by some of the same people who promote any of the other myriad of conspiracy theories floating around out there.  It's because of this that I cannot buy into everything Steven Greer is doing.  Take out the conspiracies and I am already a big fan of his, even though I just heard about him about a week ago.

So you will not be hearing conspiracy theories promoted on my show.  Nor do I plan to make a practice of debunking them because the whole spirit of my show is belief in what my guests have to say and you are free to believe in what you want to believe in.  But I will not be focusing on any of that.

My focus will be on first-hand accounts of sightings, along with some of my own commentary which will be based on science more than axiom, wherever possible.  That is all I want to talk about.  Do you believe you saw something from out of this world?  So did I!  I want to hear your story.  I will believe you.  Talk to me.

Watch this blog for info on the upcoming Podcasts and YouTube channel posts.  And please share my blog with your friends and associates who have expressed interest in UFOs and Aliens.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.