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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

David Marceau 2021

I updated my Twitter profile picture recently and since then no one recognizes me because I grew my hair out during the COVID Lockdown and have kept it that way.  I realized it was time for a new blog post.  It has been a couple months.

David Marceau 2021
Hello me, it's me

Today's article is an opportunity to get my readers caught up with what has been going on with me over the past few months.  I have been busy, so busy I was unable to write about my thoughts on the big UFO Report that came out in June, amongst other things.  That day, I was beginning a family road trip cross-country.  For the following four weeks I would be unable to do much of anything other than drive and sight-see.

I will list a few details of the trip at the end of this article.  Pictures are available at David Marceau on Instagram.  In a nutshell, we drove 10,000 miles over the course of four weeks, crossed through twenty states (six of them twice), visited a dozen National Parks and ten museums.  My car needed three oil changes, two washes, and a new windshield.  It was a tremendous amount of fun and we created memories the kids will have for a lifetime.  But it was exhausting.  I needed to rest for a week when I got back.

After that, I spent the rest of the summer catching up on work, cleaning and doing some projects around the house, and I began my most earnest attempt at writing a book.  Between the trip and the book writing, that has been my whole summer and that is why I have not updated this blog in so long.

The book is centered around my UFO Sighting in 1992.  That event only lasted 5-7 minutes but I could have focused on that brief time for a hundred pages.  I am not doing that, though.  Instead, I am starting out writing about my childhood and all the events which led up to how I ended up in Gagetown where I encountered the UFO, and everything which affected how I reacted to this experience.  Later in the book I will write about the time after the sighting and what led up to me being in the place I am now in as a member of the UFO Community.

Right now I am still in the beginning stages of a rough draft.  As of this writing I have about 40,000 words written.  Once I have completed detailing the facts I will go back through and rewrite everything into the nicest prose I know how to write.  I hope people find it interesting and a pleasure to read.  Either way, the book needs to be written.

I mentioned in a recent interview that I had embarked on this writing project, and someone criticized me on Reddit for "trying to make a buck" off of my experience.  Well, that really is not the point.  If writing the book helps pay a few bills I will not argue with the publisher about it.  But the real reason for writing it is because I see my experience now as a matter of historical significance.  It is important to document what happened before the memories fade.

Indeed, the memories are fading.  Prior to my appearance on Unidentified the memories of my encounter seemed permanently etched in my mind.  After nearly three decades I still got emotional when I told the story, reliving the trauma of the terror I experienced.  But each time I told the story, the trauma subsided.  Each blog article I wrote allowed me to focus on minute details.  Each subsequent interview I did provided therapy.  Now, I have mostly recovered.  I no longer re-experience the event when I talk about it.  The downside of that is it is getting harder to see the event in my mind's eye.  I need to write it down before it is gone forever.

In conjunction with this effort I have agreed to do some new interviews after a year of declining them.  I recently appeared on The UFO Believer's podcast and Michael Mataluni's The Singularity Lab.  Tonight (August 31, 2021) I will be Live with Martin Willis.  Part of why I am doing this is to tacitly mention the book.  A bigger reason, though, is more of a public service.

Throughout all the years that I held on to my "open secret" (my closest friends and family knew about my sighting) I was unable to admit I was traumatized by it.  I was more plagued by the thought that, "I can't be the only person this has happened to," even though I knew of no other similar encounters.  I was not involved with the UFO Community.  I had never heard of #UFOTwitter.  I knew there must be others out there but did not know for sure.

Now that it is clear I am indeed not the only person who has had an experience like mine, now that the US Government has admitted they do not know what UFOs are and where they come from, now that I have mostly overcome the trauma of my experience, I want to help others to do the same.  I had thought for a while that I could do that by interviewing other experiencers, allowing them to air their stories.  That was part of the reason for starting this blog three years ago.  But there are dozens of other guys doing the same thing - a bunch of them have interviewed me.

A quarter million page-views later, rather than trying to compete with the Mini-Mike Douglasses of the world, I think it is better to simply focus on setting the stage for people to step forward.  I do not care if they share their story with me or anyone else (though a surprising number of people have spoken to or emailed me confidentially).  All I really care about is fostering the atmosphere for people to feel comfortable stepping out of the shadows.  I want to help destigmatize the subject of UFOs and alien visitations.

The way I will do this is simply by being myself.  I am not someone who saw something because I "believe in UFOs."  I write and talk about UFOs because I saw one up close.  Other than that, I am just a regular guy.  I have been married to one woman for fifteen years.  I have three wonderful children.  I own a small business.  I have many friends and several really good friends.  I am involved with my community.  I do volunteer work.  I take the family to religious services from time to time.  

I do not have all sorts of paranormal experiences.  I do not believe in Bigfoot or El Chupacabra.  I do not believe Consciousness affects aliens or anything else.  I am rooted in Science.

Other than the fact that I grew my hair long in 2020 and I ski over twenty days a year, I am not much different from anyone else.  I just happened to have had a close encounter with a UFO one time.  Perhaps you did too.  Or you know someone who did and you promised not to tell anyone.  I am here to tell you it is not a big deal.  Your friends will still be your friends.  Your status in the community will not diminish.  Some people will talk but those people talk about everyone - they are already talking about you, whether you know it or not.  Forget them.

That will be my life's mission from here out until society has reached the point where discussing UFO encounters is as mundane as discussing the weather.  Most of that effort will likely be via this blog.  But these posts may be few and far between as I focus my creative energy on writing the book over the next few months.  In the meantime, I will be accepting more interviews in hopes that I will reach the people who need to hear what I have to say.

And now, here are some more details on that cross-country trip:

We drove from Ridgefield, Connecticut to the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, back through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and home to Connecticut.

Devils Tower

Major cities included, Cleveland, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Buffalo.

We saw Steamtown, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Football Hall of Fame, The Air Force Museum, The Gateway Arch, Wonders of Wildlife, The Cowboy Museum, Prairie Dog Town, Carlsbad Caverns, The UFO Museum (more on that in a future article), The Rattlesnake Museum, The Grand Canyon, The Musical Instrument Museum, the beach at Coronado Island, The San Diego Zoo, a Padres game, The Korean Friendship Bell, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Pacific Coast Highway, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Warf, San Francisco's Chinatown, The Contemporary Jewish Museum, The Legion of Honor Museum, Muir Woods, The Redwood Forest, skied Mt. Hood, The Oregon Trail, The Seattle Space Needle, The Chihuly Garden and Glass, Pike's Place, The Nez Perce Indian Nation, Yellowstone, The Cody Rodeo, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, The Crazy Horse Memorial, and Niagara Falls.

Grand Canyon

We ate some great steaks in Oklahoma City, some of the best Mexican food we've ever had in Carlsbad, NM, surprisingly good sushi in Flaggstaff, AZ, In-n-Out burgers four times, Bubble/Boba Tea several times, Chicago Pizza in Chicago, and Buffalo Wings in Buffalo.  We even went to Applebee's so the kids could have some perspective on how good everything else was.

Pictures are available at David Marceau on Instagram.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Are Aliens just messing with Us?

When I was a kid I had a cat.  I am really a dog person but my dad brought home this kitten when I was probably a single digit age.  We called her Puzzum Kitty.  Do not judge me, I did not name her.  And really, is any other cat name any better?  Mittens?  Snuggums?  Walter?

Puzzum was not intended to be my cat per se.  She just took a liking to me and slept on my bed every night.  Maybe it was because I fed her.  When I was in college I once slept in a girl's bed because she made me dinner.  So I get it, Puzzum.

Are Aliens just messing with Us?
Are Aliens just messing with Us?

What was interesting about having a cat, for me, was the "Cat and Mouse" games she would play with other animals out around the yard.  If she caught a mouse or a mole, for example, she would not kill it - at least not intentionally.  Instead, she would pick it up with both front paws and toss it in the air.  Then she would bat the mouse with her paw like she was hitting a baseball.  The dazed rodent would hit the ground, shake its furry little head, and take off running.  I would too!  Then Puzzum would pounce on the creature and repeat the whole process.

Naturally, this got me thinking about aliens.  

My last article posed the question, "Is Disclosure Coming from Aliens?"  I never really answered the question (though I will address it again in an upcoming article - stay tuned...) because I could not get past the Why.  Why would aliens care whether we acknowledge their presence or not?  Then I remembered Puzzum Kitty.

To a mouse, Puzzum displayed similar qualities to a UFO.  She would swoop down out of nowhere, hover effortlessly over her prey, and draw the creatures up inside her mouth.  She would then perform strange acts on her subjects which the rodents could not understand.  It must have been painful for these small creatures, as many UFO abductees have reported their experiences to be.  In the end, Puzzum may have released the animals in a random place near where she found them but not quite at the same location.  Then she would zip off into the space above the grass at incredible speeds (to a mouse), never to be seen again.  

Which brings me back to the Why.  Why did Puzzum Kitty play these games with tiny rodents?  That question is easy to answer - because she could.  This was a fun game for my cat to play.  She was a far superior being to the mice and did not care one bit about them.  She just wanted to have some fun at their expense.  She was just messing with them.  This then begs the question:

Are Aliens just messing with Us?

If I were an alien (cue the Fiddler on the Roof music) I might enjoy visiting the planets of lesser beings, like those found on Earth, and having some fun with them.  I would not be a cruel or inhumane alien, mostly.  But I would not have the same concern for humans as I do for my alien buddies.

Most people would do the same.  Nay, you say?  "I could never do something like that!"  Yes you could.  At some point, nearly everyone has crouched down over the ground to observe an ant mound.  One will swoop in out of nowhere, like a UFO, and silently hovered over the mound.  An ant may find itself pulled from its habitat, allowed to walk along the surface of your arm, and then flicked away like a booger.  When the observer grows bored of watching the ants, he may step on the ant mound and crush it.  Why?  No good reason.  Because it was there.

Some of us will grow out of this behavior.  Eventually, most people learn to feel empathy even for the tiniest creatures.  We come to value life of all forms - except spiders.  All spiders can die, as far as I am concerned.  But ants - I have no beef with them.  They can live and I will not disrupt their cities.  (For a deeper dive on this, read my article We are like Ants to Them.)

Playing God with lesser creatures seems to be in our DNA.  My children are wonderful, sensitive, people who value others' feelings and who have never killed another animal.  But they will catch them and play with them!  

We have a large pond on our property.  The kids have caught countless frogs and toads.  They try not to hurt the animals.  They hold the frogs.  They may place the frogs in a kiddie pool and watch them swim around.  When they have had their fun they let their froggies go.  They may simply place the frog on the ground and let it hop away or they may carry it to the pond, the same way some alien abductees describe being magically transported to and from their homes, even through walls.  Why did this happen to the frogs?  No reason.   The kids were just playing with the frogs.

The kids and I will catch fish in the pond that we do not intend to eat.  We are not cruel to the fish (notwithstanding the hook through the lip).  When the fish comes out of the water it may seem like an alien abduction to the fish, assuming fish have the level of consciousness to grasp such a concept.  Then the hook is carefully removed and the fish is returned to the pond before it asphyxiates.  Why?  Because we can.  It is fun to hook a fish and pull it out of the water.  People all over the world love fishing.  It is awesome!

Once, my daughter caught a beautiful brown trout in the Connecticut River.  She put a leash on it (a chain through the gills) and "walked" it in the water, like walking a dog.  She was little and did not think about the consequences of this.  I made her release it because I thought it might be uncomfortable for the fish, to say the least.  But to her, at a young and na├»ve age, it was fun to walk her fishy.

We also have a "humane trap" for pesky varmints that cause trouble.  If a raccoon learns to knock off the bricks we keep on top of our garbage can lids and get in the garbage, that little trouble-maker will need to, "take a ride."  Now, when I was a kid, "take a ride" meant my dad was going to shoot the animal and toss its carcass in the woods.  But today, we are more civilized than my redneck roots would belie.  Instead of killing an animal that is just looking for a meal, we may trap the filthy little trash bandit in a cage and release it elsewhere.

Mick West
Filthy Little Trash Bandit

That is what the trap is supposed to be for.  In practice, the trap is another children's toy for kids on the fringe of Suburbia and  Country Living.  Raccoons and possums tend to get caught in there most often.  They are not harmed in any way, though it probably really freaks them out.  After the animal is discovered in the trap the kids will observe it like little scientists.  They may try to feed it.  They may gently push a stick through the openings in the cage and watch the critter viciously attack the stick.  It is great fun.  When they grow tired of playing with this pet, they will place the cage on the stone wall with the opening facing the woods and release the animal into the forest while standing behind the safety of the stone barrier.

Why do the children do this?  Because they can.  Again, they are wonderfully kind and loving people who would never intentionally harm anything they did not then intend to eat (with the exception of catch & release fish).  But they will capture these pestilent beasts from time to time, just to check them out and play with them.

There are many other examples I could iterate through.  But I believe I have made my point.  Humans like to mess around with what we consider (perhaps subconsciously) lesser beings.  Ants, frogs, fish, raccoons, it does not matter what it is.  If we can catch it and play with it, we will, especially at a younger age.

Clearly, the analogy is, perhaps aliens are doing the same with us.  Anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) would consider us Earthan creatures to be lesser beings.  We would hope they would mean us no harm, and so far it appears that way because surely they could have wiped out all of humanity by now if they wanted to, just the same as a human can step on an ant mound.  But that does not stop them from messing around with us.

In relation to the concept of Disclosure, aliens may be in charge of this subject to the extent that it does not matter to them if we accept them or not.  I would not care if the fish in my pond believe in me.  My children make no attempt to establish diplomatic relations with frogs.  We will not follow a raccoon back to its den to share our technology with them.  That would be ridiculous!

I am in charge of Human Disclosure with ants, frogs, fish, and raccoons.  But I am neither for nor against the concept.  I doubt any of these animals could have any kind of benefit to me.  I could not trade with them.  They are of no value to me other than to maintain the food chain.  I could care less either way if they acknowledge my existence.  And yet, I hold all the cards.

Aliens are likely in the same position.  Could aliens make Contact?  Sure!  Could aliens force government Disclosure?  Absolutely!  Could aliens establish diplomatic relations with humans, share their technology, and trade with us?  Naturally!  Would any of those things ever happen?  I doubt it.  We do not do it with animals, why should aliens do it with us?

Our visitors from other planets hold all the cards in the Disclosure department.  They could do whatever they want.  Their choice seems to be to observe and to play with us like we would do to any other lesser wild animal.  Aliens are just messing with us.  Do not count on them to intentionally cause Disclosure.

A boy and his cat
Puzzum Sleeping on my Bed

When Puzzum Kitty's playtoy arrived safely back in his burrow, presumably, the other mice would never believe his story.  They would be like, "Oh yeah?  Did you get a picture of this [muffled laughter] Puzzum Kitty?"  The other mice would all laugh hysterically.  Then the reviled debunker, Micky Mouse West, would tell him, "In the five seconds since you announced this I have concluded an investigation into the incident.  Perhaps you saw something but since I am unable to wrap my tiny noggin around this concept of a 'cat' I command you to believe that what you saw was not actually a Kitty Cat.  It was in fact a top secret test rodent."  All the other mice would turn and stare at Micky Mouse West in silence.  In the distance a car comes screeching to a halt.  Crunching metal and shattering glass is heard.  There is an explosion.  Then everyone goes back to what they were doing.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Is Disclosure Coming from Aliens?

Recently, I saw a question posed on a UAP discussion group I follow.  A member named Chris posted, 

"I hear a lot of people talk about disclosure but sometimes I wonder if the real disclosure does not come from UAPs and possibly aliens or their AI?

I mean, if UAPs are in fact ET tech, maybe they are just initiating contact progressively. In other words, they are disclosing their presence to us in a step by step way."

Interesting concept.  Let us explore this.

Are Aliens Driving Disclosure?

The term Disclosure is baited with all sorts baggage.  Conspiracy Theorists and their pseudo-science Debunker counterparts look at the concept of Disclosure as marking a moment in time.  It will be the pivotal point when some sort of announcement by The Government (whoever that is) ushers the world from not believing in UFOs to having a clear-headed awareness that we are not alone.  

Level-headed people see Disclosure as more of a process than an event.  The pending Senate Report on UAPs is evidence of that.  There is acknowledgement that there are things flying around in our airspace that the government knows about but cannot identify.  But they will not go so far as to announce that it is alien technology.

In related news, I drank a black, bitter, caffeinated beverage that I could not identify, this morning.  I will not go so far as to announce that it was coffee, though.

In my interview with Luis Elizondo in the fall of 2020 Lue stated:

"I think [Disclosure is] happening.  I think you're already seeing me having the ability to have a discussion that just even a year ago I couldn't have... It's happening now.  Again, this is a process, it's not an event.  People have to understand you have to have patience.  We only made it this far because we're running a marathon.  This isn't a sprint."

Disclosure is Happening

If Disclosure is indeed under way who is driving it?  Most people would say it is the major Influencers in the UFO Community, popular #UFOTwitter members like UFO Jesus and Ryan Sprague and Luis Elizondo himself.  I would add-in the collective force of everyone who follows and contributes to UFO news.  It is all of us.

Still, the question keeps popping up.  I asked Lue a similar question, "Who is driving the Disclosure process?"  I told him that some folks think it is aliens.  I expected Lue to laugh off the question and move on to more rational topics.  But he was ready with a response.  I wrote:

Lue likened the belief that humans are not in control of Disclosure to forces beyond our control which influence us, like the weather.  "Is it possible there's something out there that is influencing us?  Well we know the environment sure as hell does.  It's not purposely trying to hurt us or influence us but it does."  

Could there be other forces out there trying to interfere with us?  "Sure, but you have to have the evidence to back that up."

At the time, I left the question with the response Lue provided and did not revisit it.  I was satisfied with the notion that it is probably not the case that aliens are driving Disclosure but if someone has some evidence, bring it on.

Certainly, I offer no evidence of this.  Even my own UFO encounter is evidenced solely by mine and Mike's eye-witness testimony.  But what I can offer is thought - a What if?  What if aliens were driving Disclosure?

It seems the first question one would have to ask prior to answering the What if is, Why?  Why would aliens want to drive this process?  The answer to that would have to be because they want the people of Earth to know they are here, right?  

OK, but then why not just make the proverbial landing on the White House lawn?  Certainly, anyone who can get from there to here (wherever there is) would have the ability to do this without being shot down by fighter jets.  Maybe they have tried that in the past on other planets and all hell broke loose.  In that case they would know from experience that even if they can evade our defenses that landing on the White House lawn, or in Red Square for that matter, would be perceived as a provocative action, one which may instigate retaliation.  It would shame us and we would never forget it.  We would have to get back at them, vengeful little beasts that we are.

Imagine you just moved into a new house.  You want to meet your new neighbors.  Your options are, 

  1. Bring them a gift like a pie or a bottle of wine, or
  2. Kick the door down and yell, "We're here, biaches!"  

Option A would probably leave a better, lasting impression.

Another option aliens may consider is to take over our airwaves and make an announcement.  Surely, a society which has mastered the ability to manipulate the fabric of gravity and spacetime would have no problem commandeering our TV/Radio airwaves.  But what if humans found them grotesque to look at?  If they all looked like big hairy spiders, for example, most Earthan people would demand we immediately squash these disgusting creatures.  (Of course, we would probably be as ugly to them as they were to us, word.)

So, if aliens wanted us to know they were here they might try some covert operation to bring about a softer form of Disclosure than bursting in like Yosemite Sam.  That makes sense.  But again, why?  

We're here!  Where all the Earth girls at?

Why would aliens want us to know they are here?

  • Aliens can gain financially from us
  • Aliens see us as a threat to them
  • Aliens see us as a threat to ourselves

In How Would we Trade with Aliens economist, Dr. John Glascock, discussed trading with aliens, with me.  Glascock seemed convinced that aliens have nothing to gain from interacting with us.  Anyone who could get from there to here could produce anything they wanted without any raw materials simply by modifying the structure of any atoms, for example.  I want to believe that is not the case but I have a lot of respect for Dr. Glascock and know he is probably right.

Dr. Glascock on Interplanetary Trade

If aliens have nothing to gain financially from interacting with us why else would they?  

If they saw us as a threat to them they may want to put a leash on us.  But they have not done that, so far.  US, Russian, and other advanced defense manufacturers keep churning out bigger and badder weapons and our governments keep buying them.

If they saw us as a threat to ourselves they may want to help us but, like I wrote in the Frog Corollary, they do not seem to care.  I actually prayed, Greer-style, that aliens would heal me when I had cancer a couple years ago.  But they did not.  For the record, a hot-shot surgeon with a remote controlled laser beam took care of me.

Really, when it comes down to it, there are no good reasons for aliens to make contact with us.  They would be much better off observing us like the wild zoo animals we are and staying in their safari UFOs.

So, could aliens be driving Disclosure?  OK, sure, why not?  But why would they?

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Hatters Be Hattin'

With the release of the Congressional UFO Report in June of 2021 the UFO Community has seen a flurry of sloppy news articles on the topic.  Some media, like the New York Times, treat the subject of visits by other intelligent beings with the dignity it deserves, while rags like the Los Angeles Times continue to poke fun at the subject and its adherents.  They liken all members of the UFO Community to Tinfoil Hat People, and conspiracy followers.

The NY Times, noted for "All the News That's Fit to Print" will cite scientists and government officials, pointing towards evidence of UFOs and eye-witness accounts of UFOs while the LA Times apparently likens the belief in UFOs to belief in ghosts and Bigfoots.  A superficial LA Times article from June 2, 2021 states, "As with many conspiracy theories, UFO devotees have claimed for decades that government disclosure is imminent."  There is so much to unpack in that one sentence.

I can picture the topic assignment meeting with the editor and all the writers.  It probably went something like, "OK, next up [feigned suppression of laughter] we've got this, heh heh, UFO piece?  Um... [whispers to a senior writer] What's the new kid's name?  Blakesly?  Blasely?  Ya, Blasey!  You, Blasey!  You get to do the UFO piece. [more lightly suppressed laughter]"

Tabloids like the Los Angeles Times

Staff writer Laura Blasey whose previous accolades include producing audio for smart home devices and whose Twitter tagline begins with, "*eye roll* [typing sounds]" looks up from her phone for the first time, visibly startled, and sheepishly replies, "But... like?  I don't knowww??? Anything?  About UFOhhhs???"

The editor snaps back, "Just write about conspiracy nuts, kid!  Tin Foil Hat people!  This will all blow over in a few weeks anyway and you can go back to writing about COVID vaccines, while we can still milk that."

And onward we digress.

UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People

Tabloids like the Los Angeles Times tend to recklessly categorize the subject of UFOs alongside the supernatural.  They will liken the subject's followers to crazy people who believe in conspiracy theories and mythology.  They pen lines like, "As with many conspiracy theories," without investigating eye-witness accounts, ignoring photographic and video evidence.  Why would they do this?

The answer is because one, it is easier to hate on people than to practice journalistic integrity, and two, because the paper's writers and editors lack the courage displayed by more reputable papers like the New York Times.  Calling UFO visits a "conspiracy theory" enables the LA Times staff to distance themselves from the folks they perceive to be wackos.  It is like saying, "Hey, I don't believe in this stuff, I'm not one of those Tinfoil Hat nuts, but here's what everyone else has been talking about recently, about what's happening in Washington."  The LA Times was behind the curve in reporting on all this so they seem to feel the need to differentiate themselves from the news leaders by sensationalizing the subject.

Yes, Ms. Blasey, conspiracy theorists do indeed believe in UFOs and in government cover-ups.  But so do many scientists and scientific minded people, investigative journalists (those who spend more than a few hours writing each article, who do research by means other than Googling), and government officials, both elected and appointed.  You can joke all you want about, "The Truth is Out There," but the joke is on you.  The truth is indeed out there, you just cannot be bothered to take the time to find it.

But enough about hack writers.  What happens next?  Most leading figures in the UFO Community have taken a restrained approach to the content of the Congressional Report.  It is assumed the report will not contain any smoking guns nor an official acknowledgement that Earth is being visited by aliens.  It will contain an admission that the government does not know who built aircraft like the "Tic Tacs" nor how those aircraft are able to seemingly defy the known laws of physics.  In other words, "I'm not saying it's aliens, but..."

UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People
UFO Devotees are not Tinfoil Hat People

Will the LA Times later print a correction, saying they were wrong to belittle the greatest story of our collective lifetimes?  I am not holding my breath.  The best they will do is some type of tacit acknowledgment that there is something to the "UFO Conspiracy Theory" while continuing to shamelessly distance themselves from the topic and its proponents.

The weakest links in media will print sensationalistic dribble like, the tinfoil hat people may have been right all along.  No, tinfoil hat people are still tinfoil hat people.  I am not making a judgement about the veracity of people who cover their heads in aluminum foil to prevent aliens from manipulating their minds.  I am saying, they are a different group of people, as are people who believe in ghosts, Bigfoots, ESP, and mental telepathy.  

Just as politics makes strange bedfellows, so too does the UFO topic.  Many people who believe in the above subjects also believe in life on other planets.  But there are a number of us who advocate to normalize the discussion of UFOs who are highly rational and not prone to conspiracy theories of any type.  We take it from a scientific perspective.  Statistically it is nearly impossible for humans to be the most intelligent life in the Universe.  More likely, there are people on other planets who are millions of years ahead of us and they figured out long ago how to get from there to here (wherever there is).  

Then, there are those of us who have actually had close encounters with aircraft that could not possibly have been created by people on Earth.  For us, it is no more of a belief than it would be to believe I had coffee this morning.  I know what I poured in my coffee cup and I know what I saw in Gagetown in 1992.   And yes, LA Times, WE were right all along.  

When lazy or cowardly "journalists" lump the scientific-minded people in with what they perceive to be the crazy people, they may think they are tipping their hats in acknowledgement of a truth.  In reality, this will still be an attempt to avoid the appearance of "belief" in aliens at the expense of making the rest of us all look crazy.  There needs to be some delineation between the groups.

The Tinfoil Hat people are who they are.  The conspiracy people are who they are.  The supernatural believers are who they are.  None of them should be included in the current UFO discussion.  There are plenty of scientists, government officials, and eye-witnesses to include in legit news articles.

It is time for the folks at the LA Times and other would-be journalists to grow up and find the courage to take this topic seriously.  Or, they keep hating on a subject that will only expand from here out.  The truth is not out there, it is right in front of you.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Courage in Silhouette

Following my last article I received a flurry of compliments on Twitter and elsewhere, some using the word "courage" and its derivatives.  This is not the first time this has happened.  Usually, I gratefully thank the people who say it even though I have never thought it accurately described me or my actions.  Today, I want to push back.  

Luis Elizondo quit a government job with a pension to do what he is doing.  Chris Mellon is risking the Mellon family name and his future political career.  Stanton Friedman surely missed out on countless opportunities as a nuclear physicist in a time before the aforementioned people helped make talk of UFOs mainstream.  These are just a few folks in the UFO Community who have exhibited great courage.

Me, I have never felt like I was doing anything extraordinary by tracking down Lue Elizondo.  It was an act I had wanted to do for decades, if only I knew whom to contact.  When Lue introduced me to Jessica Philipps, a producer on the then secret TV show Unidentified, he never mentioned Jessie was a producer or that I might be featured in a documentary.  Still, at this point, no courage was required.  Things progressed slowly and I never felt like I was taking a leap.

I was (and still am) a small business owner and was also teaching some business classes on the side so I had no fear of ruining my career by going on TV.  Maybe I have been passed over for some opportunities to re-enter the workforce because I am a UFO nut, but these days my business is recovering from the Pandemic and I think I will be OK.

My wife has known of my sighting since a week or two after we first met seventeen years ago and she still married me - I am a lucky guy.  She has been supportive of this entire process.  It was her sister who first sent us the infamous New York Times Article on UFOs which kicked off this whole adventure.  No one in our family has ever expressed an issue with any of this (at least not to me).  A couple people in the family and their close friend have a UFO story of their own, a mass-sighting, of sorts.  I have started making a video about it for my YouTube channel.

I had also told some of my closest friends.  One of them, referred to as "G-man" in other articles, told me for years that if my experience had happened to him, "I would tell everyone who would listen."  You could say he was encouraging.  Even recently, when he and I were talking about the mutual acquaintance I mentioned in my last article, who has publicly ridiculed me, G-Man asked me, "Did you really see a UFO?"  I said yes.  He said, "Then what do you care what this guy says?"  Point taken.  G-man's parents, coincidentally, had their own sighting too - both highly credible people.

You may say that it took courage to hang in there in the two year period between first speaking with Lue and when my episode aired on History.  No, that took perseverance for which I will take credit.  One friend told me it took guts to start this blog.  I would disagree with that statement too.  Once the process was in motion it was like dominoes falling.  I just went with it.

Courage in Silhouette

Courage, is what Mike, the other witness to my sighting did.  Now, wait, you may say.  Those who have followed my saga know that Mike has never been willing to reveal his identity.  He "appeared" on my episode of Unidentified over the phone, with his voice disguised.  He has given permission to use his first name but not his last.  How courageous is that?  Read on.

Alex Dietrich Silhouette
Alex Dietrich in Silhouette

Mike, you could say, is my Alex Dietrich.  When David Fravor went on Unidentified in Season 1 the whole world learned his name.  Backing up his story was another Naval airman who would not appear on TV because she was still serving in the military.  Alex Dietrich did not want to risk her career by speaking out publicly about what she saw in what is now known as The Nimitz Incident.  Today, thanks to a recent 60 Minutes Story about UFOs we now know who Dietrich is.

On the night of the Gagetown Incident, my Dietrich, Mike, got picked up by the transport truck at the end of our guard shift before I did.  By the time I got in the truck everyone was talking about the UFO we saw.  The third guard who was out on our shift was already making jokes and doubting our stories, even though Mike and I both talked about our own perspectives of the same sighting and those accounts jibed.  This was at 1:00am.  The rest of the camp was asleep.  We went to bed having only told a handful of people.

By the time we went to breakfast, the entire camp was abuzz about the two kooks (us) who "claimed" to have seen a UFO the night before.  The story had become embellished by the game of "telephone" before Mike and I even had the opportunity to tell more than a handful of people.  The jokes were harsh.  We were humiliated.  We were embarrassed and shamed.  I quickly stopped telling people about it and stopped answering questions early that next morning.  Mike went as far as completely recanting the story.  He said it never happened even though he had tried to report it the night before.

I resented Mike for that.  In the decades prior to going public, I had written and rewritten many accounts of our encounter.  Some of these were told in the first person as historical non-fiction, just the facts.  Other versions were told in third person with slightly fictionalized dialogue to make it a more interesting read in hopes I could get the story published.  In every account, Mike was my Brutus, the guy who turned on me at the end and made me look like a liar.  I made him the bad guy in all these stories.

In reality, I now know that Mike could not be a nicer guy.  I will go on a limb and say he is a kind and gentle man.  He is extremely polite and respectful.  These and other associated character traits are surely what led him to pull back the reins and deny what happened back in 1992 because he simply could not stand up to the ridicule.  I no longer blame him for that.  It is who he is.

But still, he will not reveal his identity.  There is a reason for that and I respect it.  Since becoming reacquainted with Mike he has shared with me that he has struggled over the years.  The biggest thing in his life right now, other than the love of his family, is his church.  Mike is a strong adherent to his religion and a loyal and dedicated member of his church.  He does not want to jeopardize that.  It would ruin him.

After searching for years I finally tracked Mike down in the fall of 2018.  When I asked him if he would go on Unidentified and back up my account of our sighting he initially declined.  I asked him why and his response surprised me.  I thought he would say it was because he did not want to relive the humiliation we had endured as young soldiers.  

Instead, Mike told me about his involvement with his church and said that talking about UFOs within his circle of peers would be considered, "a distraction" from their mission.  I can understand that.  I do not agree with it per se but that is the crux of his belief system.  I would not want people to tell me my religious beliefs are wrong.  They are beliefs.  They are neither right nor wrong, just beliefs.  Mike has a right to shelter his beliefs.

Now, putting all of this together, despite Mike's strong association with his religion and its mission he knows what he saw that night in August 1992.  His own eyes told him something that contradicts his belief system.  There are those in Washington whose religious beliefs have prompted them to put up roadblocks to the work that Luis Elizondo was doing while working at AATIP.  Lue had documentation of flyovers in restricted airspace from people whose technologic abilities were thousands of years ahead of our own.  These higher-ups would not set aside their religious convictions to accept the undeniable evidence of what Lue was showing them.  

Mike did.  Mike would not show his face for fear of repeating the past ridicule we both suffered and fear of losing what is currently most important to him, his affiliation with his church.  But he did come forward and support me.  He said he was there that night and he saw something too.  He even added in some details I did not see from where I was stationed.  He summoned the courage to validate something that went against his core beliefs.  That was a leap.  It took guts.  For that, Mike is now the hero of my story.  Mike defines courage.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Mission Accomplished

Over the course of the next month I may be posting more blog articles.  In case you do not follow #UFOTwitter or UFOlogy in general, many people in the UFO Community eagerly await the results of a Senate investigation into what the US Government knows about UFOs.  Some are hoping for full Disclosure.  Others anticipate lies and secrecy.  Me, I am ambivalent.

Much progress has been made over the past few years in bringing this subject out of the shadows of conspiracy theory and into the mainstream spotlight.  Four years ago I only mentioned my own UFO sighting to a few close friends and family.  I never spoke openly about alien visitation.  Writing this blog would have been out of the question for me.  I did not even follow anyone on Twitter other than maybe a dozen friends from college.  None of them was into UFOlogy.

Then, people like Luis Elizondo and Chris Mellon began moving the ball forward, with the help of Tom DeLonge and others too many to list.  I jumped into the fray and brought my story to the public.  It was then in the two year period leading up to my appearance on Unidentified that I decided to finally dive into this thing head first.


Two hundred thousand page views later, I am proud of what I did and what I have accomplished.  Yesterday one of my kids asked me, "Are you famous?"  I laughed and said, "Um... in certain circles, but not really."  Only a few days earlier I had joked with someone on a Facebook UFO discussion group that my "15 Minutes of Fame" had recently expired.  Fame was something I had not ever sought out; quite the opposite and I am glad it is about over.  All I ever wanted in regard to my sighting was to find someone in government who would document what I experienced and alert their chain of command that we should be concerned.  

We are being visited by people with the ability to move over restricted airspace at low speeds without any visible means of propulsion, completely evading radar.  These same individuals then have the ability to zip off in a streak of light without any sonic boom.  It was three decades ago that my colleague Mike and I saw this.  It is still happening today, around the world.

I did finally get my chance to tell my story.  It did not go down the way I had expected.  I had always envisioned something like what you see in the movies where I would go into an ugly, lowest-bidder office building, be ushered into a small conference room with cheap metal furniture and no windows, and be questioned by a couple "Men in Black" with Steno Note pads.  Maybe they would do something with my information and maybe they would not - I could see the notebooks going into a crate which would get wheeled into an enormous warehouse, like at the end if Raiders of the Lost Ark.  But at least I would have done my part.

Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished

This fantasy was an alternative to a competing vision of me growing old without having ever told anyone about my encounter, other than my closest friends and family.  Then, the fantasy ends with a guy like James Fox (who I had never heard of until a year ago, but someone like him) showing up to interview me shortly before I died.

The reality was, I never did get my chance to speak to someone currently in a government role but I am told that my story is known by those who need to know about it.  Shortly after my episode of Unidentified aired Lue Elizondo and I exchanged a few texts where he said, " are making a difference!  People in D.C. are watching!"  OK, mission accomplished.

I assume that means that Marco Rubio and others who are behind the current Senate investigation have read the details of my encounter or at least watched my episode of Unidentified.  It makes no difference to me how the information flowed to where it did.  I am completely satisfied that it got there.  I did my part.

In the two year interim between when I first reached out to Lue and my TV appearance I started writing.  I did not know how those years would go but I did know that it was important to begin documenting what was happening.  Sometimes, in the day to day struggle of life, extraordinary events can seem mundane.  Indeed, most of the build up to Unidentified was a lengthy series of calls and emails with various producers and their assistants, scheduling and canceling meetings, elaborating on small details between business calls and teaching classes.  These details would have been overlooked by most people.

I knew it was a big deal.  Most people will not appreciate it today but years from now historians will want to know the timeline leading to Disclosure (assuming it indeed happens).  What happened and how?  My thinking was not that grandiose at the time.  I did not know where this journey would take me.  I just knew I had to document it.  So I began writing.  This blog was initially intended to be sort of a diary that I would share with the public.  If a post got seven views I was psyched - people are reading it!  Now, most of my posts get hundreds of views and some have thousands.  I am no UFO Jesus but I am happy that some folks seem to enjoy my writing.

Given the pace of progress it was not long before I ran out of updates.  But by that point I had begun opening up to a larger circle of friends about my experience.  They introduced me to other UFO nuts like me and they introduced me to others.  I also began following some influencers on Twitter and researching the subject of UFOs.  This led me down one rabbit hole after another.

Much of what I initially encountered online was conspiratorial.  Being an apolitical, rational person, with a strong proclivity for logic, I was immediately turned off by the conspiracy theories.  My third blog article was about this.  I was not sure if I was committing blasphemy in the UFO Community by taking a stand against people like Steven Greer, the subject of that article.  Perhaps there would be repercussions.  But I wanted to do what was right.  If going against the conspiracy guys meant going against the audience I was writing for, so what!  I was not looking to build a big following.  I just wanted to share the truth.

Fortunately, it seems I made the right choice.  It took a while to find others with a similar stance as me, but they are out there.  Thousands if not millions of people view the topic of alien visitation with a purely scientific view point and they do not fall prey to conspiracy theories.

That, I decided, was my audience.  I wanted to speak to people who were curious about UFOs but who did not believe in Bigfoot and demonic possessions.  These people had questions.  They probably had few others with whom they could discuss these questions.  I had questions too.  I wrote about those questions.  Why do aliens hide from us?  Why are we being visited now, more than ever?  What is a day in the life of an alien?  This quickly became an obsession for me.  I wrote nearly every day for months.

Ridicule over UFOs

In the beginning I was not so concerned with reducing the stigma of reporting UFOs.  If that has happened then I am happy to have contributed.  God knows, I have faced my share of the results of this stigma.  The reason I kept my experience to myself for so long was because of the ridicule Mike and I faced from our fellow soldiers immediately after our sighting.  I never told my fraternity brothers or other friends back home.  I do not even know if I ever even mentioned it to the girl I soon dated for four years afterwards.

Since going public, most people are kind to me about it.  Some are fascinated and want to talk more about it, knowing that I am a credible and lucid person with an education, actively involved in my community.  Others are skeptical; they may believe I believe what I saw but they are not so sure themselves.  A few others are downright hostile towards any mention of visits to Earth by people from other planets.  They can be cruel with their disdain for it.  I recently had to defriend someone on Facebook, in part for publicly chiding me as an "alien" (amongst other trite comments) and for trying to rally others around his disdain for me, the guy who "sees UFOs."

Whatever...  I actually do not care what people think about me for telling my story, nor should anyone else who has had some sort of encounter.  People can believe you or not believe you.  Again, I just wanted to get my info into the hands of someone who could use it.  That is done.  I can now resume my life.  Also, one only needs so many friends.  True friends will respect you.  The others, the immature debunkers, you can do without.  Besides, the tide is turning.  Even former president Obama chimed on UFOs and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich added his two cents recently, further validating the subject.  History will show that the debunkers were on the wrong side.  I am content with that.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.