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Thursday, October 4, 2018

First UFO Sighting Witness Interview

Yesterday I completed my first guest interview.  It went really well.  My guest traveled from about an hour away to meet with me.  I appreciated her doing that.

UFO Podcast

I Saw One Too

At first we were both a little nervous but once we got into the telling of her story the conversation flowed very naturally.  I had a lot of questions prepared but found that I didn't need to do it Q&A style because it was a pretty normal conversation except that we were discussing an abnormal topic - something taboo that most people don't like to talk about.  Overall, though, I was really happy with the playback as far as the content goes.

The production was a different story.  I had some help from the one podcast buddy I've mentioned but working with an iPad and iPhone doesn't produce studio-quality sound or picture.  I can make the sound work, with some minor editing.  But the images won't work.  The files are huge, for one thing.  And we really should have had a three camera shoot but we only had two cameras.

Later in the day I met up with one of my other podcast buddies.  After using him as a sounding board I decided I should scrap the video production all together, for now, and just stick with the podcast.  That will make things a lot easier until I get off the ground.  For now I just need to focus on getting those first few guests and completing more interviews so I can launch the show.

This buddy also gave me a lead on another witness I can interview.  He's going to have her call me so we can discuss her sighting on the phone.  I'm looking forward to hearing from her.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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