Forward Progress

Yesterday was a big day for both the Podcast and the documentary.  I made tremendous progress.

UFO Podcast Set

I spent the morning prepping for my first Podcast guest.  I moved the furniture in the living room to create a little set, by the fireplace, pictured.  

UFO Podcast
I Saw One Too Podcast Set

I set up a couple cameras and tested them to make sure the blocking was good and the sound would be audible.  It was tricky getting the iPad positioned just right and the PC with the editing software kept crashing - I think it is not compatible with the laptop's built-in camera.  The production quality on this first interview will not be great.  But Perfect is the enemy of Good.  If I wait until everything is perfect it will never happen.

One of my friends I mentioned in yesterday's blog who is also planing a Podcast dropped by to show me a lens he has for his phone which would be good for shooting guests with.  He said he is going to help me with this first interview so maybe I will not need three cameras, just yet.  There is always room for improvement.  And Jello.  There's always room for Jello.

UFO Sighting Location

The other big development was I think I finally nailed down the exact location of my sighting.  I have looked at Google Maps many times over the years (and MapQuest before there was Google Maps) and was never able to narrow it down.  The base where I was is enormous.  It could take over an hour to drive from one end to the other.  When I was there I did not drive anywhere, myself, and usually when I was transported somewhere it was in the back of a Deuce and a Half so I never got a good lay of the land.

As an aside, if you have never ridden in the back of a Deuce and a Half, it is an over-rated experience.  It is like sitting in the back of a pickup truck that seats two dozen people.  Often, you will be riding on rocky, unimproved dirt roads so you cannot just sit back and relax because it is too bumpy. If you do not hold on, at some point you will be sitting on the floor, especially if you have a careless driver who brakes too hard.  Fortunately, accelerating too quickly is not an option for the careless driver because they do 0-60 in, well, no one knows because no one has ever gotten a Deuce and a Half up to 60 mph (100km).

The worst part, though, has to be the dust.  On the dirt roads, if you drive over about 20 mph (33km) there is so much dust being kicked up that you have to cover your mouth with your t-shirt or a handkerchief, to breathe.  I am surprised more soldiers have not died from dust pneumonia, just from riding in the back of a truck.

David, the Associate Producer from the documentary sent me a map of the base which has some details that Google does not (believe it or not) and that got the ball rolling.  It took several hours but I was finally able to find the site.  For 26 years, I have envisioned this place, etched in my mind's eye.  I cannot believe I finally found it.

I took into account the amount of time it took to drive from the PX on the main base to our camp site, which was about half an hour.  Then I looked around that area for a small lake or large pond, which we had bathed in a few times - I do not mean we went swimming, we stripped down and took baths in the pond because there were no facilities.  I remember taking a left off the main road and I even remembered the main road's name because it is so unique.  Then I looked for the three locations, out in the woods, where the other two guards and I had been stationed, in a spot that was a left turn off the main road, about a half hour's drive using Google Maps.

After searching and searching I spotted a clearing which looked identical to where I remembered being, near two other clearings, each a little under 1/4 mile away from each other.  It was a few minutes' drive from a clearing which looked like where we had set up our Motor Pool, which was a short walk from an area where you could be in the woods but still have room to set up a GP Medium tent.  I cross referenced this with David's map and there was a tepee with a flag in that spot on the map.  Success!

The only problem was, the site that looked like mine was on the north side of the road and I have always thought I was on the south side.  But I did some research and was able to find out that the moon was to my south that night which would have made it impossible for my site to have been on the south side of the road.  It was a little mind-blowing, having my whole perspective of this memory flipped around on the compass but I got over it quickly because I was so excited to have finally found the site.  This is a big deal.  Huge!

Now I am looking forward to heading there and doing the shoot so I can finally get my story out there.  It has been bottled up in me for way too long.  It is time the world heard it.

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