How do you spot an alien? - Part 1

They're he-e-re.  Maybe.  Possibly?  The premise that aliens have visited us is a given.  I have seen one of their ships up close.  What I have not seen with my own eyes is an actual alien - as far as I know.

The ship I saw could have been a drone.  Although, given that our drones are somewhat smaller than our manned aircraft, the race that sent the ship here would be enormous since the ship was more than an acre in mass.  It also had three bright rectangular lights up front which I have always inferred to be headlights or windshields.  A drone would not need either.  It would not need any lights at all.  Assuming the ship was manned, the occupants might be about our size, maybe a little bigger.  The ship was really huge.

How to Spot an Alien

Have aliens ever gotten out of their spacecraft and explored our planet?  Have they walked amongst us?  Do they interact with us in some way?


I wanted to explore this subject in today's post so I started doing some research.  Who else is talking about this?  Maybe I need to change up my search terms because looking up, "how to spot an alien" brings up three result pages about a children's play.  It has gotten high reviews by the critics but that is neither here nor there, as far as this discussion goes.

Page three finally brings up a science article on the subject but it is focused on looking for microscopic bacteria.  The article appears to have been written in response to the discovery of possible life on Mars, in the past.  It still ignores the bigger picture.  Why are we searching for microbes when there are people flying spaceships here?

Page four on Google goes sideways towards the absurd, talking about Reptilians running our government.  Maybe there is something to that?  I do not know because I have not looked into it.  It smells like a conspiracy theory, which I abhor.  But I will take a look at it and see if it has any merit and then write about my findings in a future blog post.

Finally, page five links to a Quora article on spotting aliens which poses the question seriously, trying to kindle some debate on the subject.  It does not look like anyone responded, though.

Is science ignoring this?  Apparently.

Sometimes science ignores subjects for a good reason.  Like for example when people claim to have lived past lives or to be possessed by demons.  Are either of these possible?  I suppose.  Can we test for them in a scientific manner and then replicate the tests?  Not with current technology, as far as I can tell.

Sometimes science ignores subjects for bad reasons.  Just ask Galileo.

Aliens: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

So let us start the discussion.  Right here.  Have aliens gotten out of the ship and walked our planet?  Do they look like aliens or have they figured out how to blend in with us?  Is it possible to identify them?  Who else is talking about this?

How do you spot an alien?

I will write more about this in tomorrow's post.  In the meantime, I would like to see some ideas from my readers, either here on on the David Marceau Facebook Page.

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