Some UFO Psychology

Friday afternoon there was some late, end of day emails and phone calls with the documentary producers.  We went over some scheduling questions they had for the upcoming shoot.  We also tried to nail down where my sighting took place, more precisely.  It is hard for me to tell because it was so long ago and I never saw a map of the area until earlier this year.  But based on my recollection and the memories of others who were there we have a general idea.  I think I could find it if I drove around there a bit.  I can see it in my mind like it was somewhere I lived for years, even though I was only there for three weeks.

Saturday morning I remembered there was a large pond near the site.  I texted that to the Associate Producer - I do not like bothering people with work stuff on weekends but I know everyone is moving in overdrive, trying to stay on a production schedule, so I thought it would be important to share the info right away, rather than waiting until this morning.

UFO Psychology

Saturday night I drove down to Larchmont, NY to see a friend's band play.  During a break, he introduced me to his friend, Andy, who is a counselor for kids who have experienced trauma.  I told him about my alien spaceship sighting and we had a great discussion about a lot of tangential topics.  One of them was how people and other animals have a primitive instinct to freeze up when they are in a situation where they might be something's prey.  He mentioned it because he identified that about me in my story when I was unable to move because I did not want to draw attention to myself from anyone in the spaceship.

We also discussed physiological responses to things, like my sighting.  In at least one scientific study people have been able to make predictions about sexually arousing pictures before the images came up.  The conclusion was that humans have some way of predicting what is about to happen to them, a precognition, which may be an instinct which helped us to survive the caveman days.

I am not 100% convinced that this is true but I know that when I had my spaceship sighting, prior to seeing anything the hair on the back of my neck rose and I felt like someone was watching me.  This caused me to look over both shoulders which is why I noticed something floating right above the treeline, which made no noise.  I want to talk more about this with Andy and I think the audience for my Podcast will be interested in what he has to say in relation to UFO sightings so I am going to book him for the show.

Perhaps I am more prone to sensing these feelings than other people.  I tend to wake up when someone is staring at me.  I have seen myself looking down at myself from behind during traumatic experiences like when my motorcycle slipped out from under me in an oily parking garage, once.  I can feel how other people feel about me, even over the phone.  I have experienced déjà vu with such vivid detail that I have stopped dead in my tracks to process what was happening.  Maybe this ability helped to save my life during my sighting by kicking in the freeze up response.

Maybe the aliens just did not care.

More likely, all these Anomalous Experiences had scientific reasons based on primitive instincts and the release of certain hormones.  I am a firm believer in Science and can appreciate the rigor and high standards which scientists and other academics hold themselves to.  So I can accept that I probably do not have any kind of psychic abilities.  Still, there is no denying I was in danger when the ship floated by me that night, 26 years ago, and I did indeed feel that danger before ever seeing the ship.

Sunday I attended the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride for the second time.  It was a chilly ride on the way there.  It was 45°F (7C) when I left the house.  But it eventually warmed up to the mid-60s and turned out to be a beautiful day for a nice ride through Hudson, Rhinebeck, and Red Hook, NY.  I met some great people and told them about the Podcast.  They were supportive.

Anomalous Experiences
Me, giving back

I had made plans with a couple other Podcasters to get together Sunday afternoon and share notes.  But things happen and one of the guys ended up going to Jersey and the other to Staten Island to do family things.  It was just as well because after being on a motorcycle for seven hours I was beat.  I went home and watched a very disappointing game between Buffalo and Green Bay.

Coming up this week, I expect to interview my first guest for the Podcast.  I am not sure if this will be the Pilot episode, or even the first one available for download, but it will be good to get started on production.  I have a second guest scheduled for the end of the month and I am trying to line up three more.

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