The Chamber

Yesterday's post on how aliens get here was the most popular yet.  The blog got over 100 views yesterday which is one tenth of the total number of views.  It looks like I should cover more science.  My second highest hit count came in for the UFO Psychology post.  Science and psychology.  More?  Comment below or on the David Marceau Facebook page.

UFO Radio Show

I got a call yesterday from the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce.  They wanted to know if I was a real person.  😄  Without getting into a whole Discourse on the Method, yes, I am a real person.  I own a staffing agency in Plattsburgh, NY and Ridgefield, CT and I teach some college classes in New Rochelle.  I am involved with my family.  I get up early and write every day.  I hate my cable company.  I had a close encounter with an alien spaceship in 1992.  I like coffee.  You know, all normal everyday stuff.

The Chamber was calling because I sent out a lot of emails to their members last week, seeking sponsors for the UFO radio show.  It is penciled in to start in a week and I still do not have a major sponsor for the show.  I am hoping to not have to pay out of pocket for the broadcast expenses.  If I can break even then that is a win.

There was at least one business that was interested, apparently.  That is why the Chamber called.  I am not going to be too picky about who it is, at this early stage of the game.  I will even read personal messages.  At $35 a pop it is feasible that I will get some of those.

We are being visited

I reached out to most of my potential interviewees yesterday to start booking guests.  I am a little nervous about that too.  A lot of people will say, "Yeah, I saw something," in casual conversation but then to go into a radio studio and talk about it on the air is a whole other thing.  A lot of people have an aunt who tells the whole family about her experience.  I want to speak with her too.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that people will want to talk about their experiences.

Not everyone who has seen something had an experience like mine.  It seems like more often it is some strange lights in the sky that do not move like airplanes do.  That is OK.  I want to speak with anyone who has seen anything that did not look right and might possibly be an alien encounter.  I know what it is like to have people be skeptical of your story and my story is indisputable so I am going to take everyone with a story seriously.  It is not my job to debunk anything.  I will leave that to others.  I just want to get the word out to everyone that indeed we are being visited.

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