UFO Conference

Some big developments over the weekend, to talk about.  Today I will focus on the UFO conference I attended on Saturday.  Presenters included:

  • Linda Zimmerman
  • Shane Sirois
  • Paul Eno
  • Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Western Connecticut UFO Conference

As I will discuss in more detail tomorrow, I was in Plattsburgh, NY on Friday so I had to get up early and haul it back home Saturday in order to make it to the 2018 Western Connecticut UFO Conference.  It was held at the Danbury Library, in a hard-to-find room in the basement.

I arrived around quarter to one in the afternoon, weary from a long drive which followed a late night out.  I had never been to one of these things so I did not know what to expect, neither about the content nor the setup.  At the bottom of the steps several tables were set up in a horse shoe arrangement.  Each table had books on it with titles like UFO Over Hunts Point, Faces at the Window, and UFOs and the ET Presence.  I was not sure what to make of all that at first but I did not have much time to think about it because I was late and I was missing the conference.

Linda Zimmerman

I went into the conference room and took a seat in the middle of the room.  There was a video playing about someone riding in an ultralight plane.  I assumed this had something to do with UFOs but it was not obvious.  I got up after a few minutes and went back out to the book tables.  I figured out that the people sitting at the tables were authors and were trying to sell their books.  I would find out later that these were the speakers.  I spoke with one of them, named Linda Zimmerman.  I asked her about how she published her books and she gave me some good ideas including a publishing company she uses and also self publishing on Amazon.  Linda also told me it was her in the ultralight video I walked out of.  She made it in order to debunk claims that some UFO sightings are actually people floating around in ultralights.

While speaking with Linda, I saw a friend of a friend named Barry Mangione who had told me about this event when I met him a few weeks earlier.  He texted me the day before to see if I was going.

Visited by aliens

Shane Sirois

A few minutes later a speaker began to give a talk.  I went back in and took my seat.  Barry and his son were sitting right behind me.  The speaker's name was Shane Sirois.  Shane began speaking about being visited by creatures resembling the classic alien.

He then went on to talking about other types of paranormal creatures which I was not familiar with.  I was there to hear about UFOs so I tuned out through parts of Shane's speech but for the most part it was interesting to hear him discuss his topic of focus.  He said he has been visited by aliens several times throughout his life.  I wanted to ask him why he thought he may have been chosen but he did not allow time for questions and he left shortly after his talk.  I will probably run into Shane again so I will ask him another time.

Paul Eno

The next speaker was a guy named Paul Eno.  Paul is also into all sorts of paranormal entities and does not seem to have a focus on UFOs.  I was beginning to think I might have attended the wrong conference.  But Paul was an interesting guy and Barry had just arrived so I sat patiently and heard him out.  Paul's deal is he trained to be a priest when he was younger and he participated in a couple exorcisms with a mentor priest.  He was already really into The Paranormal and this fascination eventually got him kicked out of the seminary.  So he went into paranormal investigation full time.

Paul promotes a theory that we live in a multiverse which he describes as being like soap bubbles where universes can blend into each other and occasionally merge.  He says this is how aliens are able to get here when they come from so far away.  I have my own competing scientific theory.  I will write about it another day.  But until aliens make contact and tell us how they do it I suppose Paul's theory is as valid as mine.  Otherwise, Paul gave an interesting speech which I enjoyed.  He mentioned working with the Warrens, the couple featured in the movie The Conjuring, the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The final speaker was Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  Rosemary seemed to focus a lot more on UFOs than Shane and Paul did, at least her talk did.  Her website has a lot of other metaphysical topics but her focus Saturday was on point.

Linda Zimmerman, Paul Eno, Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Linda Zimmerman, Paul Eno, Rosemary Ellen Guiley at Western CT UFO Conference

At the end, all the speakers except Shane returned to take questions.  Rosemary posted a clip of it on her Facebook page which features me asking the panel a question.  I shared it to the David Marceau Facebook Page.  The other attendees asked a lot of questions about metaphysical topics and cross-talked with each other about it.

All in all it was an interesting conference.  I was hoping for more discussion on UFOs than on general paranormal topics but it was beneficial to hear about those things because I am sure much of this will come up in the future and it is good for me to know something about what they are talking about.  This is a whole new world for me.

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