Well, how did they get here?

The biggest mystery behind aliens visiting us is not in grappling with the concept of whether or not there is intelligent life out there.  Statistically there must be.  There are too many stars with too many planets for there not to be life elsewhere.  Plus, the universe is too old for there not to be intelligent life which evolved millions of years before humans did.  They are out there and it is a given.  Oh yeah, and I have seen it firsthand. #ISOT

The bigger mystery is how did they get here from there, wherever there is.  There are some ideas out there in the UFO Community like the Multiverse concept, where the universe is comprised of multiple dimensions which are like soap bubbles which can blend together sometimes.  OK, and the sun is carried across the sky in a chariot every day.  I will pray to Zeus to find me a better theory.

How did they get here

I think my seven year old son has a better idea.  He says, "Maybe there could be some kind of Black Matter [sic] and there’s like a force, like wind, but it’s like 3000 times stronger.  You never know what’s in Black Matter.  The force could be in the Black Matter."  Of course, he meant "Dark Matter" not "Black".  At any rate, I like where his head is at.

I have my own idea.  But first I want to dismiss a few others, starting with our own current technology.

In the 1970s NASA launched the Voyager probes to see what is out there.  Forty years later they have only reached the edge of our solar system.  It will take another 40,000 years to even come remotely close to another solar system.  It is possible that other life forms have sent out similar probes many millennia ago and they are just now reaching Earth.  However, if that were true then there would be some permanent evidence of their existence.  In other words, they would be floating around our planet and we would have good pictures of them.  Perhaps one would even be in a museum.  Instead, we have only stories of aircraft which can travel at extremely high velocity and evade our fighter jets.

Building a Better Rocket

Of course, our probes were not designed to carry humans.  For that we would need larger vessels with greater propulsion systems - rockets.  With current technology it would take as many as 81,000 years to travel to the next solar system in our galaxy.  There are designs for nuclear rockets which could cut that time down to 1000 years but that is still too long.  We need the ability to get from here to there instantaneously, although I would accept a method which would cut it down to a few years.  At least then we could know the results in our own lifetimes rather than hoping our descendants can benefit from it thousands of years in the future.

There are many theories on how we can cut that time down but most seem to rely on building a better rocket - building something which takes less fuel to travel at a greater velocity. While we are at it, it would be nice if it did not create excessive levels of radiation.  Oh, and it has to cost less than a few trillion dollars.  That is not going to cut it.  The folks at the Tau Zero Foundation seem to have assembled a crew of brilliant minds who are attempting to solve these problems but improving propulsion is not the answer.  In order to reach other star systems we need to think beyond propulsion systems and consider using laws of physics in new ways.

One theory which has gained traction, and which I believe is getting us closer to where we should be is the Warp Drive.  No longer the subject of pure science fiction, it may be possible to build one.  It is not a drive per se but more of a manipulator.  A scientist named Miguel Alcubierre has proposed a system which would manipulate the fabric of space and time to propel a spaceship to the nearest star in four years.  Now we are talking.  The problem is, it violates many currently held theories on how pretty much everything in the universe works.  It is also too complex - stretching and contracting space-time.  There has to be a more simple method.

Some people, with a much greater understanding of physics than me, are doing great work with Loop Quantum Gravity.  This subject is not for the faint of heart or mind so do not click that last link unless you are really into physics.  Suffice to say, if these folks and others in the scientific community can increase their understanding of gravity then we may have the key.

When it comes to gravity I think we have been trying to solve the wrong problem.  Throughout human history man has tried to figure out ways to defy gravity.  How can we be more like birds?  How can we float like a balloon?  Whoever built the spaceship I saw has already figured that out - forget about how it got here, for a moment.  They figured out how to get the ship to hover, just over the treeline without any type of propellers, and to glide gracefully at a slow speed without any visible or audible propulsion.

Attract Gravity

How did it hover?

Somehow the ship I saw was able to defy gravity.  But in order to do that, its designers must have a thorough understanding, not of flight, but of how gravity works.  If so, then perhaps that is how they were able to get from there to here.  Maybe they have been able to harness gravity in a way that allows them to lock on to a source of gravity, like a star, and increase their attraction to it.  This could allow them to instantaneously be pulled towards an object with a strong gravitational pull which would allow them to zip away in a streak of light.  This same ability would allow them to hover, here on Earth, because they would not be defying Earth's gravity, they would be attracting some other object's gravity.

So the question then is not, how do we defy gravity, but rather how do we attract gravity?

If science can answer that question, we are on our way to creating an aircraft which can quickly zip around the universe and then hover in one spot once we reach our destination.

Attract Gravity

I hereby challenge the scientific community to figure out how to attract gravity.  Do this before my seven year old proves his Black Matter Theory and there is a reward.  I pledge one dollar to the winner of this Marceau Contest.  Please note that if both theories are proven, whoever is first gets the dollar.  Second place gets an Archway Molasses Cookie.  Personally I would prefer the cookie but my son is not big into sweets and I would like to see my boy win.

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