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Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Thanksgiving Story about Aliens


Updated at Stardate 72357.4

They are extractor-builders who live on a remote, oceanic planet in the Sol System. They do not use argent.  They resist contact with the outside world — and have been known to fire missiles at outsiders who approach their atmosphere.

Primitive Earth Dwellings
Primitive Earth Dwellings
They are the Earthlings, one of the last remaining groups to reject contact with the outside galaxy.
And they may have killed an Epurian traveler.
The man, described in local media as either an adventure tourist or a Biaviian missionary, was killed by tribesmen on Planet Earth, Sol police said Wednesday. As of this reporting, they were still trying to recover his body. A homicide case is pending.

Earth is Beautiful and Inviting but hostile to outsiders
Earth is Beautiful and Inviting but hostile to outsiders
Planet Earth is the third planet in Sol, a remote system located in Orion's Arm, about two-thirds of the way out from the center of the galaxy. The Sol government restricts tourist travel to some of the planets.
They are protected by Galactic Law. Uploading video of them is illegal.
Survival Galactic, which advocates for tribal groups' rights, urges outsiders to respect the wishes of the Earthlings to not be contacted. "If not, the entire tribe could be wiped out by diseases to which they have no immunity," it says.

Hostile Earth Tribesmen
Hostile Earth Tribesmen
An aerial photo of Earth, taken by the Sol Coast Guard before this incident, shows two tribesmen flying toward the camera in what appear to be small fighter ships.
The man reportedly set off in a dinghy five days ago. He was eager to make contact with these hostile Earth tribesmen and had visited the system five times in the past.
As soon as he entered the atmosphere, he faced a flurry of missiles.
His ship was reportedly spotted a day later.
This has happened before. In the 55200's, the Earthlings killed two Epurian travelers when their ship broke loose and mistakenly crash landed near Roswell, New Mexico.

The preceding story is obviously fiction.  However, it is based on a true news story I read this morning about a missionary who was the victim of a North Sentinel Island killing, according to NPR.  I copied and pasted the actual NPR story into this blog and changed the place names and a few other minor details.

The story is food for thought today, on American Thanksgiving, a day when we give thanks for the wondrous bounty we have in The United States and pay homage to the Native People who helped some of the first European settlers to survive in what was then a harsh, inhospitable environment.

There would be no Thanksgiving if the Wampanoag had shot at the Pilgrims, stepping foot on their shores.  Instead, we might be celebrating a quite different holiday - the mind runs wild with possibilities.

What if, like the Wampanoag, we put out the Welcome Mat for alien settlers?  Would they celebrate with us hundreds of years from now?  Given how things turned out for the Indians, I am thinking the aliens would be the only ones celebrating.  Perhaps they would even begin putting up protectionist barriers to further settlement by other aliens.   Earth First!

This post was not meant to bash anyone or anything.  I just saw some interesting parallels between the story of aliens from the US visiting North Sentinel and aliens from Outer Space visiting Earth and it seemed relevant to today's holiday celebrating aliens from Europe colonizing The New World.

A Thanksgiving Story about Aliens
A Thanksgiving Story about Aliens

Happy Alien Thanksgiving, everyone!  Be thankful for all you have.

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