Dolphin Contact

I spent the past couple weeks introducing other people's ideas on why aliens either are not visiting us, which is the Fermi Paradox, or why they are here but are hiding, the Marceau Paradox.  I will do more on that soon.  But first I have been eager to introduce my own suggestion, one which I have not read about elsewhere, at least not the way I am presenting it, and I cannot wait any longer.  My concept is called Dolphin Contact.

Dolphin Contact
Dolphin Contact
Dolphin Contact is where aliens are trying to reach out, they just have not figured out how.  I call it Dolphin Contact because alien visits remind me so much of humans visiting dolphins.  Here are but a few similarities:

  • Alien Ship Behavior
    • Alien ships mysteriously appear from nowhere, float around above us, and then shoot off at unbelievable speed, to unknown places.
    • To dolphins, human ships mysteriously come from nowhere, float around above them, and then shoot off at unbelievable speeds, to unknown places.
  • Alien Ship Types
    • Alien ships come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are tiny and highly maneuverable, some are of massive proportions which boggle the human mind.
    • Human ships come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are tiny and highly maneuverable speed boats, some cargo ships or air craft carriers are of massive proportions which would boggle the dolphin mind.
  • Alien Abductions
    • People have reported being taken aboard alien spaceships.  They are subjected to medical tests and procedures and then returned to their homes.  Sometimes the same people are revisited multiple times.
    • Humans sometimes capture a dolphin and run medical tests on it and then release it back to the wild.  It does not seem to be a common practice to place tracking devices in/on dolphins but I was able to find one story about a dolphin with a tracking device so it has happened.  This dolphin will be monitored and may be captured again in the future, for further study.  Others are not tracked with devices but scientists will spend time with the same pod and try to get to know them.
  • Alien Behavior
    • Aliens have not demonstrated much aggression towards humans, albeit some abductees have reported mistreatment.
    • For the most part, humans do not want to hurt dolphins.  We do not hunt and eat them.  We try to protect them.  Occasionally we may harm one but by and large do try not to.

Why Can't Aliens Communicate with Us?

could go on.  So what?  Here is where this all ties in to the Marceau Paradox.  Dolphins speak to each other.  At least we think they do.  We have not been able to figure out their strange clicking and chirping sounds.  Perhaps aliens are unable to figure out our strange clicking and chirping sounds.  This is not to say that aliens are not intelligent.  Humans are supposedly more intelligent than dolphins but we cannot figure out how to speak to them.  Even if we could, dolphins are silly and simplistic - try to sit one down and have a conversation with it.  Aliens who can get from there to here are likely more intelligent than us, or at the very least they know more than we do, but that does not mean they have the ability to communicate with us.  Even if they could, they may view it as trying to have a serious discussion with a dolphin.

Conversations with dolphins
Conversations with Dolphins
How could that be?  Humans all over the world have language and it is all pretty much the same, right?  We make up nouns to name the things around us, we make up adjectives to describe those things in more detail, we make up verbs to describe how we interact with things.  We have different words for all those nouns, adjectives, and verbs in every language and we put the words together differently, but at the end of the day we talk about interacting with things in our environment.

But there are indeed differences.  I am not a linguist but I have watched more than a few foreign films, over the years.  Some are translated so well that after a while you forget that you are reading subtitles.  The word choices are beautiful and poetic.  Other times, you wonder if the people translating even spoke English.  This is especially true of Martial Arts films.  You will see someone's lips moving for ten seconds but only see one or two words on the screen, or vice versa, there three words on the screen but the actor's lips move for ten seconds.  What are they even talking about?

Why can't aliens communicate with us?
Bad Translations
Most languages have some words which do not easily translate into other languages.  Most people know an Italian American who has said, "There's a word for it in Italian..."  Think of the movie Goodfellas.  In the scene after Billy Batts is killed and the guys are all sitting around the table eating with Tommy's mom, the mom tells a story about a man whose wife runs around on him.

At the end she laughs and says "In Italian is sounds much nicer."  Tommy throws in one Italian word which explains the whole thing, "cornuto" or content.  Jimmy asks what it means and Tommy explains, "He's content to be a jerk.  He doesn't care who knows it."  That's a lot of words to explain one word and still, if you look up cornuto it does not even scratch the surface about what the word means.

One dog goes one way and the other goes the other
One dog goes this way and the other goes the other
Perhaps a better example is all the Yiddish words which have made their way into the English language.  Sometimes there is no better way to express what you are thinking or feeling about something than to throw in a Yiddish word because one Yiddish word can replace dozens of English words.  In Yiddish, nothing is as it seems.  The words and phrases which have made it into the English vernacular or often idioms which require further interpretation.  A favorite is the expression, gai kaken oifen yam.  It literally means, "Go sh!t in the ocean."  But why would you tell someone to do that?  It really means, "beat it, scram, get out of here."

My grandfather used to use the shortened, gai kaken, which he translated as "Go to the bathroom and relieve yourself."  But that is not what he meant.  He was more or less trying to say, "You don't know what you're talking about."  Another way of saying that is, "You're full of sh!t."  Therefore, you should gai kaken.

It is these idiomatic expressions, euphemisms, and poor translations which likely make human communication difficult to decipher for aliens - that along with the strange sounds we make with our vocal chords which aliens may not be physically able to replicate.

So here we are, going about our lives in our environment, aliens flying around above us.  Someday they will crack the code and figure out how to broadcast a message to all of humanity.  Until then, it will be like trying to have conversations with dolphins.

I will write more on this concept in future articles.

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