Evolution of this blog

Up to now the purpose of this blog has been two-fold.  First I began documenting the contact I had with To The Stars Academy and an associated production company regarding a documentary they are producing.  The series will feature servicemen who have witnessed alien visits while on duty.  The second reason for the blog was to document my progress in creating a UFO Podcast where I could hear from other witnesses, like myself, and let them tell their stories.

It has been nearly two months since I launched this UFO blog.  I have posted something every weekday.  In that time the blog has received over 1300 page views.  Not bad.  And thank you for reading.  I can do better.

The first purpose of the blog, documenting the documentary may no longer be relevant.  I have not heard from TTSA or the production company in a while.  I am guessing they have enough content for their series and they do not need my story.  A friend of mine suggested maybe TTSA is low on funding.  I do not know their financial situation so I cannot comment on that.  What I do know is it does not seem like I will be in the documentary.  If anything changes, I will post an update.

Moving on, the second purpose of the blog, documenting the creation of the podcast, will be evolving somewhat over the next few weeks, as well.  I have completed most of the tasks I needed to do in order to get the podcast online.  All I need to do now is edit the first interview, add some additional content, and start uploading shows.

So this blog will be changing slightly.  I want to continue using it as a way to promote the podcast and to discuss some of the everyday things I do which pertain to the podcast or to activities I participate in, related to sightings or interactions with extraterrestrial life.  However, if you have been reading all of my posts you have probably noticed I have lately taken to pontificating over certain theories on our contact, or lack thereof, with alien beings.  This is where the blog is now heading - more philosophy and analysis adhering to scientific method as much as is possible when speculating about the unknown.

I have been doing a lot of research lately into things like the Fermi Paradox and others' responses to it.  I am finding that I am not alone in my quest for answers, nor am I alone in some of the ideas I have hypothesized.  Many others have had similar thoughts.  I do have a few original ideas which I will publish here first and then try to disseminate via social media and the podcast.

Stay tuned, keep reading, and please share the blog with others when you like one of the posts.

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