A lot has been written, lately, about the Oumuamua "comet".  It is said that the object was able to change its velocity in ways that cannot be explained by previously observed natural occurrences.  It is as if the thing had some sort of propulsion system.

A team of scientist recently published an academic paper describing how it may in fact be an alien spacecraft.  The paper describes how the object could withstand collisions with other objects, on its journey, using the equation:

Md = ΣdustA = ΣgasϕdgA = 1.4mphniLϕdgA.

It's all Greek to me.

Md = ΣdustA = ΣgasϕdgA = 1.4mphniLϕdgA

Maybe we are overthinking this.  If you look at the top image (artist's rendition) it just looks like a spaceship, does it not?  Reminds me of something I saw once (see right).

Prior to seeing Oumuamua, I had asked my brother in-law to take the draft sketch he made of my ship, and make it a little boxier, not quite so rounded.  Once that has been completed, there will be a remarkable similarity between the two objects, which you can still see in the draft image.  There is a notable rise, about 1/5 of the way from the right (front) of objects in both images.  I do not know why the ship I saw had that rise, but perhaps it is a common design feature.

Now imagine something like the ship I saw, flying through space for thousands of years, bumping into small objects, getting dinged up.  Over time its dents may come to resemble the Oumuamua dents.

We see the same thing, here on Earth.  The car in the picture below has seen better days - not sure what happened to it but the wheels look good.  The windshield is intact.  The engine might be damaged but if the vehicle was not reliant on a front-mounted engine but rather on some other propulsion system, it's feasible the the thing would still run.  And it still looks like a car - it is in rough shape but it is obviously a car.

Oumuamua dents
Oumuamua-like dents
My conclusion is, based on the paper linked above, the size and shape of the object, its entry into our solar system and its acceleration out of here, it is highly likely Oumuamua dents and all, was some type of alien spacecraft.

Whether or not it was manned is still a mystery.  It is possible that, like the car on the left, the ship sustained so much damage over time that it can no longer keep the elements out.  Or maybe it has been out there for so long that everyone died of old age.  Or maybe it was never manned.  Whichever it was, it could very well be on auto-pilot, just out there doing its thing, flying through space.

I wonder if they honked the horn and waved on the way by.

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