Puppies in a Box

Say you had a box of puppies.  Once in a while you peer over the edge to look at your cute, playful puppies.  Sometimes you try to pet one.  It may be hand-shy and try to hide.  But the others swarm your hand. 

Humans are puppies in a box
Puppies in a box
They may bite you, but it does not hurt much.  It hurts a little because puppies have sharp teeth.  But you know it is just little puppy bites which will not do much damage.  You can let them bite your hand if you want or you can pull it away when they try.  You might even play a game where you  hold your hand over a puppy's head, tempting him to bite you and then petting him when he tries.

When you get bored of the game you pull your hand out of the box and leave so quickly the puppy does not know what happened.  The puppies are sad the hand did not stay.

Now, suppose Planet Earth is our cardboard box and humans are puppies in a box.  Once in a while, an alien spaceship comes by to check us out.  We are so darned cute, after all (word).  The aliens like to see us play Civilization.  They do not call it that.  They do not have a name for what we do every day.  After all, we are just puppies in a box, frolicking, play-fighting, eating whatever is thrown in the box.

Sometimes the aliens fly into our box, like in the video above.  We are surprised to see them.  Not everyone notices them but those who do are in two groups.  Some are hand-shy and try to hide.  Others chase after the aliens, either to make contact or to engage them in battle.  The aliens may even think this is a game and they play Cat and Mouse, knowing all the while that our fighter jets cannot hurt them much - we are just puppies to them.

When they get bored of this game they leave, in a streak of light.  We are left wondering where they went.  We are sad they did not stay.

We Will Make Great Pets

Sometimes a puppy will get its front paws up on the edge of the box.  You gently push him back down.  But you know that sooner or later your puppies will outgrow the box and they will begin to jump out.  That is OK because you never expected they would stay there forever.  Puppies grow into dogs and dogs, at some point, become mature enough to train.  Mankind is maturing (perhaps) and we may be starting to jump out of the box, with manned spaceflight.  Our owners will be wanting to train us soon.

We will make great pets
We will make great pets

What do you train your puppies to do first?  We can skip past house training because we taught ourselves already - although a puppy does not know that house training is a thing until you introduce it so maybe there is a house training that we have not imagined.

What is next?  Usually, you will want to teach your puppy to walk on a leash or stay in the yard.  Initially they have some trouble with this concept.  They pull on the leash until they choke themselves.  They try to run out in the street the moment they get out the door.  Eventually, the puppy will come back home because that is where the food is - that is, if it does not get killed by a car or a fox or an angry, maniacal neighbor first.  When humans go to Mars, we will be back.  Hopefully.  But soon we will wander farther.

Will Aliens Treat Us Well?

How will we react when aliens try to put a leash on us?  Will we pull at the leash until we choke ourselves or will we accept that they are our masters?  It probably depends on how they treat us.  Will they love and care for us?  Will they teach us tricks we would not have figured out on our own and then reward us for learning and performing?  Will they punish us when we disobey?  How severe will the punishment be?

Will Aliens Treat Us Well?

Humans are like pit bulls.  Most pit bull owners will say these dogs are sweethearts.  They are "a big mush."  And most are.  Some pit bulls are vicious killers who will destroy you.  It depends on how you treat them.  We are the same, to an alien.

Instead of a leash, some people will fence in their yard so their dogs cannot get out.  Usually that works.  Sometimes the dog learns that he can dig under the fence or jump over it.  Maybe he finds a weak spot and he charges through.  Is there a fence around our solar system?  Is that why we do not see or hear any other life out there?  What will happen when we hit the fence?  What will happen when we try to cross it?

Sometimes, instead of fencing in the yard, people will get invisible fencing.  They will put a shock collar on their dog.  They may feel bad when the dog gets a slight shock but the dog soon learns to stay away from the edge of the yard.  They go to the edge and bark at passers-by but they do not cross over the invisible barrier.  When will humans get our shock collars?  Could we already be wearing them?  Most dogs probably do not associate their collars with the shock.  If they did, they would take them off.  If you put a collar on the dog when it is a puppy, a collar is just something it wears all the time.  Are we wearing collars which could shock us?  Are we wearing collars which do not shock us but could easily be replaced with shock collars?

We will make great pets

Your dog is your best friend.  As long as a dog knows its place, you get along great.  Eventually, you take your dog for rides in the car.  You take him on vacation with you.  You let him play with your friends' dogs.

What is our place?  Will the Masters of the Universe (for lack of a better term) take us out of the yard and let us interact with other kept societies?  I hope they remember to take off the shock collar first.

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