Rare Earth Hypotheses... Right...

On Friday November 9th, 2018, a British Airways pilot spotted a very bright light travelling alongside her aircraft.

Inflation Hypothesis Fallacy
OJ Simpson Searching for the Real Killers

The incident is reportedly under investigation.  Ya, and OJ is looking for the "real killers".  Good luck OJ!

Which brings us back to the discussion I began last week on the Fermi Paradox or where is everybody, and the related Marceau Paradox or why are they hiding from us?  They're here.  But they're hiding.  Why not just come right out and introduce themselves?  Are they shy?

Given all the thousands of sightings over many decades of the past century and even further back, we can eliminate any hypotheses related to the Rare Earth Hypothesis or the thought that we are alone in the universe.  There is too much evidence to the contrary.  This includes the unfounded beliefs that
  • no other intelligent species have arisen
  • intelligent alien species lack advanced technology
  • the nature of intelligent life is to destroy itself
  • periodic extinction by natural events
  • intelligent civilizations are too far apart in space or time
  • aliens lack resources to spread physically throughout the galaxy
Those are all serious hypotheses.  They are all irrelevant because the repeated presence of alien spaceships deems these concepts erroneous.  I intentionally skipped over a few, though, because I feel it is important to address them.

One Rare Earth-related concept is that it is the nature of intelligent life to destroy others.  Therefore, we are not being visited because there is a Superpredator out there somewhere which is extinguishing all other life forms, thereby preventing us from seeing anyone else and preventing anyone else from getting here.  This does not warrant there is no other life out there.  It would mean that it is out there and if it finds us we are all dead.  

I would like to dig into that further in a future post.  For now, let's just say that the Superpredator concept is unlikely given the number of reported sightings over many years.  If they were going to knock us off, they probably would have done it by now.  Any civilization with the ability to travel anywhere in the universe and exterminate entire species of intelligent life would not need to take as long as these guys have, to do it. 

Another Rare Earth concept that I am including separately is the Inflation Hypothesis / Youngness Argument.  This proposes that there are multiple (perhaps infinite) universes besides the one we exist in.  I have heard it explained like if you can imagine bubbles in a sink or a bubble bath, where each bubble is a universe, and sometimes the bubbles merge together so entities from one universe find themselves in another.  

Flat Earthers are Nuts

It sounds like the way the Ancient Greeks explained how the Earth is riding on the back of a turtle which itself is swimming in an infinite sea or space.  


With all of these Rare Earth concepts out of the way (there are likely many more but again they are all irrelevant) we can move on to other hypotheses based on the scientifically proven fact that there is indeed intelligent life out there somewhere.  More on that tomorrow.

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