Snakes in a box

Following up from yesterday, suppose we are indeed just puppies in a box.  In other words, we are being observed by a far superior civilization which knows how to get from there (wherever that is) to here.  They likely could obliterate all life on our planet.  But they do not.  They want us alive.  Perhaps they even care about us.  Is "love" too strong a word?  Do aliens love us?

Do you love a puppy, the moment you pick it up?  It helps that the puppy wants to climb all over you and lick your face.

Do aliens love us?
Do aliens love us?
I doubt we would want to do the same with an alien.  So it may not be love at first sight for either party.  What about other pets?

Do you love a tarantula the moment you bring it home from the pet shop?  Maybe a bad example.  Giant hairy spiders are abominable.

Do you love a talking parrot, the moment you take it home from the animal smugglers?

How about an iguana or some other large lizard?  My nephew gave one of my sons a bearded dragon.  It stinks and it does not do anything - just sits there on a rock, sunning itself.  I do not get it.  But my son likes taking care of it so I tolerate the filthy thing.

Do our alien overlords think of us as big pains in the butt?  Is there a Dad Alien who says to his son, "Fine, you can keep the Earthlings, but I'm NOT cleaning the planet."  Maybe he adds, "And you're going to start doing some chores, around the galaxy, to earn the money to pay their vet bills."

Are Humans an Invasive Species?
Don't pick me up
The thing about most lizards, though, is they are pretty innocuous.  A bearded dragon will not bite your finger off.  Even if it were to nip at you, its venom is not deadly to humans, though it is poisonous.

Humans are potentially deadly to aliens.  Pick me up and I may just punch or kick you.  I may bite you.  I may have a knife and cut you.  I may have a gun and shoot you.  I may smack you with my giant bone, a la Luke Skywalker to the Rancor.  I do not like to be picked up.

Are Humans an Invasive Species?

Maybe we are more like the tarantulas, after all.  Or snakes.  Earth is like a box of snakes.  We are OK, as long as we stay in the Planet Earth box.  Once we get out, we will crawl into the air ducts and infest other areas of the solar system.  We will find our way outside and populate other areas of the galaxy.  We will be considered an invasive species which disturbs the gentle balance of the interstellar ecosystem.

Are Humans an Invasive Species?
Invasive Burmese Pythons
Burmese Pythons were once thought to be harmless pets, by snake-lovers in Florida.  After Hurricane Andrew (and some irresponsible owners) liberated some of these beasts in the early 1990's, the pythons quickly established themselves in the hot, swampy Everglades and began devouring everything they could fit in their mouths.  It's now estimated there may be hundreds of thousands of Burmese Pythons in Florida.

We humans could do the same if we get out of our planet.  For now, we are contained not just by gravity but by our inability to create rockets capable of getting from here to there.  Once we develop the technology to travel at the speed of light, like alien aircraft surely can, then we pose the risk of becoming an invasive species.  We only need one hot, swampy planet to begin propagating and within 100 years (the blink of an eye, geologically) we will have produced thousands of us, devouring everything we can fit in our mouths, and worse, burning everything we can touch a match to.

Aliens do not want to make contact

It is likely that this is why UFOs are often seen but aliens do not want to make contact.  We are cute or interesting to watch, from outside our Terra-rium but they do not want us to learn their ways and then get out and become an invasive species.

Aliens do not want to make contact
Aliens do not want to make contact
What do you think?  Does this sound plausible or is it the wackiest thing you have ever heard of?  Post your comments below.

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