We're so young (and cute)

Continuing with my series on the Fermi Paradox, where is everybody, one possible explanation that has been posited by some is that humans have not been around long enough to detect alien life.  I will reiterate what I said yesterday and have said several other times, that this premise is moot based on the fact that I have seen an alien spaceship with my own eyes.  Many other people have, as well.

That notwithstanding, I wanted to address this particular notion because it focuses on humans' ability to find aliens rather than vice versa.  Aliens exist.  That is undeniable.  They know about us.  We have not been able to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they exist.  That speaks to The Marceau Paradox - if they are here, why are they hiding from us?

We're so young, Geologically
We're so young, Geologically

Modern humans are about 200,000 years old.  Geologically speaking that barely shows up on the timeline.  Most of that time we were barely awake, basically animals with cool tools and weapons.  We could not even speak to each until about 50,000 years ago.  We're so young.

I will pause my line of reasoning there for a moment and switch gears back to aliens.  If you were a space explorer and you found Earth 50,000 years ago you would probably report back home that the planet was overrun by wild animals.  Earth was a dangerous place, not safe for colonization and not worthy of contact.  Any primitive language skills we had may have even been overlooked.  You would fly on to the next solar system and make a note to check back every 10,000 years, or so.

Why 10,000 years?  Just a number.  Really, it is just a number.  Our years are based on a trip around our sun.  It is completely arbitrary compared to what an alien might call a year.  Maybe to aliens a year is 250 of our years.  If that were the case then 10,000 of our years would only be 40 years to them.  Whatever it is, they would want to keep us on the radar but wait until life evolved, which could take a while.

Tools to find Aliens
Ancient Alien Visits

Fast forward to about 8,000 years ago and you start to see the beginnings of civilizations.  If the (completely arbitrary) decamillennial trips by the previously mentioned space explorers happened to fall say 13,000 years ago and again 3,000 years ago they would see two completely different versions of humans.  On the first trip we would not appear that much different from the wild beasts we had been observed to be on previous trips.  But on the more recent trip we would have fairly large cities.  The pyramids would have been constructed by then.  We would be navigating the seas.  We would be trading and warring with each other.  Now ET has something to phone home about.

Assuming it takes a while for them to get from there (wherever that is) to here it may have taken a while for the word to get out about us.  Maybe hundreds or even thousands of our years.  Once the news began to spread around our galaxy the explorers started coming, then the military, then the scientists, then the adventurers, and then the tourists.  That could be why there were not that many spaceship observations in ancient times but they happen all the time now.

How to Find Aliens

Back to humans, we have only had the ability to observe space using tools for about 400 years.  Yes, the ancient Greeks were looking up too but until the invention of the telescope we could not see more than what you can see out in your back yard today.  There would have been more definition due to less light pollution but the sky has been pretty much the same as it is now for a long time.

How to find aliens
Thousands of Galaxies in one small place
Tools to find aliens, like telescopes, improved over time but it is the invention of the radio telescope, less than 100 years ago, which is credited with truly opening the skies to exploration.  Aliens probably look at these comparatively primitive contraptions and say, "Aw, that's a-dor-a-ble."

In 1990 the Hubble Telescope was launched into space.  The images The Hubble has taken, unobscured by our atmosphere, have been remarkable.  The image at the left shows thousands of galaxies, each with an untold number of solar systems, each with many planets.  How many intelligent civilizations are there, just in that one tiny patch of space?

It has only been within my lifetime that we have been able to do this kind of thing.  So of course it would make sense that we have not detected alien life yet.  We have only been looking for a few decades.  Space is a big place.  Our tools to find aliens, as good as they are, are still primitive.

Back to aliens, their tools are not primitive and neither are their spaceships.  So while we have not been able to find where they live, they know where we live and they are checking us out.

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  1. So why are they hiding from us?

  2. Thanks for the question and thank you for reading. There are a number of reasons why aliens might be acting shy. I'll be digging into this further over the next few weeks, on future posts. I can't be any more specific in my response because nobody knows. We won't know until official contact has been made.

    I'm speculating on many possibilities in the hopes that others will pick up on some of my ideas and explore them further. Please stay tuned for more answers to this question in future posts.


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