Why are we being visited now? Part 1

A month ago I ran a poll on Twitter.  I asked, "Do you believe that aliens visit our planet?"  I did not get a ton of responses.  This blog was still new and I had not quite figured out Twitter or, "That Tweety Thing" as my mom calls it.  I still have a ways to go with it.  But a few people did respond to the poll.  I would like to have a larger sample size so I will have to repeat the poll again in the future, as I get more followers.  But suffice to say the majority of respondents, a full three quarters of you, believe that yes, we are indeed being visited by aliens.

I am not a statistician.  I only got a B+ in Stats in Biz School.  But I know a bit about it.  It is likely there is some bias in the results due to the fact that the people responding are people who are following my Tweets and are therefore already interested in aliens.  I am wondering, then, who is the guy who voted No?  Who let that guy in?

Alien Radio
Alien Radio

Are we being visited?  Of course.  I saw a spaceship with my own eyes.  Perhaps the question we should be asking is not if but why.  And why now?  Does it seem like there have been more and more reported sightings every year since the 1950's?  Why is that?

I have a few ideas.  I am not sure which is most plausible so I will go in chronological order.

Let's go back to 1895.  Marconi invented the radio.  He then paused for seven minutes of commercial messages.  It would take a couple decades more for radio to evolve into the entertainment medium it is today and still decades more before we would be inundated with ads for hair regrowth formulas but still, those radio waves have been emanating from our planet for over 100 years.  But wait, radio waves only go a certain distance and then you cannot pick them up anymore, right?

Line of sight example
Line of sight example

Well, not exactly.  Radio waves travel in every direction at the speed of light.  They keep going forever until they hit something.  So when your favorite radio station fades it is not just because you are getting farther away from the transmitter, although that does have something to do with it.  It may be because something is getting in the way, like a building, a hill, or even the curvature of the Earth.  Up in space, though, with nothing to block it a radio signal could travel for many light years.

After you get a ways out in space, the signal will degrade and it won't sound like what we hear on our radios.  It will just sound like indecipherable noise.  But within a few light years from Earth, it is possible to pick up our radio broadcasts and listen to our music and news.  Yeah, a few light years.  That's a lot of space!

Why are we being visited now?
Possible alien?

That means that people on planets over 100 light years away from us may be detecting weird radio pings emanating from our planet right now.  As they travel in the direction of the source of those waves the signals get stronger and more distinguishable.  At some point, you start hearing voices speaking in a variety of languages, communicating intelligent thought processes.  (You also hear Rush Limbaugh.  What are you going to do?)  You hear a variety of complex music.  You hear sports and cheering crowds.  It is intriguing.  Let us check it out.

Why Are We Being Visited Now?

Enter the 1950's.  Most people are not aware that TV has been around since the 1920's.  But it is common knowledge that it did not really get going until the 50's.  Coincidentally, the 1950's brought a surge in UFO reports.  What's up with that?

Some people think this was due to the increase in the number and variety of airplanes.  In other words, it was us.  OK.  And Roswell was a weather balloon.

I think we started seeing more of this in the 50's because we were calling them in with our TV broadcasts.  By that point our radio signals were hitting planets 50 light years away.  Anyone living or traveling within half that distance was starting to tune into our TV broadcasts.  The so-called Greys saw pictures of us and said, "Oh my Alien God!  They look like us!  Except they have tiny, hairy little heads and beady little eyes.  They're scary to look at.  But they have dogs.  Dogs are awesome!  Let's check them out."

Maybe it did not quite go that way.  But the short version of it is we have been calling out to extraterrestrial life forms for a century and showing them pictures of ourselves and our dogs for three quarters of that time.

Tomorrow, Part 2 will take a look at another technological development of the 20th century which may have sparked the interest of alien life forms.

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