Alien Business Trips

Today I have to go on a business trip. It involves driving for about five hours, each way.  I will do the whole thing in one day and be back in time to tuck the kids into bed.  It is a lot of driving for one day.  I think about aliens (because I think about aliens) and wonder what they would make of this.

Alien Business Trips

Do aliens go on business trips?  Would it not be more efficient to Skype each other?  Video conferencing is great but seeing someone in person always seems so much more productive to me.  Video calls always seem rushed, like everyone has somewhere they would rather be.  They are not much better than getting on the phone with someone, which is an interruption in everyone's day.

In one of the Star Wars movies the council of Jedis met virtually, using holograms to sit at seats.  If we can dream it, aliens have done it.  I am sure that anyone who can get from there to here must have that technology already.  They have probably had it for thousands of years.  Holo-meets probably work better than video conferencing, for that feeling like you are in the room with someone.  But in the end you are still not in the room together.

Alien Business Trips
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There is an energy that is shared when people meet together.  If you are in tune with it you are able to sense other's emotions.  Was what I just said to that guy received well?  I'm feeling a negative vibe.  Sometimes I am able to sense this over the phone.  But it is much more palpable in person.

Would aliens ever drive somewhere in a car with wheels?  I would imagine cars would seem so primitive to someone with the ability to travel in hyperspace.  But then, if you are a car person, like I am, and you see a beautiful car it is hard to imagine anyone not wanting to ride in one.  I suppose there could be flying versions of these which look just as nice, if not nicer.  Could you get one with a stick or would they all be automatic?  They probably have paddle-shifters.

Alien Travel

Where would aliens travel, on business?  Would it more likely be across town, on the other side of the planet, or to another planet entirely?  If they no longer drive cars would they fly everywhere or would they take a train?  Do they have pneumatic tubes, like in the Jetsons?  Are there personal elevators which go in multiple directions?

Given the sheer number of UFO sightings and the vast variety of ships which come here, I have to think that Earth is a destination for alien business travel.  But what business do they have here?  Do they meet with anyone?  Would they be more likely to seek out Donald Trump or Elon Musk?  Who would you rather meet if you wanted to establish trade with our planet?

Alien Travel

Back to my initial question, I wonder what aliens would think of a five hour drive, each way.  Before we had cars, travel took a long time.  If you were a US Senator from Boston in 1800 it could take you at least four days to get to Washington.
That was normal, at the time.  Now it seems ridiculous.  I think aliens would think it is ridiculous to drive ten hours round-trip in one day.  I am questioning it, myself.

What do you think?  Post comments below.

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