Are Aliens Racist?

In the headlines this week, a woman on a New York City subway got her mind blown off course by another woman who bumped into her.  A scuffle ensued, culminating with a racial slur.  It was all caught on video for the world to enjoy - people must have enjoyed it, it went viral.  I am not going to post the video because it is ugly and disturbing.  But it makes me think... what would aliens think of this?

Are Aliens Racist?

Do they have racism on other planets?  When we see pictures of aliens they all look the same to us.  Is that racist?  Perhaps there are subtle differences we do not notice because we have not been exposed to enough of them to develop a sense of these differences - kind of like the way it works here on Earth.

Are Aliens Racist?

Maybe aliens see those minor differences in each other and to them it is a big deal.  Amongst humans, we are always looking to single each other out, despite race.  When I was in the Army I witnessed extensive racism within races because of minor variations in the shades of skin color or the shape of facial features.  People will discriminate against others because they are overweight, short, have a big nose, etc.  We seem to be programmed for this.  Perhaps it is based in our evolution, to seek out mates with certain qualities we want to pass on to our offspring.  We notice the traits we would not want to pass on, even if we have no interest in mating with the other person.

What would aliens notice about each other?  One's eyes are not huge enough?  Another's head is too small.  Someone else has muscular arms and legs.  Then there's Bob.  He always walks around in clothes - not sure what is wrong with that guy.

Alien Culture

One would think that societies which are millions of years older than ours would have evolved beyond caring about race.  Over the course of a couple hundred thousand years, all the races (on Planet XYZ) interbred, forming one hybrid race.  As languages merged into one world language, some cultural differences remained, more for fun than anything.  They had their versions of Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick's drinking holidays, their version of a Thanksgiving feasting holiday, a Christmas-type gift giving holiday, a Yom Kippur day of repentance, New Year's Eve, etc.  But otherwise, everyone came to be one people.  Some people on Earth would view that as a Utopia.

It scares the daylights out of others.  Maybe one race saw that coming and obliterated all others and now it is just them.  There were major differences between the races which could not be resolved or reconciled.  It reached a boiling point.  There was a thousand years of genocide.  They were all nearly wiped out.  Two races rebuilt on separate sides of the planet - you guys are over there and we are over here.  A thousand years later, the cycle repeated itself.  It took half a million years but eventually one race prevailed.  Now they are super-racists, intolerant of any humanoids who look different.

Human Pets

Either way, that would make us quite a novelty.  We are all so different, here on Earth.  If we are truly puppies in a box, to aliens, they might think it is cool to collect different breeds.  Some, of course, would only want purebred human pets.  The race or breed would not matter so much as the fact that it came from "pure" lineage.  Others might like to have a human which was bred for certain characteristics like height, muscularity, hair type.  Still others would be OK with a rescue-human from a prison or even a feral human from the streets - you cannot teach either of them much and once in a while they will growl at you but some aliens swear they make the most loyal pets.

Human Pets

Maybe to aliens, we all look the same.  The ability to see color may be a unique quality of humans.  Aliens might see in infrared.  We do not know.  If all you saw was heat, would you ever distinguish one race from another?  Maybe they do not see the shapes of our faces.  If your sight was only in x-rays and all you could see was the person inside the skin, would one race appear any different from any other?

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