Fermi Fun

This week I am working on a follow up to yesterday's post regarding Earth's Violence Credit Score with aliens.  It is going to take quite a bit of research.  I have to interlace this research with managing a small business and teaching five college courses.  It is Finals Week so I will have more time to do this research next week and I hope to show some of my results after the holidays.

In the meantime, I thought I would treat my readers to a fun video which helps explain something I am devoting a lot of time to, fun with The Fermi Paradox.  I will note that I dismiss a major reason for the Fermi Paradox which is that aliens do not exist.  I have seen a spaceship up close.  With that out of the way I can focus more on why aliens are hiding from us, which I call (in all humility, word) The Marceau Paradox.


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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.