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What day is it?  It is that week between Christmas and New Year's when everyone is home and every day feels the same.  I actually have a lot of work to do so today's post will just be a quick update on everything related to this blog and the upcoming podcast.  But I have to share that the feeling of this week reminds me of every time travel movie where the leading character speaks with the first person he encounters and says something like, "What's the date!!!  No!  The year!  What's the year!!!"

I have the week off from teaching.  I teach business and writing at an area college.  But I do not have the week off from all my other jobs.  I run a business and have a phone meeting to attend, shortly.  I am writing a pilot for a TV show and my writing partner arrives in three hours.  And I have this blog / podcast which is quickly becoming more than a hobby at this point.

It is time to finally get the podcast going.  I have enough recorded content, I just need to produce it.  If any readers have ideas on good editing software, I am all ears.  One interview was recorded on video so I will need a tool which will convert it to audio.  I expect to get rolling with that this afternoon so that I can put up the first podcast tomorrow (Friday) morning.  Stay tuned...

I spent the past few hours getting the podcast hosting site in order.  It is still not looking the way I want it to but it's much better than it was yesterday.  I would like to find a host which will allow me to embed that site, along with this blog, and a shopping cart, but I have not found it yet.  Again, I'm open to suggestions.  Post your comments below or on The Official David Marceau Facebook Page.

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Regarding this blog, I am overjoyed with the response people have had to it.  In only three month's time the site has had over 2200 page views.  It is encouraging.  Thank you for reading and please continue to check the blog and social media, daily for updates.

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What is interesting about these stats is where people are hitting the site from.  Obviously, most of my readers are from the US but there have been quite a few hits from Germany.  Hallo Deutschland!  Vielen Dank, dass Sie meinem Blog gefolgt sind.  (I speak a little German but not that well - thanks Google Translator.)  I am interested to know if the German readers are American armed service members or German citizens.  Give me a shout and let me know.

The Ukraine hits surprise me, as do the other non-English-speaking countries.  Nice to know that the blog is making it around the world.  Please share it with your friends!

ISawOneToo Followers

I wonder where the "Unknown Region" is.  Aliens?  LOL

I will close out today's post by offering my readers the opportunity to suggest a topic.  It is not for a lack of ideas, I currently have a list of 59 topics I can write about, for this blog.  Should keep me busy for a couple months, at least.  I just thought I would put it out there.  If there is something you want me to write about or a question you would like me to answer, you may post it below, or on the Facebook page, or you can email it to me through the Contact form.

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