Is UFOlogy science?

Yesterday and last week I hinted that perhaps the gap in the origins of man could be explained by modern humans having been planted here by aliens.  It is possible.  I have been doing a lot of research since then on human evolution.  There is a lot there.  But I am determined to find some facts which could support my idea - or which refute it, in which case I will announce that.

Is UFOlogy Science?

My previous posts have attempted to do the same, to use a scientific approach to support philosophical notions.  Is that science?  An Academic with a PhD might say no.  Scientific American says Ufology is pseudoscience.  (A claim which itself sounds like pseudoscience.)  But what I am doing seems like science to me.  So I Googled the term.  Science is defined as, "the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment."  That sounds like what I am doing.

I do not believe for a second that I am a scientist - more of a philosopher.  But I do want to stick with a scientific approach.  Any idiot can write about his thoughts.  Can you back it up with precedent, some type of evidence?  Or, in lack of evidence, is there a completely logical explanation, based on a solid understanding of how things work.

Within the UFO Community there are many folks who believe in aliens, not because of any experiences with aliens or because of any scientific reasoning, but simply because they believe in the Supernatural and the Paranormal.  Many UFO adherents believe in ghosts, demons, mental telepathy, Big Foot, Nessie.  I have nothing against those folks and I welcome them and their opinions.  Maybe all of their beliefs are true.  There is no way I could know.  What I do know is I have seen no evidence to link any of those beliefs to the existence of life on other planets.

The UFO Community
Bigfoot riding Nessie
Does life exist on other planets?  Of course it does.  I have seen an alien spaceship, up close, and I have a corroborating witness.  It is irrefutable.  Is there a ghost in my house?  That is another subject.  Regardless, I am going to stick with a scientific approach to my writing.

UFOs and Scientific Method

So what does that mean?  When I come up with an idea, say that aliens know we are here and they are hiding from us because aliens want to contain us, I will state a hypothesis based on observations I have made.  From there, there is only so much measurement and experimentation I can participate in.  I do not have funding or facilities to do that.  What I can do is research to find out who else is talking about these things or what evidence there is, out there on the internet, to support the idea.  I can then modify my hypothesis based on new evidence.  That is essentially the Scientific Method.

The other thing that is part of a scientific process is Peer Review.  The reason people say things like, "Global Climate Change is clearly man-made because every scientist in the world agrees on it," is not because a "fake news" source said so but because the information is put out there for every scientist in the world to refute.  The authors of these studies encourage other qualified individuals in their fields to try to debunk their findings.  If others are unable to debunk the findings and moreover, if experiments which prove the findings, can be repeated by others then the debate is over and literally every credible scientist in the world agrees with the findings.

That is not to say that sometimes Science cannot change its mind.  That is the beauty of using the Scientific Method.  Over time, new evidence can present itself and then everyone who is qualified to act on that evidence will try to make sense of it.  But it is safe to say that once an idea takes root, like the Earth is round, for example, that once this is proven it probably will not change.

With that, I will wrap up today's post saying that I have a lot of research to do on the idea that perhaps Man was planted here by aliens.  Bear in mind that this is not something I have a strong belief in - more likely we are part of a long chain of terrestrial evolution.  But it is an idea I would like to explore in more detail.

This is taking me down a rabbit hole of Paleontology.  Last week it was Physics.  The week before it was something else, etc.  My professional expertise is in Business and Communication.  Nonetheless, I will continue to exercise logic and reason in my posts and I encourage others to challenge my ideas and my findings.

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