Rorschach Cloud

I took the picture below, driving along the Au Sable River, on the way to Lake Placid, this past Saturday.  Take a good look at it.  It is beautiful, right?  What do you see?

Rorschach Cloud
Rorschach Cloud

I see the mountain range.  I do not live in the mountains so that is something unusual, that would stick out to me.  I love mountains.

I then notice what a bright, beautiful, sunny day it is.  No cloud cover to block out the sunlight.  You do not get many days like that in the Northeast.  Four out of five days have some level of overcast conditions where I live.  It is a nice treat when it is that sunny.

I see the snow.  I see the trees.  I see a road with no other travelers.  I see a little house which must have an amazing view of the river at the bottom of the valley and the mountains beyond it.  I see the sun.

I also see a lone cloud - a lone cloud on an otherwise cloudless day.  It appeared to be over the town of Au Sable Forks.  It is flat-ish, kind of saucer-shaped.  One might say it somewhat resembles... oh I don't know... a... UFO?

Aliens and Nukes

Yup, it looks like a UFO.  It is sitting there all by itself.  Why is that one cloud there?  And it is huge!  Against the wide-open blue sky and long mountain range it looks tiny.  But depending on where exactly it is, in relation to the other features in the image, it could be anywhere from a mile to several miles long.  If it was a UFO, that would be one enormous UFO.

Could it be that a UFO was hovering over the Adirondacks, checking us out?  It is out in the middle of nowhere.  The spaceship that I saw was in a forest in the middle of nowhere.  But it was also on a huge military base during a dual-nation training exercise.  There was a lot to observe.  I was guarding a large ammunition dump when it glided by me.  It is reasonable that aliens would want to see what our capabilities are by checking out a big pile of ordinance.  But the Adirondacks?  There are no military bases up there.  The closest active-duty base to the location of the picture is Fort Drum, nearly three hours west.  There is nothing to see here, folks.

Aliens and Nukes

Or is there?  Until 1995 there was an Air Force base a half hour north in Plattsburgh.  That was a Strategic Air Command base.  SAC bases were responsible for major parts of the US's nuclear arsenal.  I remember, as a kid growing up near Plattsburgh, watching B-52's come in for a landing.  The air strip was just past the mall.  If we heard one coming we would try to get into the mall or our car as quickly as we could because the screech of the engines was deafening.  If you got caught out in the parking lot under one of those things you would have to plug your ears or they would ring for hours.

Abandoned Missile Silos and UFOs
Abandoned Missile Silos and UFOs

The image above from shows locations of nuclear missile silos all around Plattsburgh.  This includes (drum-roll, please) one right under the spot the cloud, above, was viewed.  Could the cloud have been concealing an aircraft which was checking out the old abandoned launch site?

I took the picture, thinking it was cool that the cloud looked like a UFO but not actually thinking it really was a UFO.  I was prepared to write a blog article about how these clouds are formed by nature and can be explained and dismissed as a natural phenomenon.  Indeed, there are web pages devoted to these Lenticular Clouds that look like UFO's.

The clouds are formed near mountains by swirling breezes blowing down the mountains.  The wind and temperature conditions have to be just right but it is not that uncommon for these kinds of clouds to form on their own.  Still...

Lenticular Clouds that look like UFO's
Lenticular Cloud that looks like a UFO's

What do you think?  The picture I took, at the top of the page - Cloud or UFO?  Post comments below.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.