Alien Proxy War

Often times when I am thinking about aliens, which is often times, I wonder what new technologies they will share with us first.  Certainly our government would be interested in military technology, things which could give the United States an edge over our adversaries - like we need another one.  Of course, that could start an arms race as each country vies to get the next upgrade before the other guy does.  Eventually we would destroy ourselves and the planet would be rife for takeover by our alien arms dealers.

There is precedent for this on our own planet.  The US and Russia have each backed opposing sides in other people's wars for decades.  We each sell arms to smaller countries either as part of a proxy war, to show our rival that we can coach our team to a better record than theirs, or simply for profit without any care as to who wins.  Certainly, there must be some alien civilizations out there who would do the same with us here on Earth.

Alien Military Technology

What would be the first alien military technology we would want aliens to show us?  Would we be more concerned with getting the edge offensively or with being better able to defend the lives of our troops and our private citizens?  In War, preservation of life is most important to the extent we are able to achieve that objective, after which it is most important to launch a counter-attack as quickly as possible (Clausewitz, 1976).  This is evident by the fact that the US remains virtually undefended, relying on two oceans to either side of us and peaceful neighbors to the north and south, to secure our borders.  Instead of amassing troops along our borders the US has traditionally deployed troops around the world, ready to pounce on any would-be enemies.

Alien Proxy War
Alien Proxy War
This leads me to conclude that we would ask our new alien friends for offensive weapons, so we could better destroy our adversaries.  Perhaps we would not immediately launch an offensive.  After all, we are the good guys, right?  But certainly, having the next generation of game-changing weapons would put us in a strong negotiating position, much as having the nuclear option did for us in the 1940's and 50's.  Once Russia, China, and several others created their own nukes we lost that position and so began the arms race of the Cold War.

The next Cold War may begin by having more advanced drone technology.  I have no direct knowledge of this.  But it stands to reason that drones have been playing a much greater role in our military offenses as we have adapted to the guerrilla tactics of small but well organized terrorist groups and we would want to do more of this in the future.  We can not fight terrorists on a battle field unless they amass an army.  We can fight them from the air as we identify targets in their secret hiding places.

The alien technology I have been exposed to in-person enables an aircraft, seemingly of any size, to hover and move slowly without any visible or audible means of propulsion.  Imagine the advantage this would give a military, to be able to sneak up on an enemy leader, perhaps even slowly creeping into his house, down the hall, into his bedroom, and then launching a bomb or even releasing a lethal gas to kill him in his sleep and then silently leaving the way it came in.

Alien Military Technology

Aliens who can get from there to here would indeed have incredible technology which we cannot even imagine.  They would be foolish to share all of their capabilities due to the possibility that it might be used against them.  Even telling us they have the ability to do something, without telling us how to do it, might be enough to get our scientists and engineers working on projects they never would have thought of embarking upon.  We already know about hovering.  I am not the only person on Earth to have seen this.  So the cat is out of the bag on this one.  We know about it.  Now we want to know how to do it.

Since there are also many commercial applications for this technology I am thinking Industry would push for this.  Aliens may be willing to share this one with us.  I am leaning against the possibility that aliens will teach us how to make a Death Ray, though.  That is, unless they have a Counter-Death Ray.

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