Bright Lights in the Morning Sky

This morning I woke up early, as I usually do, and was lying in bed thinking about my day ahead.  I thought about what I would write about today.  I have a long list of topics.  Some current favorites are Relativity, The Marceau Paradox, and the ghost in my house (spoiler alert, I do not believe in ghosts).  All that was tabled when I opened my eyes and saw an extremely bright light in the sky.

Is that a Spaceship?

Whenever I see something which could possibly be a UFO, my mind immediately goes to how I can rule out the possibility of it being an alien spaceship.  I do not do this with other people's stories; I trust that everyone who has a sighting story has already gone through this process themselves and they are certain that what they saw had no explanation other than that it was something from another planet.  Why else would someone take the risk of telling this fantastic story if someone could pick it apart and then ridicule them for being a fool.  I have been through that, myself.  I am not going to do it to others.

Bright Lights in the Morning Sky
Bright lights in the morning sky
This was not one light, it was multiple lights.  Strange.  That made it hard for me to start from an objective place but I tried to remain logical.  I was completely calm - that was a clue in itself.  When I saw the spaceship I saw I knew before I even saw it that I was in danger.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck.  I felt static in the air.  It felt like someone was hiding out, watching me.  I felt none of this, this morning.

But still, it was unusual.  I watched the lights for a couple minutes, to see if they moved.  Most likely, it was a plane.  Sometimes, if a plane is far away it will look like it is not moving but if you watch it long enough you will see that it is moving.  It did not move away.  But the lights moved around, a bit.

If it was an alien spaceship I wanted to get some video of it.  So I grabbed my phone off the night stand and turned on the camera.  The screen was so bright, in the dark room, that I was concerned it was lighting up the room too much.  I do not know what kind of technology aliens have but if they can get from there to here maybe they can tell when someone turns on a digital camera and is about to record them.  Who knows?  But nothing happened when I turned on the camera.  I was able to record at least ten separate videos without any issue.

I wanted to believe the lights were the moon.  Normally, the moon is not as bright as these lights were but sometimes you have a big Harvest Moon and it lights up the world like it was daytime.  It was like that when I had my sighting.  But this was not a big moon.  If anything it was a tiny sliver of a crescent.  I wondered where the moon was supposed to be, this morning.  I looked around but did not see the moon.

Slowly, the lights moved and changed size and shape.  Weird.  If it was the moon, how could it have multiple lights, each changing size, shape, and position.  Same, with a planet.  There could have been trees in front of the moon but I had never seen them cause the effect which I saw at this moment.  Back to airplanes.  Nope, it has not moved.  Helicopter?  I do have a neighbor, somewhere nearby, who has a helicopter or who sometimes gets picked up in one.  I do not know which house it is but from time to time one will land nearby.  It shakes the whole house when it flies over.  These lights just were not right for a plane or a helicopter.  They did not blink and they were not the right colors.  The lights were all an amber-whitish color.

Not an Alien Spaceship
Not an alien spaceship
At times, the lights seemed to form a horizontal line.  Other times, vertical.  Other times, they formed a square or circle.  They separated and reformed.  To the naked eye it was all one light but on camera you could see the separation.  When I would stop the camera and the lens would blur you could see the outline of what looked like an aircraft, of some type.

I decided to wake up my wife to see what she thought.  She immediately said it was a planet.  But planets do not have multiple lights which changes size, shape, and position, I told her.  Now, it was a challenge.  I was wrong and she was going to prove it.  She picked up her phone and did a search.  Venus and Jupiter are bright and close together, in the pre-dawn sky right now, she said.  Must be Venus and Jupiter.  I have seen Venus with the naked eye but never Jupiter.  Either way, they could not be as large and bright as these lights were.

My wife continued reading about the planets and how the moon would be near them.  It would be a crescent moon.  Must be that.  I could see what I thought was a planet, somewhat near these lights.  But the lights were different.

It was just the Moon

Finally, about forty-five minutes after I first saw the lights, they had risen over the treeline enough to no longer be blocked by the trees.  It turns out, after all that, it was just the moon.

I think a lot of sightings are something like what I saw this morning.  Someone sees some bright lights in the sky and ca not figure out what they are.  They are not close enough to make out an aircraft of some type but the witness goes through a series of logical possibilities, like I just did.  At some point the lights are no longer in sight.  Usually, there is a reasonable explanation.  Sometimes, there is an unreasonable explanation, like a "weather balloon."  Once in a while, it is a real-life alien spaceship.

If you saw something, even if you think it might be like my experience this morning, I want to hear from you.  Talk to me about it.  I will not judge you.  Maybe it was a spaceship.  You know what you saw.

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If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page.  You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.