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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Deep Space Signal

There are a couple great news stories to write about today.  The Jose Conseco story sounds a lot more fun than the Deep Space Radio Signal one but I should give the Conseco story time to stew, time to develop a bit before reporting on it.  Jose needs time to back up his claims with some sources.  Far be it from me to say someone who believes they saw an alien spaceship is out of his mind.  But this is really extraordinary.  Stay tuned...

Deep Space Signal

I like the Deep Space story because it fits into my why-are-they-hiding narrative.  Aliens are out there.  We know that.  But they have yet to make a formal introduction.  We are calling out to them but no one answers.  And then we get a repeating signal from space which may be calling out to us.  Boo yah!

HD164595 Radio Signal

Scientists in Russia have picked up a strong signal from another star system.  The star is called "HD164595."  You remember, good ole HD164595.  You all know him as "Joe the Policeman" from the "What's goin' down" episode of "That's My Mama."  (That one never gets old for me.)

HD164595 Radio Signal
HD164595 Radio Signal

HD164595 is out there in the Hercules constellation.  My college astronomy class was so long ago I forgot where that is.  I know Orion!  I know the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper too.  That is about it.  So I looked it up.  That is him on the right.  See?  He is waving at us.  Oh, and there is his wife Megara, the daughter of Kreo, King of Thebes.  But enough esoteric Greek Mythology jokes.

Below is a better image of the Hercules constellation.  He is upside down, for some reason.  Maybe he is tying his Bootes.  Ba-dum-bum.  Tip your waitress.  So out there in deep space, there is a radio signal calling out to the cosmos.  We do not know what it is saying.

Greek Mythology Jokes
Greek Mythology Jokes

For all we know it could be something like, "Eat at Joe's."  Or it could be something you would see scrawled on a highway overpass like, "Brad luvs Stacey 1984."  Stacey probably dumped Brad's sorry butt decades ago.  But more likely, if it is indeed a signal from another civilization it is a call of, "Hello!  Is anybody out there?  We're here!  Come and find us!  We have beer.  And chicken."  I mean, is that not what we would do?

In fact, we are doing just that and have been for some time.  Beginning over 100 years ago with the advent of radio we Earthlings have been broadcasting radio signals in all directions, out into space.  This increased further when TV was invented a few decades later.  Then in 1974 the Arecibo Observatory sent the equivalent of a digital cave painting to all who would be receptive.  Clearly, this image was intended to convey to aliens that we are simple people with zero artistic talent.  You should come here and dominate us with your superior culture.

Arecibo Message
Arecibo Message
Wait, what?
Since 1974 there have been other attempts to reach out to our galactic neighbors down the street and introduce ourselves with a homemade digital apple pie but they do not seem interested in getting to know us.  It seems rather uncivilized of them.  But they must  have their reasons.  Maybe we need to fix up our planet a little before they will want to associate with us.

This is why it is so remarkable that now we may have picked up a signal from elsewhere.  Is there someone else out there who is (foolishly) calling out to all people of the galaxy, good or bad, begging for attention?  There are some doubts as to the validity of the claim.  The doubts begin with many scientists arrogantly denying the existence of aliens.  This strange belief system becomes the basis for all other scientific inquiry into the subject of intelligent alien life.  It leads to immediately dismissing the thousands of UFO sightings reported per year, every year, year after year.

That notwithstanding, there are some legitimate scientific reasons to doubt this signal is of alien origin.  The first is that there was a lot of lag between the initial observation and its subsequent reporting.  This does not follow the pattern of all scientists everywhere.  When you observe something cool in science you are supposed to let everyone know about it so others can see if they can replicate (or refute) your findings.  This did not immediately happen.  Why?

Another reason to possibly doubt this claim is because it has happened in the past that signals from Earth have been misidentified as signals from space.  So the jury is out.  But if this proves to be real, if it is indeed a signal from outer space, this could be a game changer.  There will always be skeptics, people who could be introduced to an alien, shake his hand, and still deny their existence.  But the more evidence that Science uncovers, proving the existence of other intelligent life, the fewer skeptics there will be.  Maybe that is what aliens are waiting for, before making a formal introduction.

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