I didn't see it, but it's real

In the face of overwhelming evidence, deny deny deny.  It is what cheaters do when they are caught.  It is what Global Warming Deniers do when presented with scientific data.  And it is what UFO deniers do when presented with mountains of eye-witness accounts.

LiveScience Bad Science

You know I've had my share.  For example, in my research for yesterday's post I Saw a UFO. Now What? I came across an article titled UFO Sightings & News on the website LiveScience.com  Overall the website seems to be of a scientific nature.  But it maintains a "Bad Science" column which is, well, bad science.

The article lists a myriad of UFO reports and inexplicably states that they are all false, without providing any evidence as to why.  Apparently, the mantra of Live Science is, "I didn't see it, it doesn't exist."  Yet, Science is rife with claims of "I didn't see it, but it does indeed exist," and mankind is expected to go along with it.  And we do.  Dark Matter, Higgs Boson, um... Gravity...  Ya, if I did not see it, it does not exist.

There is an ongoing game of "I know you are but what am I" in UFOlogy.  On the one side you have thousands upon thousands of eye-witness reports of unidentified flying objects, spanning decades.  On the other side, you have a bunch of guys wearing lab coats, trying to sell books shouting, "Fake news!"  In a court of law, an eye witness account can condemn a  human being to death.  But when it comes to alien visitors, tens of thousands of eye witness accounts are meaningless.

Real science takes a different tack on this.  While most scientists are scared to risk their reputations, reporting about "little green men" the scientific approach is more to accept the hypothesis and try to prove it rather than taking the religious-based point of view that humans are alone in the Universe and anyone who says otherwise is a heretic.
Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer
Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer's Work
This is why I have great admiration for Avi Loeb the Harvard Astronomer who reported last year that the Oumuamua "asteroid" may in fact be an alien probe.  Loeb is not just a scientist and not just a professor at Harvard (as if that were not enough) he is also the Astronomy Department Chair.  Apparently, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world thinks this guy is worth listening to and is someone who should lead others in the quest for answers.  I am listening.

In a recent update to the Oumuamua story, Loeb doubles down on his suggestion that perhaps we have been visited (ya think?).  In an article in Haaretz, Loeb says, “I don’t care what people say.”  He has taken a stand and risked his reputation on it.  Finally, a scientist with some guts.  Yet, the ne'er-do-wells will criticize and ridicule.  They will attempt to tear this man down.  They will hide behind pseudo science and make unrealistic comparisons.

I say, "Bring it."  I've got your back, Dr. Loeb, and so do millions of others.

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