I don't believe in ghosts, but...

Don't you love when people start a sentence with, "I don't" and end it with, "but..."  Like, you know if someone says, "I'm not racist... but..." you are about to hear the most racist thing you have ever heard.  So a couple days ago I mentioned there is a ghost in my house.  I also said that I do not believe in ghosts.  Neither do I believe in Heaven or Hell.  I think we are here on Earth for a limited time and when we are done we are done.  But...

The purpose of this blog is to focus on UFO's, aliens, and space.  I want to do it in the most scientific way possible.  If it can not be proven with science then it is just speculation.  There is nothing wrong with speculation, it just has to be presented as such and should be kept separate from real science which should be backed up with some kind if evidence or precedent.  But...

So there is this ghost in my house?

I like to sometimes talk like a Millennial and raise the tone of my voice at the end of sentences so they sound like questions.  So there is this ghost in my house?  And...

When Mrs. M. and I were house hunting in 2007 one of the things I liked to do was check out the basement of every house.  I wanted to know where the mechanicals were, like the furnace, hot water heater, circuit panels, etc. and what condition they were in.  I wanted to know if the space was big enough for me to work in if I had to repair any of those things.  And I wanted to see how spooky it was.  I am not afraid of anything, but... Basements are spooky.  They just are.  If it was scary to go down there with the real estate agent, why would I want to live in a house where I would have to go down there for the rest of my life?

I do not believe in ghosts but
I don't believe in ghost... but...
This one house we toured must have been Charles Manson's summer cottage.  The moment my wife, the realtor, and I walked in the place we all got spooked.  None of us said anything until we were all safely out of the house but then we all immediately agreed there had been a mass murder there, or something.  I told Mrs. M. I could not stay in the basement for more than five seconds.  She said forget about the basement, she would not be able to sleep there overnight if I ever went away on business.

When I first walked into the house we have now lived in for the past decade there was a good warm feeling.  When we were In Contract I would come over here by myself to check the place out.  There was no power so there were no lights and no heat.  It was November so it was cold in the place.  No one had lived in the house for three years so it was empty and devoid of any signs of life.  And yet, I would come over here and walk around in the basement by myself, without even a flash light, and I felt totally fine.  In fact, I felt like someone was watching over me, keeping me safe.

Again, I do not believe in ghosts, spirits, or anything supernatural.  But...

So there is this ghost in my house
The line of sight from the bathroom to the kitchen

After a year of construction we finally moved into the house.  None of the rooms had doors yet but it was just me, Mrs. M., and our first baby so we did not mind.  With no doors, I could see from the bathroom, through the living room, through the butler's pantry, and into the kitchen.  It is quite a distance.  I would look at the wall in the bathroom and in my periphery I would see a man walking through the kitchen.  Even though this happened several times I chalked it up to my imagination.  After all, it was in my periphery.  There was nothing and no one there when I would look directly across the house.  No problem.

I took the kids with me to visit my uncle a couple years later.  Mrs. M. stayed home to get some work done.  She called me in a panic because she heard footsteps going up and down the stairs.  She may have had too much coffee.  It is a big house.  Sometimes it settles or a critter finds its way into the walls from outside, somehow.  Sometimes there is a loud bang and we walk around to see what it was and nothing has fallen.  You know, things happen.  Big house.  No biggie.

Then one day, I am sitting at the kitchen table feeding one of the babies and Mrs. M. is walking towards the sink, with raw chicken on her hands.  As she stretches her hands out over the sink I see the water come on by itself.  She starts washing her hands, as if nothing had happened.  I asked her if the water had just come on by itself.  She said it had and she did not want to say anything because she could not believe it.  She was too stunned to say anything.  But she said yes, the water did indeed come on by itself.

That faucet had two knobs that turned.  We paid a lot of money for it and it turned out to be a piece of crap.  I had to replace it after only a few years.  I decided to buy a much cheaper faucet because if we were going to have to replace them every few years, why spend the money?  I put in a type that has one valve which you flick on and off, to the left and right.  Not long afterwards, I washed my hands and flicked off the water.  It immediately came back on.  I was alone in the house.  I thought, maybe someone is trying to tell me something.  So I washed my hands again.

We have a drawer in the kitchen which used to open by itself sometimes.  I thought, new-ish construction, it must have settled, and now the kitchen is a little off kilter.  But it will happen frequently for a few weeks and then stop for years and then start again and then stop.  We blame it on the guy in the kitchen.  It gets funnier every time.

A few months ago, one of my kids was playing the Xbox before dinner.  I told him to turn it off and come to dinner.  I knew he had probably left something on, wasting electricity, I am a dad, so I went to the family room to check up on how he did.  The Xbox was off but the TV was still on.  I let out a deep, exasperated sigh, and looked around the room for the clicker, to turn it off.  The TV then turned off by itself.  I was the only one in the room.  I then spotted the clicker on the end table.

The Marceau Ship

I am known amongst close friends for being fearless.  But you could say I was unnerved about the next two incidents.  The first one, I was home by myself, working, last winter.  I got a chill so I went to stand by the fireplace for a minute.  The fire was blazing but I was still cold.  It was like a window was open and frigid winter air was blowing on me from outside.  I got the feeling something was about to happen,  you know, like that feeling you get just before an alien spaceship comes over the treeline when you are alone, deep in the woods, on an Army base in Canada?  You know that feeling?  In the dining room we have an antique baby grand piano.  It played one note, briefly sustained for a few seconds, and then ended.

After every hair on my body laid back down I reminded myself that I am a logical person and there is no way that a piano can just play itself.  I walked over to the piano to see what had fallen on the keyboard.  There was nothing on the keyboard, nothing on the bench, and nothing on the floor.  I peeked inside the piano because the lid was up and there was nothing on the strings - not that that would have mattered since the only way to sustain a note is to release the damper by pressing and holding a key.  Still, I felt like if there was something in the house (which I do not believe in, but...) it must be good because I did not feel scared, I felt comfortable.  I went back to my desk and continued working.

Little Black Monster

The one incident which left me feeling like someone just walked on my grave happened several years earlier when my youngest son was less than two years old.  His room is on a different floor from the rest of the family - who knew we would have so many kids?  My middle son had begun sleeping with his sister every night, leaving his bed vacant.  So my youngest decided (at less than two years old) that he was going to start sleeping there in his brother's room, every night.  When I realized, after a few weeks, that this was not temporary I asked him why he had decided to move upstairs.  He told me it was because he did not like sleeping in his room.  I asked why.  He said it was because of the little black man in his room.
Little black monster
Little Black Monster
We are a mixed-race family so I knew he did not mean he was afraid of an African American man.  He meant a black-colored monster.  He then described it in vivid detail.  It was about two feet tall, jet black, with pointy ears (I am picturing ears like a Batman mask), and bright yellow eyes.  The little man appeared several times.  It would not try to hurt him or even do anything else.  It just stared at him.  I still get a chill thinking about it as I write this.

My kids are brilliant.  They are all great story writers at school.  But I just could not see how or why a toddler, who only recently had started speaking in complete sentences, would make up something like that.  The only TV he had seen, up to that point, was Disney Jr. and Nick Jr.  Even if such a thing existed on Earth, which it can not because it would have been discovered and documented long ago, there is no way it could have gotten in and out of our house undetected.  We have an alarm.

Are Ghosts Aliens?

So, I do not believe in ghosts, but... I do believe in aliens.  After all, I have seen an alien spaceship, up close.  They are real and there is no disputing that.  So what if the little black man was actually an alien visitor?  That is certainly possible.  It is weird to think it was in my house, staring at my baby boy, but OK.  What if people who have the technology to get from there to here also have the technology to get in and out of a house with an armed security system?  That, I can believe.

Let us take this a step further:  Invisibility.  What if people who have the technology to get from there to here also have the technology to cloak themselves so that they can walk through my kitchen and be seen with my peripheral vision but not when I look directly at them?  What if my wife and I can feel them in the house because they are standing RIGHT NEXT TO US, we just can not see them?  What if they grow to like us and, from time to time, do nice things for us like turn on the water when we need to wash deadly germs off our hands or turn off the TV when we are exhausted and could use some relief from adulting?  What if they want us to know they are here, so they play one note on the piano?  Or maybe they have seen that piano thing sitting there for years and always wanted to try it out.

Is there a ghost, I mean an alien, in your house?  Leave a comment here or on Facebook.

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