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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Take Me to Your Leader

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day in the United States.  The day commemorates the life of Civil Rights leader Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.  Over the course of King's crusade for equal rights between Blacks and Whites, he traveled over six million miles and spoke 2500 times.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

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Dr. King's most notable accomplishment was not, however, his Nobel Prize, nor any of the thousands of smaller wins in furtherance of his cause.  Even the Civil Rights legislation he advocated for is less remembered than the symbol of who Dr. King was.  His image is iconic.  The face of Martin Luther King immediately provides inspiration to all who look upon it.  For most people, this inspiration takes on a positive form.  For others, it inspires the opposite.  Whichever it is, all Americans recognize who Dr. King was, what he stood for, and what his legacy endows for the future.

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Those in the UFO Community, which at this point I can count myself as a member, seem to be looking for their own Dr. King.  We seek a leader who will usher in government Disclosure, who will be a symbol for the cause they believe in.  We are being visited by civilizations far more advanced than we are.  Once we have established official Contact and a line of communication, life as we know it will be forever changed.  Who will be the messianic icon of this movement?  Who is the next Martin Luther King Jr?

Some names immediately come to mind.  Steve Greer, Lue Elizondo and his boss Tom DeLonge, Bob Lazar, even Harry Reid.  Worldwide there are thousands of people writing blogs about UFOs, and producing UFO Podcasts and YouTube videos.  Scientists are studying the physics behind UFOs and space travel, politicians are creating initiatives, military personnel are witnessing sightings.  People are working towards informing the world about this issue.  But to what end?

Soon, one person will step forward to emerge as a leader.  This person will unite the individuals scattered around the world to create a team of writers, scientists, politicians, and others.  He or she will define a goal, perhaps Disclosure or maybe communication.  They will be admired by most, reviled by others.

Who will this person be?  I would like to hear your suggestions.  Respond in the Comments below or on the Facebook page.

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