Thank You Harry Reid

For the second time this week, one of my readers sent me a link to an article they thought I would be interested in.  And I was.  First it was the story about the FRBs, which I wrote about yesterday.  This morning it was the story which made headlines all over the place, about former Senator Harry Reid.

Reid has been retired for two years but he is still politically active.  Lately, his main mission seems to be to advocate for a reporting system whereby military personnel can report sightings of UFOs without fear of reprisal.  This news strikes a chord with me because of my own sighting.

Gagetown UFO Sighting

Back in the summer of 1992, while doing joint forces exercises with the Canadian military on a Canadian Army base, I saw a spaceship like the one in the illustration to the right.  It is now known as The Marceau Ship from the Gagetown UFO Sighting of 1992.  I was 100-150 yards from it.  It was huge.  It was unmistakably something not of this Earth.  It was witnesses by another soldier, I was on duty with, Mike (who prefers that I not use his last name in print).  I never reported it.

The Marceau Ship

You may ask yourself, if something like this really happened, why would you not be screaming about it, from the rooftops to anyone who will listen?  With this blog, that is basically what I am doing now.  But 26 years ago I was more guarded about it.  I did not want people to think I was crazy.

When the sighting occurred, I spoke about it with Mike on our field phones.  Because of where we were posted we each saw something slightly different, though I did not realize that until I met up with him last fall for the first time since the sighting.  I saw what is illustrated above.  Mike was behind the ship so he saw only a small piece of one of the lights hovering in the air for nearly half an hour before shooting off into space in a streak of light.  But regardless, we both know what we saw.

On our way back to camp, the other guards in our transport truck immediately began heckling us.  Mike tried reporting the incident but was shot down by the on-duty Sargent.  The next day, the news was all over our camp.  A lot of people made fun of us.  Mike began denying the story.  I followed suit because I did not want to be the only one insisting it was true when someone else who was there was now denying it.  And this is why these things are not reported.

UFO Reporting System

It takes courage for a highly-regarded person to stake their reputation on UFOs.  Senator Reid does not know my story.  But he does know of countless similar stories told by Air Force pilots who were either shamed or even commanded into silence.  He says that he himself does not believe in "little green men" but that there are so many stories out there, that we should take the issue more seriously.  I agree.

Take, for instance, the pilots in the now infamous video, above, of F/A-18s following a UFO.  When they returned to their base the pilots were greeted by TVs playing Men in Black and The X-Files.  That was just the tip of the iceberg of what they would later experience.  This story has been repeated again and again by military personnel who have seen UFOs.

Reid was the driving force behind the program created at the Pentagon to explore these stories.  That program was run by Lue Elizondo who later left this job because the issue was not getting enough attention or funding.  He is now with To The Stars Academy.  The New York Times reported this, a little over a year ago and my wife sent me the article last spring.  I then reached out to Elizondo.  He got back to me over the summer to talk about a documentary he was involved with.  That is what initially spurred me to start writing this blog.  I have never met Harry Reid but you can thank him for what you are reading today.

So now Reid is back at it, trying to create some mechanism, a UFO Reporting System for people like me and the pilots in the video above, to report their sightings without fear of ridicule or retribution.

Harry, it's about time.

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