A Better Solution

In my last article I presented a bleak picture of some possible consequences of contact with aliens.  They could benevolently bestow upon us the gift of longevity.  This would then overpopulate the planet which could put humans in the currently unthinkable position of surrendering masses of people to the aliens for use as slave labor, food, or whatever they wanted.  But it does not have to be that way.

Yesterday I read an article on EarthFiles.com about former Vermont Assistant Attorney General, Terry Lovelace, who says he has been in contact with aliens.  They told him they will soon be transporting people to Mars to form a new colony because our planet cannot support eight billion people.  I will not attempt to either confirm nor deny Lovelace's story.  Who am I, as someone who legit saw an alien spaceship, to debunk his story about Contact.  What I do have an issue with, though, is the premise that the only way to survive over population is to move away and abandon the planet.  Why is Mars a better place than Earth?  If we could create the ability to sustain life on a barren planet, could we not do it here on such a hospitable planet?

Better than Fertilizer

It is estimated that one out of every two people alive today is here as a result of the use of fertilizer.  This, along with mechanization, irrigation, and improvements in seed production, has allowed our population to grow far beyond our planet's capacity as projected a century ago.  We think we are so smart.  And with good reason. So far we humans have beat the odds and invented the ability to feed billions of additional people.

Terry Lovelace

If our planet's population were to quadruple within a couple decades, we would again be pushed to the limits of our ability to feed all these people.  Perhaps Science would find a way.  There would be great financial incentives to do so, although the greatest scientific discoveries tend happen in academic or non-profit settings.  Still, we may be pushed to the limits of human ingenuity.  Could aliens help?

You betcha!  Any civilization that can get from there to here would certainly have technology far beyond our current understanding.  Perhaps there are certain things we have that aliens do not.  I am confident that only Earthlings possess the Snuggie.  I am also guessing that no other civilization in the Universe ever bothered wasting time with fidget spinners.  Beyond that, alien civilizations would no doubt have many inventions and scientific advancements that we on Earth can not even imagine.  A society of people which evolved into intelligent, advanced lifeforms millions of years before we did would have figured out long ago how to feed their people.

Better than Fertilizer
Better than Fertilizer
On a planet the size of Earth you have only a few options for food growth.  You can do it right in the ground, as we have done for thousands of years, you can do it in a greenhouse, or you can do it in a warehouse, using artificial light, like many pot farmers are doing now in states where it has been legalized.

If we went the way of the pot farmer, the day may come when all food is grown indoors, in high-rise farm buildings.  Food would no longer need to be trucked in to cities.  It could be grown right next door to the supermarket.  This could also eliminate the need for pesticides.  Farming rooms would be clean rooms, free of all contaminants.  If a crop were to develop an infestation or some type of blight,  you could contain it and save the rest of your crops.

A Better Solution
A Better Solution
Fertilizer and grow lamps are just examples.  I am thinking aliens would have methods of food production we have never even thought of which would be even better than fertilizer.  They could be millions of years ahead of us.  If one were to go back in time, even a few hundred years, and propose growing crops indoors with artificial light and magic powder he or she would probably be tried for witchcraft and burned at the stake.  It would be difficult for most people to even imagine.  Likewise, aliens must have ways of feeding themselves which would be difficult for us to even conceive, let alone develop.  But I am sure they can do it.  And sorry, Mr. Lovelace, but if they can do it on Mars, they can do it here.

Similarly, advanced civilizations with the interstellar travel abilities would likely have ways of creating more oxygen, purifying water, or even creating water from its elements, and generally making things work.  They may also have mastered the game of population control, which brings us back to my last article.

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