We have a solution. You're not going to like it.

Why are they hiding from us?  Over the past few months I have written dozens of articles asking this question.  I have attempted to answer it each time, with a different possibility.  Yesterday I set up the premise that upon Contact, aliens may come bearing the gift of long life.  This would then cause a population explosion which would tax our resources and our ability to care for all these people on what is a fairly small planet.

How to Deal with Over-Population

Aliens would, no doubt, have a solution for this.  If they had the technology to get from there to here then their civilization would have to be many thousands of years older than ours - perhaps millions of years older than ours.  If they could each live for thousands of years and have been doing so for longer than humans have existed, they would have, at some point, figured out how to deal with over-population.  They could therefore share their solutions with us.

Why are they hiding from us?
Why are they hiding from us?
Is this why aliens have not yet made contact?  Are we not yet at the point where they could provide us with a solution which would save our planet?  Are we not yet at the point where they could profit from us being in a desperate situation?

Right now we have more than enough arable land to feed our entire population (not that we do).  We still have a few decades worth of oil and plenty of other fossil fuels to power the industrial machine.  There are enough trees and plants to produce fresh air.  There is enough potable water.  We can sustain all the people on our planet, with ease - for now.

How to deal with over-population

If our population were to slowly grow to 30 billion over the course of hundreds of years we would learn to cope.  We would develop more renewable resources.  We would build up instead of out.  We would cordon off and preserve farm land and forests.

But if an extreme population boom happened within a couple decades it would be overwhelming.  Unconstrained urban sprawl would deplete the trees and take up the space required for farming.  Wildlife would have nowhere to live and would die out.  The oceans will be emptied of fish.  Roads will be clogged with slow moving vehicles.  The social order may begin to break down.

The Final Solution

In come our alien friends with a solution.  But there is a cost.  What is that cost?  It's hard to say but the mind can go to some dark places.

Extreme Population Boom

Generally, humans value human life above all else.  It is unconscionable to consider the prospect of permitting people to be handed over to a hostile species which may then enslave them or even eat them.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  We are not now desperate so why even allow your thoughts to go to that place?  But if we were that desperate, if the available resources and the ingenuity of Man were not enough to sustain all the lives on the planet, our leaders may consider the unthinkable.  We may begin loading people into cattle cars.  We may allow our "alien friends" to take them to a "better place."

Throughout human history we have engaged in genocide.  Most of us consider ourselves too civilized, too cultured, too high-minded, to ever engage in such things.  But when we are not a part of the affected group, we will stand by and allow Hitler to cart off the Jews, Pol Pot to wipe out the Intelligentsia, Karadžić to butcher the Croats.  This is not ancient history.  These incidents and many more happened within the past hundred years.  There is film and video to prove it.  And it may be happening at this moment in Myanmar.

The Final Solution

There is plenty of precedent for people of all races and nationalities to stand by and allow another group of people to be annihilated.  This has happened in times of sustenance.  If our planet was over populated, it would be easy for people to turn a blind eye to the extinction of "those people," whoever that is.

Who would that be?  Most of the precedent for genocide is against certain races or religions.  It is easy to dehumanize people who look different, who speak a strange language, who engage in bizarre religious rituals.  The justification follows a progression which goes something like:
  • They are not like us
  • We do not want them here
  • They need to go away
  • I do not care where they go, as long as it is away
  • Someone should round them all up and cart them off
  • I do not care what happens to them as long I do not have to deal with them
  • They could be dead, for all I care
  • Someone should just "take care of them"
  • I am glad they are gone
Who that race or religion is depends on who is in power and what can be gained from scapegoating any particular minority population.

How to deal with over-population

It may not start off with that, though.  It could start with prisoners, scheduled for execution.  Then it could be expanded to those serving a life sentence.  Then other prisoners.  With millions of people already serving time, our leaders may begin to advocate that it would be nice to not have to feed and house them all.

Tell me again about your proposal, Mr. Alien?

In tomorrow's post, there is a better way.

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