What is Beauty to Aliens?

I am getting up later in the morning.  The sun is coming up earlier.  The house is still dark but I did not need to turn on a light in my office this morning.  I look out the big picture window in front of my desk and see the thin layer of snow covering everything in the twilight.  Rocks protrude, creating definition.  A stone wall runs along the road.  Trees huddle close for warmth.

There is beauty in this moment.  I gaze across my wooded vista and take it in.  It provides me great comfort, solace.  My mind goes blank as I live in the moment.  And then I think, I wonder if aliens can appreciate beauty.

I myself have never seen an alien.  I have seen an alien spaceship up close but could not tell if anyone was piloting it.  But there have been many people who say they have encountered aliens, either here on Earth or up in a spaceship, somewhere.  These aliens are rarely described as beautiful.  That could be just because they look different from humans so it is hard to recognize their beauty.  I suppose over time if we were exposed to thousands of alien faces on a regular basis we would start to see how one might be more beautiful than another.  This happened amongst ourselves as different races began to live together and eventually intermarry.

Alien Adornment

Beyond looks, I have noticed the witnesses to alien encounters have not detailed how aliens may adorn themselves.  The most common human adornment is clothing.  Some people, men and women, go to great lengths and expense to keep in style.  Even putting on jeans and a t-shirt could be a fashion statement.  Most alien encounters that I have heard of include no description of clothing of any type.

Alien Adornment
Little Miss Big Sexy Hair

Humans take great pride in their hair.  Women spend countless hours on hair treatments, coloring, styling.  Men take pride in growing a good beard and they could spend a fortune trying to turn the tide on a receding hairline.  Aliens?  No hair whatsoever.

All humans will wear some type of jewelry at some point in their lives.  At a minimum, men wear a wedding band.  Some of us have some piercings.  Many wear a watch.  Women take it a step further with all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, brooches, hair thingies.  Pretty much anywhere a woman can place something shiny or sparkly on her body, she will.  Some men do too.  Aliens?  I can not think of a single case where someone has described an alien who sparkled.

That is about the extent of it for men but women will further adorn themselves with makeup, nail polish, waxings of various unwanted hairs, skin treatments, etc.  Aliens wear no makeup.  Do they?  Maybe when they are on official business they leave that stuff at home but on Friday nights they get all dolled up.  It is possible.

Are Aliens Beautiful?

Maybe aliens, the typical Grey, have evolved to a point where they consider themselves the most beautiful creatures in the Universe.  This could cause them to take a philosophical stand against adorning themselves with anything which may detract from their natural beauty.  Or maybe they have evolved to a point where, no matter how someone looks on the outside they only care about who that person is on the inside.  But then that is our ideal.  It would be arrogant to think that every species would strive for that.

What is Beauty to Aliens?
What is Beauty to Aliens?
When you think about the shape of the typical Grey the immediate reaction is they are kind of funny looking.  They tend to have extremely skinny arms, enormous eyes, and gigantic heads.  But what do we find attractive in humans?  We spend a lot of time and money trying to stay fit.  Everyone wants to be skinny.  Maybe, over the course of millions of years, aliens have taken this to an extreme and bio-engineered themselves to be permanently skinny - extremely skinny.  Why do women wear eyeliner?  It is to make their eyes look bigger.  Humans are attracted to large eyes.  That is why babies are so cute.  Perhaps, over the course of millions of years, aliens have bio-engineered themselves to have perversely large eyes.  In order to fit those enormous eyes onto their heads, they have engineered larger skulls.  This would also help them fit computer interfaces into their heads.

It is possible that aliens are attracted to the same qualities that humans are attracted to.  They have taken these traits to extremes because they have had the time to do so.  Perhaps in a million years we will look like them too.

But do they appreciate natural beauty?  We may never know until we have had the opportunity to visit one of their planets, see what it looks like, and experience their culture.

It is light now.  My vista lacks the romantic lighting it had an hour ago.  But it is still beautiful.

This will be my last post for the week.  I have a couple ski days ahead of me before my surgery next week.  I will try to get in one last blog post on Tuesday of next week.

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