What is Pine Bush?

This may surprise many of my readers but I am new to the UFO Culture.  The subject of UFOs has interested me ever since my sighting but I never thought to join any movements or follow anyone who researched the subject.  It was only after speaking with Lue Elizondo and a documentary maker, last summer, that I thought I should start blogging about my experience and my thoughts on the subject.  This then led me to exploring this whole world UFO aficionados and paranomalists.

I mention all this as a prelude to today's post about Pine Bush.  Until last week the only thing I knew about Pine Bush was that it is a town in southern Putnam County, NY.  I remember the name coming up at the "UFO Conference" I went to in Danbury last October.  I wrote it down but never pursued it.  Last week I posted a link on Facebook to the McMenamins UFOfest in Oregon and a friend replied that I should check out the Pine Bush Festival.  And I did.

What is Pine Bush?
Downtown Pine Bush
Pine Bush is actually in Orange County, just over the Hudson River, an hour and fifteen minutes from me.  On the surface, it is a cute small town which appears similar to any other small town in the lower part of New York State.  The streets are clean and the homes well-maintained.  Its schools play a large role in people's lives.  Stats on the population show it is a homogeneous white community but looking at the school's website there would appear to be a fair amount of diversity (the schools take in several surrounding towns) and concerted efforts by the school administration to ensure everyone is accepted and respected.

UFO Culture

Beneath the surface, Pine Bush is the site of a spree of UFO sightings in the mid-1980's which earned it the self-proclaimed title of "The UFO Capital of the World."  I'm sure Roswell, McMenamins, and other towns would say, "Them's fighting words," but I will leave the valuation to the people of each of those towns.  Because of this designation, the town of Pine Bush has held a UFO Festival for the past eight years.  This is great, I thought.  Since reading about the McMenamins festival I have aspired to go deeper down the rabbit hole and attend one of these events.  It happens that the two festivals are on the same day.  Which to choose?  Not a hard choice.  One is in Oregon, the other is a fun motorcycle ride away.  Pine Bush wins.

UFO Culture

I reached out to the organizers of the event to find out more about it and see if this might be a good place for me to get my story out to the public.  Since the event is only two months away, the speakers list is already full.  But they are going to put me on a list of speakers for the town's museum and may call me in sometime over the summer.  A speaking engagement!  Awesome!  OK, nothing is booked yet but still, it is exciting.

In the meantime, I am going to check out the festival.  I started with the PineBushUFO website.  It is geared towards the stereotypical "UFO Geek" with an X Files type of feel, complete with a hokey Flash animation and mysterious sound effects.  It would have been a cool site in the late 90's - ish.  Suppressing my gag reflex, I marched past the "Under Construction" warning and ventured into the website.  I found the site to be disorganized and cluttered.  It will take me a while to digest all the info and pull out something usable for this blog.  But that I will.

Next week I will publish more details about the upcoming festival and why it occurs there.  Have a great weekend!

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