Pine Bush UFO Fair Video

I took a little time off from blogging this week to work on the David Marceau YouTube Channel.  That was a lot more work than I had anticipated.  It took three days to produce ten minutes of video.  Part of that was because I had to teach myself how to use the editing software, in the process.  But once you get started on something like that you have to see it through.  I had a goal of completing the Pine Bush UFO Fair Video by Wednesday and indeed, I got it posted on YouTube just before midnight Wednesday.  Then I slept in until 6:00am yesterday, rather than getting up and writing like usual.

Pine Bush UFO Fair Video
Making the Pine Bush UFO Fair Video
I think it turned out well for a first real attempt at video production.  I am certain that a professional video producer will watch it and chuckle, "What is this dreck!"  I will not win any awards for cinematography.  But I am pretty happy with the results.  As time goes on it will get better.

I learned a lot, on the project - the hard way.  The sound quality was terrible.  That was an opportunity to learn how to create subtitles.  I then invested in some better microphones.  They should arrive today.  The tripod worked well, though.  This obviated the need for me to bring along a camera operator, a.k.a. one of my kids.

Alien Abductees???
Alien Abductees???
Towards the end of the project I started to get more comfortable with the narration - maybe too comfortable.  As I edited the clips I began to worry I was sounding too much like Keith Morrison, in the last couple minutes of the video.  But when I played back the whole thing I thought I sounded more like Warren Miller.  Whichever it is, I seemed to have found my voice.  The ending of the video should be a good indication of how future videos will turn out.

Here it is, the Pine Bush UFO Fair Video.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it:

The next video is scheduled to be the remainder of my interview with Kathleen Marden, niece of abductees Betty and Barney Hill.  She has a new book coming out and some speaking engagements coming up.  That video will not have the production quality of this last one because the frame rate on the video was too slow to use in the better editing tool.  Live and learn.

After that, future shows will include:
  • UFO sighting witnesses 
  • Alien abductees
  • The interesting people who make up the UFO Community
  • Current events in UFOs
  • A little bit of science
  • And why does Bigfoot keep popping up?

I mean, really, what is the deal with Bigfoot?  I have a stated goal to not give anyone a hard time when it comes to telling an eye-witness story.  I had a close encounter with a UFO!  I know how whacked out that sounds, how unbelievable it is to the non-believers.  So far be it from me to question the validity of someone else's crazy story.  In most cases it is the story that is crazy, not the person.  But I am having some trouble with the whole Bigfoot connection - just being honest.  We will see what that is all about.

I am also open to other people's ideas.  What am I missing here?  Contact me (info below) and let me know.  There are so many interesting people in the UFO Community.  I want to meet as many as I can and hear their stories.

Now that the YouTube Channel is taking off, I will likely take down the Libsyn podcast site at  I had thought that I could just take the audio from the YouTube videos and make podcasts out of them but have now realized it will not translate well from one medium to the other.  There will be more value to the videos and I do not think anyone wants to listen to me pontificate on aliens for a half hour every week.  Better for me to show people what is out there than to tell it.  I will redirect to something else.

Final update is, I was pretty psyched when the blog reached 4000 page views about a month, or so, ago.  It is now over 10,000.  About 400 people are reading this blog every day.  That is incredible!  Thank you for joining this growing community of people who enjoy alien philosophy and UFO Culture.  If you have not done so already, please subscribe to this blog at and the YouTube Channel by going to and clicking the big red Subscribe button.

That is it for this week.  I will get back into more writing next week, now that I am over the biggest hump with the video production.  In the meantime, it is Memorial Day Weekend, here in America.  I have a jam-packed weekend.  A friend is taking me sailing later today and then I will be watching my kids play sports all weekend and march in the parade Monday.  I will have a few buddies over, one evening, for drinks out by the fireplace.  I might even squeeze in an interview with one of the UFO Sighting witnesses.

We should all also take some time to think about the men and women who have lost their lives, serving their country, this weekend.  Happy Memorial Day to the folks here in America and thank you to everyone around the world for reading.  Stay tuned and keep your eye on the sky!

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