Real Alien Spaceship Sightings

Something interesting happened to me last week.  I woke up Monday and checked the stats on my blog post from the previous Friday.  It was the article about the new upcoming documentary series on History, Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation.  It would be a gross exaggeration to say the story went viral, in the context of everything else on the Internet.  But for me, compared to all previous blog posts, it did.  To date, the story has has had over 800 hits.  Prior to that, most stories would average closer to 50 hits.

Real Alien Spaceship Sightings

It was nice to see one of my blog posts take off because the public needs to hear about real alien spaceship sightings.  I believe I am a credible witness.  I have heard people use the terms "sober" and "educated" as qualifiers for what is a credible witness.  I have an MBA and I am typically found sober - more often than not.  I believe that qualifies me.

I also do not believe in Bigfoots, demons, or any of the other Paranormal subjects which often get lumped in with UFO sightings.  Nothing against the people who do see those things.  I have met a few of them and they are lovely people.  There is a good mix of people whom you would never suspect are into the Paranormal.  Then there are others whom you would be like, "Of course she is into El Chupacabra," for example.  But most "sober and educated" people would agree that believing in all-things-Paranormal detracts from legit UFO sightings.

Aliens are real.  I have seen one of their spaceships, up close.  The world needs to know.

After the Unidentified article took off something strange happened.  I started to get contacted by people.  Awesome!  I include the same text about how to contact me, at the bottom of every blog post.  I want people to reach out to tell me their stories.  Two people did.  I know, whoopty doo!  Two people.  That is sarcasm, for those who cannot hear the tone of my voice, in the written word.  I will take it.  Out of 800 hits, two contacts is significant and it is double the number of all contacts I have had since starting the blog eight months ago.

The first contact was an email from a guy who had a few close encounters when he was a kid.  We traded a several messages, trying to figure out a time for the two of us to chat on the phone.  I will not mention the guy's name or details of his sightings yet because I have not asked his permission to do so, yet.  Hopefully the two of us will connect this week.

The second contact was from a guy (or rather a bloke?) in London, Jason Goldthorpe, who works on a blog similar to mine although much more professional looking.  The site has a couple interviews they did with Nick Pope and George Knapp.  I had not read much about either guy before but was familiar with the names.  I realized I have a lot in common with George Knapp, from a philosophical perspective.  But aside from that the guys who run the blog also do a podcast.  Jason reached out to see if I would like to be on the show.

the unidentified podcast

Wow!  Someone wants to interview me.  Let me check these guys out.  How many podcasts have they done?  Um... one.  They did one podcast.  Tap the brakes.  Requires more research.

I read a bunch of the blog posts on the site.  The first thing I noticed was they use a few of the same photos I use.  Are these guys copying me?  Probably not.  The pics I choose tend to come up as highly-ranked results to common search terms.  It is likely that the pics come up in a lot of searches.  Plus, while one of these photos was posted after one of my articles which used the same pic, another one of theirs was posted first.  The articles are also on somewhat different subjects.  So if we are not copying each other we must have some things in common.  Maybe these guys are all right.

I followed Jason on Twitter.  What a surprise it was to then see my name on a graphic promoting their next Podcast!  Seems the guys jumped the gun, a bit, and promoted an interview with me which had not yet taken place.  Some miscommunication, internally.  After I retweeted the graphic, with the comment, "Ain't that some [sh!zzle]" the tweet was deleted and the guys apologized.  I really was not bent out of shape about it at all, just surprised.  We continued trading messages.  They wanted to get me on the second show but we could not work out the logistics.  We booked a date to do an interview this week.

I listened to the second Unidentified podcast, yesterday.  There was a brief mention of me at around the 19:12 mark.  They talk about how I was in the Reserves and have a blog centered around my sighting.  Pretty cool to hear my name and details mentioned, even if the podcast only gets a few hundred hits.  Maybe this will lead to other things.  Listen to it soon because it looks like they replace each week's podcast with the next week's.

I have noticed a handful of new Twitter followers and a lot of new blog hits.  Nice!  I also spoke with Jason, to do a test run of the video conference, and he mentioned a TV station in California was asking about me.  I did not expect that.  I wonder why they did not just contact me directly.  I am pretty easy to find on the web.  Here is a site where I am prominently featured.

While all this was transpiring, I received a message from the TV Producer I had interacted with last summer, when I was being considered for the Unidentified documentary.  She asked that I not talk about the show until it airs.  I replied, letting her know that I had already posted the article.  I then asked her for her thoughts on the story and if she was cool with me discussing the show on Jason's podcast.  She wrote back to let me know she had checked with the Executive Producers and they gave both the blog article and the podcast the thumbs-up.  But she did ask that I remove her name from the story.  Roger Wilco.

Besides all that, if you are a regular reader and you missed seeing my usual (somewhat) daily update yesterday and today, I have been diligently working on improving the blog.  New Look, Same Great Taste, plus a lot of behind the scenes optimizations so the site is more searchable and will download faster.  I noticed the majority of my readers are now from outside the United States so I went back through all 100+ posts and removed as many contractions and abbreviations as I could, so the stories would be more easily understood by those who speak English as a second language.  YW ;)

Also, I started turning the soil, so to speak, on my YouTube Channel.  The recent spike in blog views and the interest from a podcast and a TV station have been an indication that perhaps it is finally time to begin doing a podcast of my own.  Yes, I know I have teased about this for some time.  This time, for real.  Details to follow...

So that is the update, for today.  Stories I am working on this week include:

  • History of Foo Fighters, the spaceships, not the band
  • Pontification on whether or not aliens get married
  • Do aliens go to concerts?
  • Perhaps an update on how this podcast interview goes and the story of the guy who emailed me last week

Interested in something else?  Comment and let me know.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.