Why Now Aliens?

It is Friday and that means it is time for The Light Side, my light-hearted philosophical look at why aliens do the things they do.  Seems like there have been an awful lot of UFO sightings, recently.  What is that all about?  Are we just becoming more observant?  In other words, were they always there and we just did not notice them?  Or is there a new wave of visitations and if so, what might cause this?  Why now aliens?

I believe it is us.  We have caused this.  Humans or Earthans are causing aliens to visit in greater and greater numbers.  We are not doing anything wrong - probably not.  We are just being ourselves.  That must be fascinating to aliens.

Walk down the imagination corridor with me.  Suppose we humans were the most intelligent and technologically advanced creatures in the Universe.  We are not, but suppose we were.  Our civilization, in this imaginary scenario, is something like it is today except we have developed the ability to travel faster than the speed of light.  All you physicists bounded by Relativity will have to bear with me on this one.  We are using our imaginations.  That imagination is fueled by the fact that there are thousands of documented sightings of ships of all different shapes and sizes.  They must be coming from different planets all over the place.  And the one I saw was reported to have zipped off in a streak of light, by the other guy who saw it.

Why are so many UFOs Visiting?

Back to our story, we have this "Tachyon Rocket" for lack of a better term (like alien spaceship, for example).  It was built in a joint venture between SpaceX and Tesla.  The Tachyon can travel at, let us say 100 times the speed of light - because if you are going to break a barrier like light speed, why stop at twice the speed.  We are going all the way to 100.  "Ludicrous speed," as it were.  So we get in our rocket, you and me bub, and we turn on Waze.  We use Waze in the Tachyon to get around traffic, not to find out where the cops are hiding.  I mean really, who would do that?  You say, "Hey Google, take me to Zeta Reticuli with Waze."  And your phone says, "Going to Beta Fraternity to be hazed."  And then you pick up your phone and type it in manually with your thumbs, "Z-E-T-A Space R-E-T-I-C-I-L Backspace Backspace U-L-I Enter."  Waze thinks about it for what seems to be an eternity and we say, "Forget this," and put the Tachyon in Drive.

why are so many UFOs visiting
Our "Tachyon Rocket"
So now we are flying away from home.  I remark, "I can see my house."  Waze kicks in with the directions.  We cannot tell if it wants us to go left or right, from my house, which is weird because Waze directed us to my house from your house.  It should be able to tell me which way to turn out of my driveway.  But we kind of know where we are going so we think we turned the right way.  If not, the directions will recalculate and redirect us.

Now we turn on the Tach-drive and in a streak of light we are gone, man.  Ludicrous speed.  We take a selfie together, of us breaking the light barrier, and post it on Spacebook.  It is OK to do this while driving because it is a Tesla.  The thing practically drives itself.  We see a lot of cool stuff but we are traveling so fast it is hard to recognize most of it.

We had planned on driving straight through but about three quarters of the way there, you need to stop.  I take a deep breath and exhale.  I told you to go before we left but you were like, "I don't have to go," and I was like, "But you might have to later so go now," yadda yadda yadda.  We pull over on some no-name planet to take a leak and lo and behold, there are people on it.  They look funny, with giant heads and skinny little bodies, but still, they are humanoid. 

I say to you, "Yo, are those people?" 
And you go, "Dude, just find me a spot to go.  I got to go.  Like, right now."

After doing what we need to do, we take a walk around.  We find that the people on this planet, which I will call Planet Marceau (because that is how I roll, yo) are kind of similar to us, though far more primitive.  They live in houses but they have no running water or electricity.  They seem to be a few hundred years behind us.  Still, they seem intelligent.  Maybe we could become "trading partners."  That is the term we Earthans use to mean that maybe we can come in and buy up all the land, cheap, and build a bunch of McDonald's and Hilton Hotels and then exploit the natives for their labor.

We take a few more selfies of us with the natives.  Well, actually, the pictures are of us in front of the natives, pointing at them, while they look on at us with contempt.  We post the pictures on Spacebook and get back into our rocket ship and zip off in a streak of light.  One native, Gronk, says to the other, Sperndia, "Did that really just happen?"  And Sperndia says, "No one will believe us.  Let's just never speak of this again."

We continue on our way to Zeta Reticuli.  Little do we know that back home on Earth, those pictures of Gronk and Sperndia are going viral.  It took a couple weeks for your messages to get posted because despite our ability to physically travel faster than the speed of light, your phone company has throttled your Internet speed because you exceeded their ridiculous bandwidth limits.  Those crooks!

People are posting responses like, "OMG they are so cute," and "WTF, dude, you're like jeering at them."  Everyone is a critic.  We do not check the Spacebook while we are driving, though, because we are too busy playing with the controls for the ship.  This touchscreen can do everything.  It is amazing!   That Elon Musk...

People back home get in their Tachyons and set Waze for Planet Marceau.  They can do this because, like a fool, you had your location turned on and Spacebook automatically checked you in when you posted those pictures. 

It is not a lot of people that go, maybe only about a dozen.  Most people have real jobs or school and cannot just take off for a couple weeks like you and I can.  But a few folks are able to head out to Planet Marceau and check it out.  They also post some pics but at this point it is old news and not many people take notice.  So one guy, this artist dude, makes a design in a big open field.  He posts a picture of it on Spacebook.  It goes viral.  Some people are like, "Cool design, brah!"  Others are more like, "Dude, is that some farmer's field?  Did you even get permission?  What's wrong with you?"

are we causing aliens to visit
Gronk and Sperndia
Meanwhile, Gronk is like, "Hey Sperny, what's up with yon wheat field?"
And Sperndia goes, "Huh!  Must be some kids playing a joke.  Darned kids!"
"I think it was aliens, Spern."
"What is it with you and aliens?  You got to stop talking about that.  People are going to think you are crazy."

Soon, just making simple crop circles is not enough to get Likes on Spacebook.  Newer visitors make ever more complex designs.  When that is not enough to garner the adoration of random strangers on the Internet, people start posting video of areal acrobatics in their Tachyons. 

And then there is Kyle.  Kyle is that guy with the receding hairline who has a pony tail.  He wears a faded Rush World Tour baseball-type jersey every day.  He always seems to be jamming out to music, even when none is playing.  Kyle takes a long weekend and heads out to Planet Marceau.  The pictures he posts are very disturbing.  He posts selfies in front of dead cattle.  Some of the animals appear to have been dissected.  The Internet reacts with responses like, "Gross!" and, "Dude, did you go up there and mutilate some cattle?"  Kyle's response is, "No, they were like that."  But no one is certain.  After all, this is Kyle we are talking about.

Are we causing aliens to visit?

Time goes on.  Years pass and people seem to forget about Planet Marceau until one day when you and I are out on a joy ride, flying around in the Marceau neighborhood, and we pick up a strange signal in the Tachyon.  This is years later, so we are driving a Tachyon IV which I have to say, as good as the original was, the Model IV is Tesla's best yet.  We dial in on the signal and realize it is music.  It is terrible music but nonetheless music.  We realize it is coming from Planet Marceau.  We decide to zip over there and take a closer look.

What the... we see lights all over the planet.  They have discovered electricity!  Not only that, but when we slowly drop down closer we can see that the Marceans have built great cities and they travel around in horseless carriages.  They have entered the Industrial Age.  But how did this happen?  It has been only twenty Earth years but they have achieved over 100 years of progress.  We shoot some video and post it.  The videos go viral.

Over the course of the next twenty Earth years, more and more rockets from Earth visit Planet Marceau.  By now, Tesla has shared its Tach-drive technology with its rivals and everyone is able to fly around at hyper-light speed, if they can afford it.  First, the scientists roll in to Marceau in their vans and step truck rockets.  Then, some military personnel cruise in, driving military rockets.  All of these people fly slowly and carefully, observing but not interacting, the same way one would observe animals in the safari or enemies from a spy satellite.  All sorts of other people head up there, driving a variety of vehicles.  Some of these vehicles have a specific purpose, others are family rockets, others are sports rockets.

Why are so many UFOs visiting?  The Marceans are fascinating creatures.  They have strange customs and yet they are so like us.  In some ways it is like traveling back in time and watching people the way we were, years earlier.  It is also beautiful to gawk at.  When we first visited Planet Marceau there was not much to look at.  But now there are cities with skyscrapers all lit up at night.  Cars crisscross in every direction with white lights in the front and red lights in the back.  It is something to behold.  Everyone wants to get a look at the Marceans.

People down on the surface of Marceau start to take notice of all these alien spaceships, er I mean UFOs which are probably now alien, they just cannot be identified.  By now, Gronk's story has become an urban legend, though Sperndia denies it ever happened - she could not take the ridicule.  She says she does not believe in Earthans.  But Gronk has always insisted he knows what he saw.  Other Marceans have seen things too, though there is no consistency in the stories.  Some people who see the science vehicles report aircraft which look and move different from the military aircraft which look and move different from the others.  Many stories are discounted because they are so unique.

Diplomats attempt to make contact with the Marceans but they are greeted by fighter planes which lock their missiles on to the diplomatic rockets.  The diplomats flee.  Adventures hear about this and fly up there in their sports rockets.  They have fun engaging the Marcean military and out-maneuvering them.  It is easy when you are in a Tesla with a Tach-drive.

And now we come to the point in the story where the parallel to our own reality begins to take shape.  Is every word of what I wrote, exactly what happened here?  We will not know until we are able to communicate with our visitors and get their side of the story.  But I feel strongly that this is what has happened.  It is a culmination of many theories I have written about which attempt to answer the question I posed last fall, "Why are they hiding from us?"  If aliens exist, and I know for certain they do because I have seen an extra-terrestrial spaceship, up close, then why do they not just make contact with us?

Part of the reason is likely because we appear hostile; our fighter jets lock on to them.  Part of it is because we have not believed they were out there so we have ignored what are probably some obvious attempts at communication.  Part of it is because we were not ready for contact; we were not advanced enough.  And a big part of it is because aliens did not know there was anything worthwhile here - many people on other planets knew Earth was here but there was nothing going on for billions of years.  Only within about the past 150 years have we demonstrated a grasp of science and technology deeming us worthy of note.  We now have pretty lights to look at, amongst other things.  If our planet was overrun with primitive people, carrying spears, or even worse, dinosaurs, no one would want to come here and risk their lives or waste their time.  But we have come of age.  Why now aliens?  We are ready and now everyone out there knows it.

Most likely, the majority of our visitors are not 100-200 years ahead of us.  They are many thousands, if not millions, of years ahead of us.  They probably come from dozens or even hundreds of other planets, not just one.  Are we truly ready to interact with people like this?  Time will tell.  But we do not have much choice in the matter.  They will decide when to make contact.  Maybe now it is time.

Watch out.  Here they come.

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