Are the Metamaterials Real?

A couple months ago I had the good fortune to meet a key member of To The Stars Academy.  As one could imagine, I had many questions.  We stood in an office kitchen, munching on chicken wraps and potato chips briefly, in between meetings.  I eagerly asked him about the origins of the organization and his role in it.  But all he wanted to talk about were metamaterials.

What are Metamaterials?

Metamaterials are artificial materials with properties that do not exist in nature.  For us laymen, these materials can be used to control and mold the flow of electromagnetic waves or possibly any other type of physical waves.  Maybe gravity?  I have a lot of interest in gravity.

What are metamaterials?
The Metamaterials
At the time of my meeting, this well-known and reputed representative of TTSA told me, "Don't mention this on the blog," and then proceeded to detail the composition of the metal and some of its capabilities.  I agreed to not print these details, at the time.  I have not even mentioned the meeting until now.  I am only discussing it publicly at this point because there has been much written recently, confirming the existence of these metamaterials and TTSA's plans for researching and exploiting them.

A major effort is currently underway to discover how the metamaterials were made and what they can do.  Dubbed The Acquisition and Data Analysis of Material Research Project, or ADAM for short, this project is a joint effort by TTSA and the US Army.  Having spent a few years in the Army I have to grin and shake my head at the acronym.  The Army always has to name everything with some type of hokey acronym.  For example the Hummer was not just a brand.  It was a nickname for the Humvee which itself was a colloquial way of saying HMMWV which stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle.  They could not just call it a truck.  SMH, eye-roll emoji.  This, of course, was the upgrade to the Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle, affectionately called the CUT-V, a bastardization of its acronym CUCV.  You may know it better as the Chevy Blazer or its current incarnation, the Tahoe.  The act of having a joint effort with the Army, by the way, is called a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).  There they go again.

CUCV, developed through a CRADA?
The TTSA / Army team plans to analyze the materials for potential benefits to mankind.  Some of these benefits include the ability to levitate objects built from the material.  Huh?  While this may sound like a work of science fiction the fact remains that alien spaceships are able to hover silently without any visible engines, propellers, or wings.  Human technology has not come close to replicating these capabilities.  Maybe it is the metal.  I am still going with my Gravity Attraction Theory but what do I know?  I am not a physicist.

TTSA has been talking about this for a while now.  There is a video on YouTube discussing the material's initial acquisition.

The longtime owner of one of these metamaterials, UFO Researcher Linda Moulton Howe has recently spoken up about their origins and her decision to sell them to TTSA.  A Vice Article published recently reports that Moulton Howe acquired the metamaterials from the late Coast to Coast AM host Art Bell who in turn acquired them from an anonymous Army sergeant.  Supposedly, this sergeant's grandfather, "yanked the metal off a wedge-shaped craft that crashed in 1947 near the White Sands proving grounds in New Mexico."  White Sands is three hours from Roswell, by the way.  That is not close enough for me to link the two but conspiracy theorists may think otherwise.

Moulton Howe has tried for years to make the material float.  But she lacks the ability, the facilities, and the financial resources to perform the necessary experiments.  TTSA is better funded.  The Army has virtually unlimited funds.  Perhaps together they can make it happen.

1.21 Gigawatts
1 Point 21 Jiggawatts!!!
If it is possible, The ADAM Project will need to blast the object with a tremendous amount of energy, like 1.21 "Jiggawatts".  We could just channel a bolt of lightning into it.  The problem is, you never know when or where one is going to strike.  No, wait.  First of all, what the hell is a jiggawatt?

The type of energy we are really talking about is Terahertz Radiation which has nothing to do with electricity.  This is an electromagnetic wave which exists in the invisible electromagnetic spectrum in between microwaves and infrared, affectionately referred to by Terahertz lovers as the Terahertz Gap.  This, by the way, is also the name of the store where scientists buy those snazzy white lab coats they wear - The Terahertz Gap.

Terahertz Gap
The Terahertz Gap
This type of radiation has not been proven to be harmful to humans.  It is non-ionizing, meaning it can do little-to-no damage to living tissue.  Despite its relative safety, the radiation has thus far not been put to widespread use in commercial applications.  It has limitations which prevent it from penetrating metal, water, and even clouds.  But maybe it could be used to levitate a mysterious space metal composite.  Hey, they said The Wright Brothers were crazy and now we fly all over the planet in aeroplanes.  I can roll with this idea until someone proves it wrong.

Another potential application for the metamaterials may include invisibility cloaking.  This is another technology which was formerly relegated to science fiction but which is now known to be within reach.  I will write an article at some point, perhaps with an accompanying video, detailing an eye-witness account from a highly credible source, of a UFO sighting where the witness says she could see through the ship and yet still see it.

Are the Metamaterials Real?

This is a question a lot of people are asking now.  Is this just a publicity stunt by TTSA, an effort to raise funds for a "sham company" started by a rock star?  Some people have doubted TTSA from the get-go.  One would think that given the credentials of some of TTSA's leaders, Chris Mellon, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Lue Elizondo, that they are for real.  The success of History Channel's Unidentified series, hosted by Elizondo, using witnesses and evidence gathered by TTSA should further support the credibility of the organization.

For me, if TTSA puts out a press release about metamaterials on their Facebook page, I believe it.  What other American companies put out false press releases?  If that is not enough, there is the word of one of the metamaterials' former owner Linda Moulton Howe and the photograph (at top of page) she released of the item.  Some people have said the photo represents nothing but industrial slag.  Here is a photo of slag, below.  I do not see a resemblance.

We know what the metamaterials are made of because the composition of the metamaterials was made public in an SEC filing.  They contain:

(i) One 1.75” x 1.25” x 0.25” piece of micron-layered Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc metal; (ii) six pieces of Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc metal; (iii) one piece of Aluminum; and (iv) one round black and silver metal flake (collectively, the “Metal Pieces”)

As an aside, what gives these materials their power is not what they are made of but how they are made.  That is one of the goals of the ADAM project, to find out just how these objects were created.

Back to the point, the most compelling reason to believe, though, is hearing about it directly from someone involved with the project.  I stood there in a crowd of people, none of whom were members of TTSA except the one man I spoke with, looking each other in the eye.  He spoke of the metamaterials not as something he hoped he could get people to believe in - what other people think about it was not even on the radar.  He simply spoke about what it was and what it might be able to do and how important it was to find out more about it.

I have been in Sales for many years.  This was not a "sales pitch" intended to influence someone.  It was just a conversation between two guys standing in a kitchen, throwing down a sandwich and pounding a soda before running off to the next places we each had to be.  It was as matter-of-fact as how anyone might stand with an old friend at a party, with a drink in their hand, and tell a story about something as mundane as their vegetable garden or a home repair project they just completed.  It was real.

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