Brain Parasites

In normal, casual conversation, I do not bring up the subject of UFO's.  At best, people do not know what to contribute to the conversation and it does not go very far - I might as well be trying to discuss the difference in skiing versus snowboarding, with a person who hates the cold.  At worst, the conversation will elicit some strange looks and the provocative question, "You believe in UFO's???"  I hate that question, although it is a clear signal to me that I need to adapt to the audience and change the subject to something more banal, in support of cerebral myopia - like the latest cat memes.

Crazy Cat Lady Parasite
Crazy Cat Lady Parasite, T. gondii
There is a place, however, where serious scientific-type discussions about aliens and UFO's can take place.  I am a member of a group on social media which takes an open-minded view towards this subject.  Its members include people from all walks of life from truck drivers to physicists with PhD's, film makers, bloggers, and other Creatives, those who have experienced close encounters and those who are lucky enough to have avoided this.

Awful Cat Meme
Awful Cat Meme
We do not discuss all types of paranormal activity, though - no ghosts or demons, no Bigfoots or El Chupacabras.  It is science, not witchcraft.  Within those parameters, there is serious discussion on questions like:
  • What are the Tic Tac spaceships?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Why do they not make contact?  
  • Why are the Tic Tac ships here?
These are the very types questions I have been raising and analyzing on this blog for over a year.  So it is fun for me.  I will often respond to a question with a link to a blog article I already wrote because it will explain my thoughts better than I can do in a social media text box, using my thumbs.

The other day, a member of this group brought up a topic I had not yet put much thought into.  It inspired me to write this article.  A member named Ryan posted:

what if what we're dealing with is so intellectually superior that it's deployed psychological measures to ensure we're incapable of responding.
1/3 of the human population is infected with a feline brain parasite. If I wanted to control a large population I might do it like that.
Fascinating.  Let us take a look at that.

Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome

Some people will immediately believe anything which supports an internal narrative.  For instance, there are people who believe there is an alien city on the Moon.  The popular version of this originates from the widely debunked Alien Autopsy Video which I had a lot of fun analyzing.  Even when presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, once someone gets that bug in their brain, it is hard to get it out.  I pointed out to one person online that the producer of that video has repeatedly admitted it was a hoax.  Still, my antagonist simply replied:

Hard to say David, there is so much info either way, I people set to debunk at all costs as well as hoaxers....

I would insert a Picard face-palm image here but I already used a Star Trek image and I am not really a Trekkie - nothing wrong with the show, I just never got into it.  At any rate, people are free to believe what they want, Science neglected.

I am not one of those people.  When I hear something new I immediately want to look it up and see if it is true.  In the Information Age, it seems that so much information is simply made up.  Then it is posted on some blog or slip-shod website and suddenly it is a "source," whether it was initially verified or not.  Me, I go the extra mile.  When I hear that, "1/3 of the human population is infected with a feline brain parasite," I have to check this out.

It sounds ridiculous, right?  But it turns out this is true and the numbers could actually be up to half of the world's population.  Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite which all cats (from Garfield to Simba) can host in their guts after eating a rodent which carries it.  Ya think it is funny to watch little Snookums bat around a mouse and then present it to you as a sacrifice to the Gods?  Think again.  Your kitty could be ingesting a mind-altering parasite which will multiply in the walls of its intestines and then infect your brain.  No, for real!

Then, for the next three weeks, every time your Kitty walks on your dining table or kitchen counters after doing her business, she could be spreading parasites around the places you eat, causing you to ingest the bug.  Even cleaning out the litter box could cause you to come into contact with this parasite.

I like cats but I do not have one.  We had them when I was a kid but they were always outdoor cats - no litter box.  The whole litter box disease thing is one of the many reasons I am a dog person.  Sorry, Cat Ladies (and Gentlemen).

So what!  A parasite may not be that bad, right?  For instance, Giardia can enter the body from drinking out of a stream.  This is why you should always filter your water when hiking.  Giardia can cause chronic diarrhea.  In Western Nations this is not a killer.  You just drink more water and eliminate a little more often and you are good.  And there are medications which can cure you.  No biggie.

Toxoplasma gondii or T. gondii, however, infects the brain.  Right off the bat, I do not like it.  Do I even need to go further? says the parasite could alter and amplify a range of neurological disorders, including epilepsy, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's, oh and also cancer.  Thanks Kitty!

The one effect that really blew my mind, though, is that people infected with T. gondii are more likely to get into traffic accidents.  This is due to decreased reaction times.

Mind Blown
Mind Blown!
Is there a correlation between Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome and being a terrible driver?  Maybe one of the questions on the driver's license exam should be, "How many cats do you own?"  For the record, that is a joke - mostly.

Brain Parasites

If T. gondii a.k.a. the Crazy Cat Lady parasite, can cause people to be more susceptible to certain types of actions, like getting into traffic accidents or committing crimes (see chart below) perhaps there are other parasites which can do this.  Maybe they exist here on Earth.  Or maybe they exist on other planets.  Biology and Medicine have made great strides in the past hundred years.  What will we know in another hundred years?  Or a thousand years.  What if we had a million years to examine all organisms on our planet and a thousand other planets?

T. gondii
T. gondii
Any civilization which has had the time to develop the capabilities to get from there to here would probably have also made great medical and biological discoveries in that time.  Perhaps, before arriving at Earth, they stopped on a planet inhabited by parasites which can infect the brain and cause you to, oh I don't know, pee your pants.  Or walk around flapping your arms like a bird.  Or maybe it can cause people to become more radicalized by their political views and want to fight anyone who disagrees with them.  Hmm...

It may indeed take a million years to discover a parasite like that.  But also, within the time it takes to figure out faster-than-light-speed travel, or Worm Holes, or Punch Tunnels, perhaps genetic engineering would advance to the point where you could build this organism yourself.  It is feasible you could construct a mind-altering parasite which would cause a population to be more susceptible to acting how you wanted them to act.  If you were planning on making contact with a more primitive society you might want to infect them with this parasite ahead of time so they would be more prepared to receive you.

I am not saying this is happening - just that it is possible - on a more advanced planet.  It is not possible for us, here on Earth, but it would be for a society which has figured out how to get from there to here.

So, let us roll with that notion.  If the people on Planet X (wherever that is) were able to create this Superbug, how would they get it into the bloodstream of, say, half the population on Earth?  They would need some sort of delivery mechanism - some way to seed the planet.

I have said it before and will say it again, I am NOT a fan of conspiracy theories.  But there is one which gives me an idea.  Some people think the vapor trails produced by jet engines are actually a spray called ChemTrails, which are some type of government mind-control.  These people are the "tin-foil hat" types which give serious UFOlogists a bad name.  I say this because the concept has no basis in fact.  Science on our planet has yet to devise such technology, but if it were possible, why would it be sprayed randomly on the entire population?  It would infect the people who were trying to infect others.  Oh yeah, and there is the fact that the vapor trails or ConTrails have a scientific explanation.

ConTrails NOT ChemTrails
ConTrails NOT ChemTrails
We cannot do this.  But maybe aliens can.  And since they do not live here, they could infect the planet with a parasite and not have to worry about infecting themselves.  We may also presume that when building this organism they would have built an antidote for it.  But maybe not.

Why are the Tic Tac Ships Here?

Would aliens use commercial jetliners to spray us with this parasite?  I suppose it is possible but I say unlikely.  Air traffic controllers or the Air Force would eventually spot these planes and take action against them.  More likely, they would use some more advanced technology to administer the bug.  It would have to be an aircraft which uses stealth technology to avoid radar detection and is also rather small so it can avoid being seen with the naked eye.  But if it was detected, it would need the ability to out-maneuver Earth's best fighter jets so it would not be shot out of the sky.  And just in case we are able to shoot one down, it should be an unmanned drone so there is no loss of life.

Alien Brain Parasites
A Tic Tac Ship
What I am describing sounds like a reasonable description for the Tic Tac ships from the Nimitz Encounters.  Was that their true purpose?  Who knows!  My best guess is that they were spy drones sent here to do reconnaissance.  But it is certainly possible they could also have been sent to deliver some sort of payload.

Hopefully, someday soon we will find out.

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