Coronavirus is a Template for Disclosure

A couple weeks ago my family began Social Distancing.  We started by avoiding crowds and working from home.  Some events were canceled.  This soon turned into Shelter in Place.  Shelter in Place is not much different from Social Distancing, as we are practicing it.  They both result in staying home.  

It is sort of like the difference between LA hipsters and Brooklyn hipsters.  They both result in mysterious haircuts and ironic hats.  Fortunately, this gives people on both coasts a convenient way to measure the proper distance we should maintain from each other.  When one of them trips and falls from walking while looking at his cell phone, the distance from the heels of his boots to the top of his funny hat is the same distance you should stay away from someone.

Can you kill the Coronavirus with soup?
I'm OK

I still go out when I need to.  I went to the pharmacy Sunday to pick up some poison ivy cream.  We have been doing a lot of yard work since the family is home together.  If I do not keep the kids busy they will play on their computers all day.  I wonder where they get that from...  

Today I will discuss:
  • Why government will not tell us about aliens
  • Would Disclosure create panic?
  • Can you kill Coronavirus with soup?

Can You Kill Coronavirus with Soup?

In Connecticut yard work means getting exposed to poison ivy.  Much of that exposure is due to me pulling the vines out by the root so they will not grow back.  They will grow back but maybe not so much this season.  Whenever I do this, no matter how careful I am, I get some of the poison oils on my skin.  Once, I got it in my eyes - long story.

On the rare occasion I do need to go out beyond the stone walls surrounding my property lately, I wear a mask.  It is similar to a surgical mask but is designed for painters or other tradesmen, to filter out toxic fumes.  I do not know if this is protecting me from the Coronavirus, but it feels like the right thing to do.  These days, with so much conflicting and dangerous information being passed around, sometimes you have to go on feel.

Going on feel can work when you have an education and a reasonable amount of intelligence.  Unfortunately, not everyone making gut decisions fits that description.  I read on Twitter, the other day, that if you drink a lot of water you can push the virus down into your stomach.  Then if you eat a lot of hot soup you can kill coronavirus with soup.  Can you kill Coronavirus with soup?  Is that not what everyone's grandmother has always said?  

In reality, that is not how viruses work.  Chicken soup has been said to help shorten the duration and severity of a cold.  However, just putting a hot liquid in your stomach will not kill anything, other than maybe your social life if the soup is loaded with garlic.  But then, who has a social life, these days?  

These cures being circulated online are just people making things up.  It is like when the ancient Greeks said the sun is carried across the sky in the sun god's chariot.  They did not know anything about science, so they made stuff up.  This same type of thinking is also why we have Flat Earthers and Climate Change Deniers.

Why Government will not tell us about Aliens

Riding this same misinformation train, recently memes have begun circulating on social media referencing the hoarding of supplies like toilet paper.  The memes say something to the effect of this is why government will not tell us about aliens.  In other words, "the government" (whoever that is) knows aliens are here and they are keeping it a secret and the reason is because they do not want to create a panic.

Why Government will not tell us about Aliens
Memes, SMH

There may be some truth to this.  For some people, the value of the stock market is greater than the value for human life.  But I disagree, on the whole.  Would Disclosure create panic?  Perhaps.  But if the panic simply results in people hoarding toilet paper I think we will survive it.  

I should note, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I do not believe there is a massive cover-up by the US government.  I have always wondered why no one in government was interested in hearing UFO stories from servicemen, like mine.  But I have chalked this up to individual people being afraid to stick their necks out and risk ridicule.  That was what happened to me.  This pattern has been repeated in the stories of countless other witnesses, especially those of us who were in uniform at the time.  The reason I am discussing Disclosure, despite my belief that there is not a big cover-up, is because many of my readers do believe there is more than meets the eye.  So, for those who believe and who are looking for answers, these are my thoughts.

Disclosure would not create as big a panic as the Coronavirus has.  The reason is because the simple act of telling the world that we are being visited by aliens does not carry with it an immediate threat.  Coronavirus is an immediate threat.  You go to work or school, one person there has the virus, everyone catches it, grandma brings you some chicken soup, and bam!  You just killed grandma with your cold.  

Now all your cousins are mad at you.  They give you the stink-eye at the funeral.  You never receive an invitation to the next family reunion.  Things get awkward.

Knowledge of aliens will not do that.  Knowing for sure that aliens visit, from time to time, may create some short-term panic buying.  It may create some self-imposed Shelter in Place.  But soon, people will resume their daily lives.  There is no imminent threat from knowledge of aliens, that we know of.  Life would go on.

Would Disclosure Create Panic?

What if there was a threat?  What if the reason for suddenly telling the public about aliens was because aliens were planning to attack us?  This is not a huge stretch of the imagination for a philosopher like me.  A recent UFO poll in The UK found that 50% of adults believe aliens will commit an Independence Day type attack on Earth within the next fifty year.  What?  Fifty years!  I might still be alive then.  I am way low on toilet paper.

If this were true, why is everyone in the UK not panicking?  Why can you still buy toilet paper in England?  

Disclosing an imminent attack by aliens would cause a greater stir than simply letting people know we have been visited.  This announcement would need to be coupled with a plan of action, mobilizing the masses to erect a defense.  For many, this would be too much to handle all at once.  You do not go from believing aliens do not exist to preparing to battle them.  Disclosing information like that should not be handled like the big reveal at the end of a Scooby Doo cartoon.  People would be distraught.  We need to take baby steps.

Would Disclosure Create Panic?
... if not for you meddling kids...

Coronavirus is a Template for Disclosure

It snowed Monday.  My kids thought this was unusual, this late in the year.  We have hardly had any snow all winter so it seems like spring has been here for months.  Last week it was nearly 70 degrees (21c).  This is why my little guy and I have poison ivy.  I was wearing short sleeves.  He was wearing shorts.  We only have it on the skin that was exposed.

Coronavirus is a Template for Disclosure
March 23, 2020

I told the kids it is not unprecedented for snow to fall at the end of March.  A Facebook Memory popped up on my phone over the weekend with pictures from a snowstorm a few years earlier.  Sometimes in late March, a Nor'easter will blow in and we may get three feet of snow.  A few inches is no big deal.  The kids were satisfied with this response.

Coronavirus is a Template for Disclosure
March 21, 2015

Kids move on quickly with simple responses.  Adults, not so much.  If Disclosure occurred it would be easy for me to tell my kids, "Yup, there's aliens now.  Whose day is it to feed the dog?"  And life goes on.  But for many adults, Disclosure would be mind-blowing.  They would not be satisfied with simple responses.  They would want answers.  It would be hard to accept.  

Whether aliens are here for peaceful purposes or not, it is incumbent upon governments of the world to disclose what they know, now.  Perhaps not every bit of knowledge should be released on Day One.  It should unfold the same way news of the COVID-19 pandemic was revealed, little by little.  If there is some bad news, this may be too much for some people to handle.  A trickle of information may be better.  We can take baby steps and build up to the reason this information is being kept from us.  But it needs to begin immediately and should conclude within a year's time.

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