Should We Panic About Aliens?

This week, here in America, things began to take a turn regarding the Coronavirus.  Schools are closing, all over, especially here in the Northeast or New England, as we like to call it.  Where I am, it is also on the fringes of The New York City Metropolitan Area, also known as The Tri-State Area.  It is a no-man's land, of sorts, caught between The Yankees and The Red Sox, The Jets/Giants and The Patriots, The Knicks/Nets and The Celtics - you get the idea.

Coronavirus Panic

The city of New Rochelle, NY has been placed under a loose quarantine - people can come and go but no large gatherings are permitted and residents are encouraged to stay home, though not required.  Churches and synagogues in the Tri-State Area are voluntarily cancelling services.  After-School activities are being suspended.  Overnight sleep-away trips are being postponed.  Parades are canceled.

Coronavirus panic
Coronavirus Panic closes New Rochelle, NY
Some people are asking, "Why all the panic?"  Others are asking, "Why are we not doing more!"  Who is right and who is wrong?  If the precautious actions we are taking turn out to be correct, we may never be able to appreciate their effectiveness because the virus will not take hold.  If they are incorrect then we have a bigger problem.  It may be better to err on the side of caution, bearing in mind this will never abate the venom of the nay-sayers.

In times like this, I think of aliens.  Also, in normal times, I think of aliens.  How does this relate?  What follows is a corollary.

War of the Worlds

In 1897, science-fiction writer H.G. Wells began writing War of the Worlds.  The story is better known for the first airing of War of the Worlds on the radio.  Orson Welles narrated the story on his radio show as a Halloween special.  Many people who tuned in late did not understand that this was a work of fiction.  They thought they were listening to a news broadcast. 

As the story unfolds, a UFO crashes on a farm in New Jersey and Martians emerge from the aircraft.  An actor playing a news reporter describes the aliens zapping people with a ray gun and is then himself zapped.  Further "news flashes" describe the military confronting the aliens, only to be repelled by this superior force.

Common folklore says that what followed was pandemonium on "biblical proportions," people jumping from buildings, cars crashing in ditches, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

Historians have discredited this depiction of panic, saying the panic was small and isolated.  The situation had been exacerbated by sensationalistic newspapers whose advertising revenue had been decimated by the rise in radio listening, just as the Internet further damaged newspapers in modern times.  The papers were eager to discredit this newer medium in an attempt to lure back advertisers.

Nonetheless, some people did indeed panic.  This is an example (false, as it were) that today's politicians can point to in an attempt to keep reports of alien visitation under wraps.  We do not want people to panic over reports of "Martians" so we will simply not tell them.  Others say the public needs to know, panic notwithstanding.  Again, who is right and who is wrong?

Should we panic about aliens?

As the world plunges deeper into our current pandemic we have an opportunity to see what happens when people begin to panic.  Store shelves are being cleared of cleaning products and cold remedies.  My wife and I went to BJ's yesterday to pick up bread and milk (not because we are hoarding, just because we were out of them - we also bought bananas).  Every customer other than ourselves was buying multi-packs of Clorox Wipes and mega-packs of toilet paper.

Should we panic about aliens?
Panic at my friend's Walmart
Everywhere we went, people were pushing open doors with their feet.  If someone had to touch a door with their hands, they kindly held it for the person after them who then held it open with their elbow.  People were being cautious everywhere we looked.  But no one seemed panicked.  No one was driving around like a maniac.  No one was screaming hysterically, waiving their arms in the air.  It was a calm day in Danbury.

A calm day in Danbury
A calm day in Danbury
(Not actually Danbury, but feels the same on a Friday afternoon)
This reaction of buying up staples is not much different from what happens in New England when a big snow storm is on the way.  Generally, one to two days before the storm hits, all the supermarket shelves are cleared of milk, bread, and toilet paper.  Why those three items?  I am guessing people like to eat french toast when snow is falling.  I don't know.  The toilet paper must be because most of these people are lactose intolerant?

The point is, there is mild panic but then people get over it and life goes on.  I suspect the same thing will happen with the Coronavirus.  For now, people are stocking up on supplies they think they will need, to get them through the current crisis.  In a few weeks they will realize that milk only keeps for a week or two, and bread, not much longer.  Toilet paper keeps indefinitely but storage space becomes an issue.  Things will soon return to normal.

Disclosure President

With that in mind, what is the harm in announcing other potentially panic-inducing news?  If the president got on the air tonight and announced, "There is intelligent life on other planets (not as intelligent as me...) and some of these people come to Earth and observe us," there would be some panic.  Some people would race to the stores to buy bread, milk, and toilet paper.  Added to this apocalyptic shopping list would be guns, ammunition, generators, and other survival gear.  And then things would return to normal, just like it always does.

Some would say our president lacks the courage to make this announcement because he fears the Stock Market would drop.  Yes, the Market probably would drop.  But if you believe in a "perfect market" this drop would then encourage bargain-hunters to swoop in and again, things would return to normal, just like it always does.

Perhaps our next president will go down in history as the Disclosure President.  I am not endorsing any candidate.  I would recommend that everyone interested in Alien Disclosure keep an eye on this subject.

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