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Friday, September 4, 2020

Punk Rock and UFOs and some other Stuff

Since there has not been a new blog post in a week I thought I would submit a quick update on what is happening.  I am working on an article which requires input from a subject matter expert.  Since we are both busy dads we are having some difficulty coordinating schedules.  We should be able to connect over the weekend so I can get this article published first thing next week.

I am also working on coordinating schedules with a big name in the UFO Community.  The plan is to record an interview that I can use both on this blog and also on YouTube.  I do not want to get ahead of myself and start making too many specific announcements, although, longtime readers of the blog have a good shot at guessing who it might be.

In anticipation of that interview and in line with some other goals I have recorded a "Season 2" introduction video for YouTube.  It is being edited now, which is a tedious process.  I really do not like video editing.  It reminds me of when I was a software engineer.  I would enjoy myself when writing code because I could get immersed in something, engrossed, deep in thought, highly focused.  Maybe I have undiagnosed ADHD.  I do not know.  But there is something satisfying about digging in deep on a video edit.  Still, there are so many things I would rather be doing.

Punk Rock and UFOs

Coming up over the course of the next two weeks I will be featured in three interviews.  I did a write-up for Mike Damante's PunkRockAndUFOs blog.  Later today I will be recording an interview for That UFO Podcast and on Monday I will be recording an interview for  I was reluctant to do any of these at first because I signed an NDA with A&E Networks.  But Ryan from Somewhere In the Skies was able to get it cleared with A&E so I agreed to all three requests.

In case any fans of those sites/podcasts are wondering, these guys had all reached out to me about a month ago and I initially declined.  None of them knew about the other's requests.  I mention this in case any of their followers are concerned that one is copying the other, trying to chase the same guests after seeing or hearing them somewhere else.  All three requests came around the same time.  I decided to do the podcasts in the order the requests came to me.  Damante reached out second but his blog post may come out before either podcast because it is much easier to do a blog than anything which requires audio or video. 

While all this is going on I am in the process of ramping up my business after taking it easy throughout most of the Quarantine.  I took my first ride into New York City since last year, on Tuesday, for a business meeting.  It is amazing how much The City changes when you have not been there for a while.  The skyline is higher than ever!  It touches the clouds in several places now.  Yet, some things never change.  I can still find my way in and out of The City and get to where I am going without a GPS.  You gotta love the brilliance of Manhattan's original city planners.  

This was one of my first times in an office building since we went into Lockdown.  I kept my mask on the whole time but the guys I met with had theirs off.  I was concerned about that.  If everyone is letting their guard down at the same time, we are in for a huge second wave of virus infections.  This coincides with kids going back to school and college.  Some colleges are already returning to distance learning after being opened for a week, or two.

Amidst this, my kids started live stream distance learning this week.  We are keeping them home until we see how things pan out.  It seems like school kids are being used as guinea pigs to test the waters on infection flare-ups.  It is unsettling.  If other parents want to put their kids into these petri dishes I do not judge or begrudge them; it is a personal decision.  We will wait it out, for now.  We have gone six months like this, what is another month, or two?  The kids will catch up with their friends when things get back to normal.  In the meantime, we have been setting up some play dates and they are also wired to their friends through phones and the Internet.   They will be OK.  Someday we will look back and be happy we had this time together.

The real downside of keeping the kids home is I have to check up on them and sometimes put on my tech support hat.  It is a good thing I am a recovering techie.  I do not know how parents without strong tech skills manage this.  They must all have that one guy in the family who can troubleshoot computer issues.  That was me for a long time.  Do not call me!

Seagull at Beach
Everyone told me not to stroll on that beach

Jokes aside, it has been a long week.  This last week before Labor Day is supposed to be lite.  A lot of people take vacation this week.  For me, it was probably the busiest all summer, ergo the lack of a blog post.  The upside of that is I will have some good material to release next week on this blog, the David Marceau YouTube Channel, and on the three media outlets above.  All the while, we managed to get to the beach Monday afternoon.  It was only partly-crowdy so we all enjoyed taking our masks off in public.  It almost feels like walking around naked at this point.

Things will settle down, a bit, next week.  Summer is over.  I am done with the Music League I participated in - it is kind of like Fantasy Football but with music - fun stuff.  The lawn will not need much more care, although it is time to start stacking firewood for the winter and I still have a couple more trees to cut up from the hurricane last month.  They are big suckers.  I had to get my chainsaws sharpened for this.  I finished up most of my summer house maintenance projects - put up some new siding, a safety railing, a bunch of other things; it never ends when you own a house.  But now it is time to get back to some work work - although I will continue to write every morning.

Stay tuned.  Good things are coming.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.

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