Common Ground

It is difficult to focus on "The Phenomenon" today.  This is not a political blog.  I have been quite careful to avoid politics.  I do not want to alienate (so to speak) my readers on the Left or the Right.  I have always been somewhere in the middle, myself, sometimes agreeing with one side, sometimes with the other.

Today is different.  I must say something.  I have to express what I am thinking.  Part of this is for me.  It helps for me to put things in writing in order to sort out and consolidate innumerable fragmented thoughts.  Mostly, though, this is for the community which reads this blog.

Lue Elizondo said it best, "This topic is a-political."  It is.  My followers on Twitter and YouTube are Americans from all different backgrounds as well as citizens of dozens of countries around the world.  If we all sat in the same room and discussed politics it is likely we would have hundreds of different opinions.  None of us would be wrong per se, baseless conspiracy theories notwithstanding.  We would simply have different opinions.

The Phenomenon is Apolitical

One topic we can and should all agree on is that we are being visited by people or entities from outside our planet.  There are thousands of eye-witness UFO accounts and even video footage of the "Tic Tac" encounters, certified by the US military.  This is the common ground of the UFO Community.  Whether you are Conservative or Liberal, American or any other national, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, et cetera, we have all found common ground behind #Disclosure.

Why then can all people not do the same?  We Americans have spent the past few years focusing intently on what we hate about each other.  We have said, "America First," in impudence to our longtime allies and admirers around the world.  We have stoked fears and promoted divisions.  It has been us against them, whoever they are.

In "us against them" who are we and who are they?  It is all of us.  We are them and they are us.  Americans from all backgrounds are Americans.  People of Earth from all countries are Earthans.  We all eat, sleep, breathe, love, work, and play.  We all want our basic needs to be met and we all want the best for our families.  Yet we continue to strive for a world where my way of accomplishing those goals is the best way for everyone.  It is not.

This type of thinking is what divides us.  It is the fuel for war.  It is what attacked the American Capitol on January sixth.  My way is better than your way, they would say.

If the people of the UFO Community can set aside this type of thinking in order to unite behind a common cause, as we have, then surely others can do the same.  All Americans can find common ground with each other.  All people of Earth can do the same.

What that common ground is, is beyond the scope of this article.  That is something each individual needs to identify for him or herself.  Each community, each country needs to seek out what makes us all the same, what can unite us.

Why is this important?  Why can we not just agree to disagree with each other?  You can.  But that should not be the focus of relations with others.  This is an existential threat to America.  Moreover, it is an existential threat to the world.  

The UFO Community recognizes that if official Contact is made with an alien civilization we can no longer hide behind the flags of our nations.  We must unite in the face of a potential threat from a much more highly advanced civilization.  We will need to find some common ground, whether we like it or not, because our survival as a species will depend on it.

We should not wait for this to happen.  It needs to start now.  We Americans need to unite under whatever common ground we can find with each other if we are to survive as a nation.  We Earthans need to do the same with other countries if we are to survive as a species.  This will not happen by chance.  It will not be easy.  It will take courage, hard work, and stamina.  But it is essential.  

This is a call to action.  Go out and find some common ground with the people you dislike.  Do it today.

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Thank you for reading and keep an eye on the sky.


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