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Meanwhile, things are moving along with the podcast and all things associated with it.  I am nearing 800 page views on the blog which is incredible, for being up less than a month.  Thank you for reading and please continue to Tweet and share the link.  I could use some followers too so if you have enjoyed the blog so far please click Follow to be notified of the latest posts before they hit social media.

Sunday there was progress with the David Marceau Facebook Page which I have not had a chance to crow about until now.  Facebook has a thing where they do not let you name a page and give it a readable URL until you have at least 25 Likes.  We exceeded that number some time over the weekend so I gave the page a name.  It is DavidMarceauOfficialPage or  If you have not already done so, please Like it.

Music Licensing

I keep going back and forth with this music licensing guy about the theme song for the podcast.  I thought I was done with him.  If you have ever haggled with a shop keeper in a third world country you will get what I am going through.  You know you never get the real price for something until you start walking out of the store.  Then there is a hand on your shoulder and it is, "For you, my fr-r-riend, special pr-r-rice!"  Now he tells me that the price he quoted me, which came down from $10,000 a year to $3500, is just for the Composition Rights which is the "lyrics and melody."  Then I need to get the Sound Recording Rights which is "a recorded embodiment of the lyrics and melody."


I thought that was what I was getting.  What is next?  Do I need to also pay for the Listening Rights, which is an "audible reception of the product?"  How about the Pleasure Rights or "the right to take pleasure in said audible reception, sucker."

I just want to play 15 seconds of a song by a band most people have never heard of and those who have have forgotten about because they never had a hit and have not released anything in decades because the front man died before they got big.

I hate run-on sentences; sometimes you do what you gotta do.

Eddie Murphy Staring at the Camera

So then after all that he tells me I will have to negotiate with some other guy (who knows who that is and how I get a hold of him) for the Sound Recording rights and that regardless of whatever price that guy holds me to whoever gets the best deal out of me, the other guy gets the same deal.  So if Composition Guy gives me the Composition rights for $3500 but the other random Sound Recording Guy gives me the Sound Recording rights for $5000 then I have to pay both of them $5000 each and now I am back up to $10k.

Composition Guy says, "Once you have an idea of what you’re able and willing to spend, let me know and I’ll see if I can make it work on my end with our client."  What am I, buying a used Chevy?  To hell with that.  I think this guy is scamming me.  If any of my readers have any insight into this music licensing business please email me through the Contact form.

A good friend texted me last night saying he is a loyal reader of the blog and is enjoying it.  Thanks bud.  Shout out to you!  He suggested I put up a simple webpage.  Yeah, I know.  I have and need to link it to something.  I have been waiting to see where I am ultimately going to host the podcast and whether or not they offer a website or I would have to use my own.  I think these are the final pieces I need to put together for the podcast.

On the radio front, I think I am locked in to a station and a time slot.  I will likely be doing Tuesday Evening Drive at 6pm on 1460AM WVOX.  It is a tiny 500 watt station but it reaches most of Westchester, a good deal of northern New York City, and parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island.  That is all I need for now.  I can say, in all honesty, that I am broadcasting to NYC and the surrounding area on the live broadcast.  I like that.

But the real prize for me is not even the initial broadcast it is the studio and the production.  I will have a place to sit down with guests outside of my home where there are real microphones and recording equipment.  We can take callers.  And there is an engineer who will man the board and handle all of the production.  All I have to do is book my guests and sell advertising and then do the broadcast.  At the end, they hand me an mp3 file for me to upload to my podcast site.

Speaking of booking and selling, I reached out to my alma mater, SUNY Plattsburgh, to let the Communications Department Chair know about my radio show.  I wanted to see if they could put a couple interns on the booking and advertising roles.  I may get interns to help out from the college because I thought it would be good experience for someone who is going into radio to say they worked on a show handling bookings or advertising.  Someone should get course credit for that.  But that would not start until January at the earliest.  So, if you are reading this and you are interested in volunteering some time on the show, please email me via the Contact form.

That is it for updates.  I will continue to make every effort to blog each weekday so keep and eye out for new posts every day during the week and do click that Follow link for instant notification.

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