How do you spot an alien? - Part 2

Yesterday my wife watched over my shoulder as I typed.  It always makes me nervous when someone does that.  I feel like they are going to say something about what I have written or what I am about to write.  As I typed on the main screen she read through my notes on the second screen.  I had written:
  • insects
  • people
  • invisible
  • greys
  • tiny
  • guy at meeting
  • not fitting in
  • probably would need to grow up here
  • mate with us

Alien Human Hybrids

My wife, who knows far more about biology than I do, said it would be impossible for aliens to mate with us.  Would it?  She said our DNA would not be compatible.  We are so close to apes and other mammals, in terms of matching DNA, but we are unable to reproduce with those animals, she said.  I countered that any civilization which possessed the technology to get from there to here surely would have the technology to play with DNA the same way that a programmer can play with software code.  She nodded and said, "Don't call me Shirley."

I also mentioned how there are so many stories of alien abductions where women return home pregnant and then later on the baby is taken from them.  Could there be something to that?  I reminded her that our good friend's mom had a story about someone who was a victim of that.  This is a woman who is highly credible.  My wife let it go.

She then mused, why can they not just show themselves already and tell us, "Here's where we're from and here's how everything works and by the way, you guys are %$#@-ing idiots."  I know, right?

Why they do not show themselves already will be the subject of a future blog post.  Meanwhile, there is a distinct possibility that they are already here and they are somehow blending in.  I am not saying it is definitely happening.  I have no proof.  I know for sure we have been visited because I have seen a ship from out of this world, up close, with my own eyes.  But I did not see anyone get out of it.  Right now it is just an idea.  Logically if they can get here and for the most part evade detection then it is possible for them to get out of the ship and explore the surface of the planet while evading detection.

Alien Insects

Ideally, they would want to take on the human form.  I will touch on that a bit tomorrow.  Let us assume for now that shape-shifting or altering DNA would be too difficult or too dangerous because they would not be able to blend in with us.  What other forms might an alien species take, to walk amongst us?  If their natural form was something that could blend in on our planet they would not need to do much.

I have always imagined that whatever insect built these little houses, below, must be some alien species.  There is a little guy down in that hole.

Alien Insects

I had never seen anything like it before or since.

Alien Insects

There were a bunch of them in a pond and each house was constructed in a similar way from similar materials.  You can see one of them crawling out of the house on the left in the next pic.

Alien Insects

What insect builds houses like these, made to look like a larger, scarier insect?

Alien Insects

It is probably not alien insects but rather a species that is native to our planet.  Perhaps I am the first to discover it?  Probably not.  Either way, it instigates thought.  Could an alien species which looks like a bug come here and observe us, perhaps even colonize the planet, simply by blending in with our native insects?

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On another note, given the long overdue demise of Google+ I will no longer be posting updates there, nor will I be posting the link to the page.

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