Meeting with The Other Witness

Last week I posted a story about meeting up with the other witness to the Gagetown UFO sighting.  The meeting did indeed happen last Friday.  Today's post provides some details on that.

For twenty-six years I have held on to a not-so-closely-guarded secret.  I saw an alien spaceship.  I am not publishing many details on that yet because my story may be featured in a documentary a production company is working on in association with Lue Elizondo and To The Stars Academy and I want to see what happens with that and how much they want me to reveal about it.  I have not told many people because, obviously, when you tell most people you have seen a UFO they think you are crazy or mistaken.  Often both.

Until recently I have only spoken about this with close friends.  I may not even have told anyone had it not been for one key detail.  There was another witness.  I have someone to corroborate at least part of my story.  I have mentioned this person in previous blog posts but did not want to say his name because he was even more guarded with this than I was.  He has concerns about being known in his tight-knit community as that UFO Guy.  I share the same concerns, so I get it, but I feel like by now I am at the point of no return and I have to just trudge forward with this thing.  He is starting to get to that point, I think, because last Friday he said, "What do I have to lose" and he gave me permission to mention his first name in my blog.  I offered to use a pseudonym but he said the first name was OK.  It is Mike.

Plattsburgh Starbucks
Plattsburgh Starbucks

Mike and I met up at the Starbucks on Cornelia Street in Plattsburgh.  I recognized him right away even though it has been 26 years and he has changed a lot.  He did not recognize me, even though people tell me all the time that I have not changed much at all since college.  Mike probably did not recognize me because he and I never knew each other well.  We served together in the same Army Reserve unit but did not have much interaction other than on that one fateful evening.

We were both students at Plattsburgh State during overlapping intervals but I do not remember ever seeing him around campus.  He was a couple years ahead of me and in a different major.  I was also really into College Radio and my fraternity so I tended to hang around with a couple insular groups of people who did not associate much with others - not that these groups were exclusive and did not want to include others, we just did not go out of our way to create opportunities for that because we did not have to.  We had the others in our groups to do things with.  Bottom line is, I never saw Mike around campus and since he was in a different platoon in our Reserve Unit and I was out in the Motor Pool in an entirely different building, I rarely saw him at Reserve drills either.

We started off with some small talk like careers, kids, recent to-do's, etc.  Mike told me about a trip he had taken to a junk yard to look for some rims for his car.  I told him about the Staffing Agency in Plattsburgh that I run and how I was planning to attend Homecoming that night.  Mike said he does not do Homecoming.  He has not kept in close touch with many people from school.

UFO Sighting

We then got into a discussion about the site we were at when we witnessed what I now variably refer to as the Gagetown UFO or The Marceau Ship.  I showed him the area where I think it is, on Google Maps, with my phone.  He mentioned (for the second time) that sometimes governments will have Google obfuscate certain sections of maps, for national defense.  They do not put a black bar over things because that would just draw more attention to the sites.  Instead, they Photoshop the images to cover up what is there.  I told Mike that I had studied the maps of the location very carefully and there were a few sections that looked bluer than others, sections of trees that should have been the same shade of green as the sections around them but were instead slightly blue.

Mike was not sure about the location because the site where he would have been did not look the way he remembered it.  He recalled his site looking like the one that I thought was my site.  He also remembered being on the same side of the road as me.  I thought so too.  The site that I think was Mike's extends over both sides of the dirt road we traveled.  It is possible that in 26 years, part of his site got overgrown and then a new section was cleared on the other side of the road.

It is also possible I have the wrong site but for many reasons, discussed in a previous post about the site, I am going with this location.  At the end of the day it does not really matter if we ever pinpoint the exact location.  The spot I found has an ammo pad which looks identical to where I was and would be a good backdrop for filming a narration of events.

Mike reiterated what he saw and I told him more about what I saw.  I had a couple printouts of crude sketches I had done in Microsoft Paint.  He did not see anything like what I had seen because he was behind the ship and at its closest point he would probably have been up to a quarter mile away from it.  All he saw was part of the light that emanated from one of the front quarter panels of the ship, whereas I saw the full body of the ship, about 100-200 yards away.  But because of his vantage point he saw it hovering for about half an hour whereas I only saw it for at most, seven minutes.  After it had glided away from me Mike continued to watch it for several more minutes until suddenly it zipped off into space in a streak of light.

The two of us had talked about all this twice before, over the past two months.  One new development which came out of those first two conversations was what happened to the third guy who was out there that night.  It was not just the two of us.  There was a third possible witness.  Here is where it helps to have another person to talk to about this because you cannot always remember every detail.  

I had always thought there were four of us out there that night and that Mike was at the pad next to mine but he remembers there being three of us and that there was someone between us.  I am OK with deferring to his memory on that because he was walking around and more aware of our surroundings and I had my butt planted on a bench, so that I would not give up my position.

Mike also remembers that Guard 2 was not reachable on the field phone which led him to believe the guy was sleeping.  When we got picked up at the end of our guard shift Mike asked Guard 2 if he saw anything and the guy said he did not.  Guard 2 then immediately began making fun of Mike.  

The two of us now wonder how Guard 2 could NOT have seen anything.  The ship was not by my pad the whole time.  It was only there from about 11:20 to 11:27 pm.  It came from the direction of Pads 1 and 2 and traveled away from them.  If Mike saw the light from the ship for more like a half hour then Guard 2 had to have seen something.

The only way Guard 2 could have not seen anything was if he was asleep, like Mike speculates.  But sleeping on guard duty in the Army is a Cardinal Rule that you never break.  Depending on what happens while asleep, you could be Court Martialed for that.  You just do not do it.

So what happened to Guard 2?

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I will write more of my thoughts on what happened in tomorrow's post.

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