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Monday, November 12, 2018

Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all who served and their families.  I put my flag out yesterday.  When the sun comes up I will put it out again.  That is about the extent of my acknowledgement of most American national holidays - put the flag out, find something for the kids to do, go back to work.  On the winter national holidays, it is usually a good excuse to get out and ski, although everyone and their mother has the same idea so it gets crowdy on the slopes.  I prefer when it is partly crowdy.

I do not talk about my military experience much.  It often comes as a surprise to people when I mention I was in the Army Reserves.  I do not try to diminish the contributions of others, I just think that myself, I did not ever see combat or support a combat mission, so I do not have anything to brag about.  I drank a lot of coffee and tried to stay busy.

David Marceau in Basic Training
Me, graduating Basic Training
From a business perspective, I did good work.  I took on the challenge of turning the parts cage into a parts department.  I stopped all losses due to "attrition" which is a fancy Army word for theft.  I took a complete inventory and figured out what we should be stocking on the shelves so that people could walk in and immediately fix a truck instead of waiting a month or two for a part to be ordered.  I learned the order system and its shortcuts so that we could reduce that order time to days instead of months.  I did good work and that is what I am most proud of.  If that helped out the military in some small way, OK, I contributed.  But it does not define me.

Tangentially, this experience has added to my personal definition by putting me in the position to have witnessed the Gagetown UFO.  In 1992 I realized I did not like crawling under trucks on freezing pavement in January.  I (perhaps unwisely) complained to my motor sergeant.  We went through a few platoon leaders around that time so I can no longer picture who that was or what his name was.

Whoever it was must have been a good guy because instead of telling me to suck it up and do my job he told me I should cross-train into another Military Occupational Specialty or MOS.  That is another fancy Army term, for job.  I did not know you could do that.  At some point that spring I went into the Personnel office and ordered some books to take a correspondence course and at some point prior to our Annual Training (AT) the books came in.

Claude and Cheryl
Dad, fixing Mom's car
I spent the majority of my time at AT studying those books. By that point I was already the de facto Parts Clerk and I had my own office which was a shipping container called a MILVAN.  We were out in the woods, a 30 minute drive on dirt roads, from the entrance to the base and I had an office with a desk and a wheelie chair.  Everyone else worked outside or in a tent and if they had a chair it was a folding metal chair or a make-shift wooden bench, which I call a Contractor's Bench.  It was a pretty cush job, much much better than crawling under trucks - not sure why I chose to be a mechanic in the first place.  It was probably because my dad could pop the hood on a car and go, "Try it now" and the car would start and that always impressed me.

I went to AT a week early with the Advanced Party.  There were probably about a dozen, or so, of us.  We drove the trucks up in a convoy, averaging about 45 miles per hour.  It took two days.  We sheltered overnight at the [NAME PENDING VERIFICATION] and continued on, arriving at our destination late on the second day.  We set up tents to sleep in and a Quonset hut which acted as our motor pool facility.  We got a lay of the land and established communications with the locals and the other units we would be working with for the next three weeks.

We worked our butts off the first few days but at night we were able to kick back for a few hours, drink some beers and play some cards.  After the bulk of the hard work was done we were able to take it easier and there was free time to swim in a large pond (or small lake) nearby and sit around, socializing.  I listened to the radio a lot.  I could only find one English station which played rock music.  It played Tom Cochran's Life is a Highway non-stop.

One day I took a ride on a helicopter.  I actually asked the pilot if it would cost anything.  He laughed and said he had to get his hours in and did not mind taking passengers.  He strapped me into a four-point harness in a side-facing seat.  The door was left open.  If you have ever ridden in a civilian helicopter (which I have not) it cannot possibly compare to the ride we went on.  We did a lot of aggressive climbs and dives.  We banked hard to the left and right so that one moment I was staring straight up at the sky and the next I was facing the ground, hundreds of feet below me, held in place only by the harness and God's grace.

It was during this first week that I met Mike, the guy who plays into my sighting story.  I am withholding Mike's last name, at his request, but he gave me permission to use his first name in this blog.  We went to the same college but did not know each other from school.  We did not have all that much in common and probably would not have hung out with each other if not for the fact that everyone else on the Advanced Party was either much older or not in college.  The college kids tend to stick together in the military partially, I think, because the non-college kids shun them, falsely thinking that the college boys feel superior to them.  It is a projection of inferiority.

Mike and I got to know each other pretty well that first week.  When the rest of the unit arrived we went to work and did not see each other much except at chow.  But by coincidence we were both assigned guard duty at the same time.  It was probably a Tuesday or Wednesday in the second week of August.  I am able to figure this out by getting the deployment dates from my orders and records of the phases of the moon, from the Internet.  It was a full moon that night, or it was nearly full, either a day before or after the full moon.  I never would have noticed what phase of the moon we were in if not for the fact that on that night I saw an enormous alien spaceship which was clearly visible in the bright moon light.

I do not remember interacting with Mike after that night except for the one time when he told me that people were starting to ridicule him for telling them about what he saw and because of that he was going to start denying he saw anything.  It felt like a betrayal and I avoided him after that.  I do not recall seeing him at monthly drills, afterwards, and I never saw him around campus.  Mike completed his contract and got out of the military shortly afterwards and he graduated college and that was the end of the story for over two decades.

Over the years I have tried to reach out to Mike to talk about that fateful  night but was never able to track him down. It did not help that I had his last name wrong for most of that time.  I was essentially chasing a ghost.  I finally figured that out when I happened to go through my records to see if I was considered a "Protected Veteran" from an employment status.  I came across my orders for that summer AT and saw Mike's name.  Armed with this new information I restarted my search for him.  Still, I came up empty.  It is hard to imagine, in 2018, that someone could have no footprint on the Internet but that was the case.  I could not track the guy down.

On the insistence of the producers of the documentary I kicked the search into high gear and was finally able to get a lead.  That lead was confirmed by a source who had access to some records which I will not put in print.  I called and got voicemail.  I called again and someone said they would have him call me but he did not.  I called again and finally got a hold of Mike.

We reunited a month ago and caught up.  Mike's recollection of that night is not as clear as mine.  Either he has aged differently than I have (though my memory is also not what it used to be) or he intentionally blocked it out.  But he was able to bring up key details and I could tell it was all coming back to him as we spoke.  It was a great meeting and I am looking forward to connecting with him again, on a future visit to that area.

Military Silence

Many others in the military have seen things like Mike and I did.  I think most do not want to talk about it for the same reasons Mike and I stopped talking about it.  Basically, people do not believe you and some of the smaller-minded people will make fun of you.  If you value your credibility, you keep your mouth shut.  In the military, it goes even beyond credibility.  You could get written up, fined, demoted.  It is a big deal.  I believe that is one of the reasons why Lue Elizondo left the Pentagon and went to To The Stars Academy, because he was hearing all these stories about people who had seen things and were then encouraged to shut their mouths.

Likewise, it is why I finally decided, after 26 years, to risk my own credibility by going public with my story.  I am halfway through my expected lifespan.  I do not want to be 90 years old and think, "I should have told somebody."  I am putting it out there.  People need to know this.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Why are we being visited now? Part 3

Today's post is the third and final (for now) post on why we are being visited more now than ever.  It seems like there has been a large uptick in sightings lately.  It started in the 1950's but over the past few years the number of sightings seems to have exploded.  Why is this?

Part 1 of this series of posts suggested it could be from all the radio waves we are blasting into space.  Maybe we are inadvertently calling people from other planets.  A friend of mine texted me after I posted that and said the movie Contact was based on a similar idea.

I looked it up and it did not look familiar.  I looked for it on Netflix but did not see it listed.  I still have a Blockbuster Video card.  Now, if only I had a time machine...

Part 2 went into all the nuclear tests which began in the 40's and continued for decades.  Perhaps all these blasts got the attention of passers-by or even of observers elsewhere in the galaxy.

Today the focus is more on current technology, specifically smartphones.  We think of the smartphone as something that has always been a part of our lives, these days.  My three kids cannot imagine a world where this did not exist.  They have always had access to computers and tablets.  The phone on our wall is somewhat mysterious, a relic from "back in the 1900's" which is how they refer to the last century.  Am I that old?

But we forget that it has only been a decade since we began carrying mini computers / movie studios in our pockets.  Prior to that most phones pretty much only made phone calls.  Sure, there were cameras in phones for several years before the iPhone came out but the quality was not very good.  For the most part, if you wanted to take a picture of something, you would use a separate, higher-quality device for that, which was only used for taking pictures, which meant you did not carry it around all the time.  It was a pain to get the pictures off too because you could not just text them or email them to people.

Alien Photos

In 1992 when I saw the Gagetown UFO I saw, I had two cameras.  My favorite was a 35mm SLR Chinon with a 200mm zoom lens.  It took incredible photos.  It also weighed at least five pounds and was far too bulky to carry around.  It would not even come close to fitting in a pocket, not even in the large cargo pockets I had on my Army BDU's the night I saw the spacecraft.  I would have had to wear it around my neck.  People would have wondered why I was taking a camera out into the woods at night while I was on guard duty.  Today you would think nothing of someone taking their smart phone (with built in, high-res camera) with them everywhere but in 1992 you would have drawn a lot of attention and raised many questions by carrying a camera with you on an 11pm guard duty.

Back then I also would often pick up a disposable camera for when I did not want to carry around the big bulky SLR with the zoom lens.  Disposable cameras did not take the best pictures but they were pretty cheap and rugged so they were great for times when you did not want to risk losing or damaging your nicer, better camera.  This would have been a much better option for me to carry into the woods on guard duty because it would have easily fit into my cargo pocket - maybe even into my hand pocket.

But again, people just did not think to carry cameras around with them everywhere they went, in the 90's.  What would I have expected to take a picture of, out there in the dark?  Bigfoot?  I have never believed in such things.  I certainly never imagined I would see a UFO - never even crossed my mind.

Video cameras?  Forget about it.  They were even bigger.

When I think back on it, what if I did have a camera that night?  Certainly, having a picture of a gigantic UFO that was only 100-150 yards from me would have been life-changing for me and perhaps for people around the world.  But I also cringe when I think about what might have happened to me, there and then.  If I had had my 35mm camera, the mechanical auto advance function may have drawn the attention of the ship's occupants and caused them to want to come over to me and destroy the evidence.  The disposable camera would have been even worse because although it was not mechanized, it would have had a flash on it.  The flash would not go off unless you first charged it by pressing and holding a button, but sometimes those buttons would get pressed and the flash would get charged unintentionally.  What if I had tried to take a photo using only the moonlight and the stupid flash went off?  Surely that would have gotten the flight crew's attention.

In the end, as much as it would have been great to have a photo of the spaceship, it is probably best I did not have a camera on me that night or else I might not be here to tell people about it.

But what if I had had my current cell phone with me?  If my sighting had occurred two decades later I would certainly have been carrying a camera in my pocket.  I do not know if there is a cell phone signal as far out into the woods as I was that night but maybe just out of habit, I would have had my phone on me.  Maybe I would have wanted to play a game on it, to pass the time.

Even  though, at the time, I was paralyzed with fright and did not want to even turn my head too quickly, I am thinking that if I had a camera on me I probably would have wanted to capture some video of this thing.  Barely a day goes by that I do not snap a picture or a video of something.  How could I have watched an enormous spaceship from another planet gently glide by me for 5-7 minutes and NOT have pulled out  my phone?  I am pretty sure I would have.

This brings me to the premise of today's post.  With over two billion smartphones out there in everyone's pockets every day, there are now ample opportunities for people to capture a spaceship siting in still or video images.  We have more chances of getting proof and therefore more chances that people will tell their stories.  Maybe we are being visited more that ever - or maybe it is just that we are capturing more of these visitations and disseminating the information more easily.  Using social media, those stories are getting out, around the world.  And because it is on video, sighting witnesses are no longer being viewed as crazy people, we are being taken seriously.

I went over two decades, barely telling anyone about the Gagetown UFO sighting because I did not want people to think I was a kook.  I am now hoping my story gets out.  It needs to be told.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Spaceship I Saw - Part 3

So how does it feel to have a close encounter with an alien spaceship?  One word: Terrifying.

Overcoming Fear

It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me.  I overcame (most of) my fear of the dark by the time I was twelve.  I saw a bad movie with George Wendt who played Norm on Cheers, and Richard Moll who played Bull on Night Court, where the lead character is plagued by his haunted house until he reaches a breaking point and stops being afraid.  Once he stops being afraid, nothing can hurt him.

George Wendt - Norm!
That immediately helped me stop sleeping with a nightlight.  It helped me do night hikes through the woods without a flashlight at summer camp and at home.  It helped me get through Basic Training where I had to low-crawl under barbed wire while an M-60 shot live fire with tracer rounds right over my head.  It helped me in college when, on a couple occasions, stronger guys challenged me and threatened to fight me and I stood my ground.  I grew to be somewhat fearless as an adult.

UFO Terror

The night of The Gagetown UFO Sighting, I sat alone in a one acre clearing in the woods, guarding a large cache of ammunition and explosives.  I was at least a quarter mile away from the next ammo dump, Pad 2, which was also about a quarter mile away from Pad 1.  I was personally on high alert because I did not know how deep into the woods I was but I knew that we were somewhat close to the edge of the base and that civilians might try to sneak in and steal ammo.  They could be armed.  I was armed with a fully automatic M-16 but I had no ammo (that is another story).  I kept thinking if an armed thief should pop out of the woods and see me there, holding an automatic weapon, he would likely take a shot at me under the premise that I had superior fire power and he would have to shoot first in order to survive a fire fight.  I would not say that scared me but it definitely had me concerned about the possibility of being shot.

I sat on a little bench in the corner of the clearing.  I kept trying to look through the trees but it was too dark under the canopy to see anything.  That was unnerving.  Fortunately the moon was full or nearly full so everything within the clearing was lit up like it was daytime.  But who knew what was hiding in the trees.  I repeatedly looked over my shoulders to make sure someone was not sneaking up behind me.

By 11:20 pm I was settled into my role with my butt planted firmly on the little bench.  I held my weapon at Order Arms with my finger on the trigger guard.  It was silly because I had no bullets.  But it was habit from years of hunting and it was comforting to know I was ready to aim and fire.  That was when something in my environment changed.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up.  I felt the presence of someone or something who had snuck up on me.  The forest noises stopped.  No crickets.  No tree frogs.  No weird, unidentifiable creature noises.  Just silence in the woods.  That is scary.

I felt compelled to look to my right.  The hair on my right arm stood up.  But first I wanted to check my left to make sure nothing was there, knowing that I would probably not be looking that way again for a while.  I looked over my left shoulder. It was clear.  I slowly turned my head to the right and there, over the treeline, was an enormous spaceship.  I initially thought it had just risen from beyond the trees.  After consulting with Mike, the other witness, 26 years later, I understand that it had probably been hovering closer to Pad 2 since not long after we had arrived around 11:00 and had just crept up on me around 11:20.

The ship hung there for a brief moment and then began to creep forward.  Thinking about it now I am assuming they must have been observing my site for a while and once they saw me looking their way they decided to move along.  But they did not speed away.  It was more like someone out for a stroll on the beach around sunset without a care in the world.  The ship glided at maybe one mile per hour, perhaps slower, from the far side of my pad to the rear, staying just beyond the treeline to my right the whole time.

I was scared to death.  There were not many thoughts going through my mind.  I was mainly on auto-pilot.  I discussed this with a friend of a friend who is a psychologist, a few weeks ago and he told me about an instinct animals have to freeze up when preyed upon.  That was what happened to me.  I could not move.  Of the few thoughts I had, the primary one was to not make any sudden movements which might alert the occupants of the ship to my presence.  In hindsight they had to know I was there.  But in the moment I did not want to be spotted.  So I looked only with my eyes, straining them to look as far right as they could as the ship moved towards my rear.  When my eyes could not turn right any more I slowly turned my head to the right until it reached its furthest pivot point.  Only then did I begin moving my shoulders, twisting my upper body sightly to the right.  By that point the ship was disappearing beyond my field of vision due to all the trees.

While the ship was fully exposed and directly in sight my primary concern was that if I was spotted I might be beamed up to the ship.  My only other thought besides not moving went back to my concern that if anyone came out of the woods with a weapon they might see my weapon and shoot first.  Here I was, holding an automatic rifle, staring down an enormous alien spaceship.  What if they perceived me to be a threat?  Would they zap me with a laser and disintegrate me?  I really thought that.

My heart raced and pounded.  My mind kept my breathing slow and controlled but my body wanted me to breathe faster.  I struggled to keep from taking quick deep breaths.  I felt energized.  It could have been from adrenaline.  But I believe there was a charge in the air which was produced by the ship.  That would explain why the hair on my right arm stood  up almost straight on end.  I think it was caused either from the ship's propulsion system or from some type of x-ray-like scanner which was used to study the contents of the ammunition I was guarding, as well as to see me and the other guards.

Playing this all back in my mind I have always thought that I never stood up.  Although I have memories of seeing the ship slowly glide away from me so now I think I might have walked out towards the road to make sure it was gone.  I do know that I watched it for about seven minutes in total and then had to wait three excruciating minutes before calling Mike on the field phone.

Since then, pretty much nothing scares me anymore.

That was my sighting.  There is much more to the story but this is the gist of it.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Spaceship I Saw - Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the lights on the spaceship I saw.  Today I want to describe the shape.

How Big is a Spaceship?

It is hard to say exactly how big mine was, anymore.  It has been twenty-six years since The Gagetown UFO Sighting.  But I know I was on guard duty in a one acre clearing and the ship was longer than the clearing.  An acre is a little over 200 feet by 200 feet.  My yard now is 2 1/3 acres.  It is shaped roughly like three 3/4 individual acres, side-by-side-by-side.  As I look out over my yard, from my desk, I can estimate that the ship must have been 250-300 feet long and maybe 100-150 feet wide.

On top of my house
Using my house as a gauge of height, and knowing how many feet of rod I need to assemble to clean my chimney and then doing some fuzzy math, I can estimate the ship must have been something like 50 feet high.

Yeah, it was huge.

You can see in the image below that the ship was taller in the front than the back.  Its tallest point was just behind the front part.  I think it was slightly boxier, more angular, not as rounded.  We will have to work on that the next time Cam comes over to touch up the image.  He is an amazing fine artist but once the image gets into PhotoShop the technology can be limiting.

You cannot see its shape from overhead.  It was somewhere between an egg shape and a rectangle with its corners cut off.  I did not see it fly directly over me so my estimates of its shape from over/underneath are based on having had close to a 270 degree view of it.  I saw most of the front as it approached, all of its right side as it floated by me, and all of its back as it cruised away.

The Marceau Ship - Draft
My memory is foggiest about the back because by that point I was so petrified with fear that I felt exposed, trying to get a better view.  All I could do initially was look as far right as I could, using only my eyes, and then turn my head as much as need be to keep the ship in sight.  I got up and watched it for a while after it left but soon had to return to the safety of my bench.  But I can still see the front right quarter panel and the right side in my mind's eye as if it were yesterday because I was able to look directly at both of these sides with both eyes for several minutes.  It was only 100, or so, yards from me.

There were no wings.  There was no tail fin.  There were no visible engines.  There were no rotors or propellers.  There were no lights other than the headlights I described yesterday.  There were no symbols, letters, numbers or other markings of any type which might identify the ship as commercial or military.

There was no sound as it approached or glided by me.  As it slowly faded from sight I thought I could hear a low static sound, like a TV makes when it is not tuned to a channel.  I suspect this may have been sub-audible for most people.  I have an usually wide range of hearing at both ends of the spectrum.  Even with my extra-sensitive hearing, the only way I was able to hear anything was because all the forest noises had stopped, i.e. crickets, tree frogs, owls, mysterious noises that send you running for shelter.  Or maybe I tuned them out.  But Mike, the other witness, noted that he also was unable to hear the forest noises for some time.

Spaceship Downwash

The other thing Mike has brought up to me several times, as we  have recently reconnected on this, is that there was no downwash from the ship.

The color of The Marceau Ship lightsFrom his vantage point, all he could see was a small bit of the bright light which he initially took to be a flare.  After the flare hung in the sky for several minutes and failed to fall into the trees he thought it must be some kind of aircraft.  But he was puzzled by the fact that there was no downwash.

When he first said that term to me I was unfamiliar with the word but I was well aware of the concept - it is when the rotors of a helicopter make the trees below it sway or rustle in the wind.  As I play back the mental tape of the scene I also saw no downwash.

Downwash examples

Although, I did feel energized and the hair on my right arm stood up almost to the point of straightening out, but not quite.

Tomorrow I will touch more on how it felt to experience this.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Spaceship I Saw - Part 1

Over the past week my brother in-law Cameron has been working on an artist's rendition of the spaceship I saw, which I am now calling the Marceau Ship (because, why not?) from the Gagetown UFO Sighting.  He is doing a great job based on my description.  If you saw the real thing you would say, "That's the ship from the picture!"

We are still working on it, which is why the image below says "Draft" on it.  Still, so far Cam has done an incredible job of capturing the shape and dimensions of the ship.  If I did not know any better I would say he must have been there with me, although he was not even born at the time.

Marceau Ship Draft

Alien Headlights

What I really want to talk about today, though, is the lights.  Up front there were three lights or windshields in about a 120 degree arc.

I have always leaned towards them being windows because they were in the front, in the direction the ship was moving, and if I were on another planet, checking out the locals, I would want to look out the front window.  But they were so bright; Mike, the other witness, thought he was looking at a flare.  If you have the lights on in your house at night and try to look outside it is hard to see anything but then if you go out on your porch you can probably see your whole yard.  It is hard to imagine anyone could have seen anything outside the ship with lights that bright inside.  So maybe they were in fact headlights.

My sighting was on a military base and I was guarding a large cache of ammo.  I suppose if I were invading the military air space of a foreign nation, I would want to be in a vehicle that was bullet-proof.  Windows, even bullet-proof glass, would increase my vulnerability.  With the technology they had, they probably would not need windows, to fly.  They could navigate completely by computer and could see outside with cameras or similar (more advanced) equipment.  They probably have some type of infrared or night-vision but maybe things just look better for them with a bright light shining on the subject, like it does for us.

The color of the light had an orange-yellowish hue.  It reminded me of the way cities used to look at night when flying in an airplane.  Today cities are white at night.  But when I was a kid they were more orange.  That is because they were lit with different bulbs than we use today.  I used to think it was a mercury vapor bulb but last night Cam came over to finish up the drawing and I looked up the type of light I had in mind so he could color it accurately.  I believe it is called a high-pressure sodium bulb.

We spent a while fine tuning the shape, size, and spacing of the lights.  We needed to show that they were incredibly bright but still squared off.  It was as if the light had been confined to only shine a certain distance and to not spread - like a spot light but one which could be cropped on five sides of a cube.  I am imagining now that a species which has figured out how to travel here from light years away can probably manipulate light in a way which allows them to have hard edges on five sides of it.  When I explained this to Cam we figured out that he could create a layer in PhotoShop where he has a light that shines normally but then we make hard cuts to its edges.

DNA of Light

Then Cam asked me about the angle.  There was no angle.  I told him that this is a species which has figured out travelling at the speed of light (or faster).  They know all about light - like as if there is a DNA to light and they have mapped it and figured out what to do with it.

Marceau ContestSpeaking of light - a light bulb went on over my head.

I have never heard of anyone suggesting that light might have a DNA (or something like DNA).  I immediately looked it up.  I found many articles saying that DNA emits light.  But none discussing the DNA of light.

So here is another theory to add to my Marceau Contest.  Perhaps if we could identify and then map the DNA of light, we could then achieve intergalactic space travel.  Just to up the ante, the person or team that maps the DNA of light wins an entire package of Archway Molasses Cookies.

Am I on to something with this or is it just as far-fetched as the Multiverse Concept?  Post your comments below or on the David Marceau Facebook Page.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What happened to Guard 2?

Yesterday* I posted some details of my meeting with the other witness to my sighting.

Mike and I speculated on why the guard at Pad 2, between us, claimed he did not see what either Mike or I saw.  Mike saw the bright light emanating from the front quarter panel of a seemingly stationary aircraft.  I saw a full-on spaceship.  There is no mistaking it.  Mike thought Guard 2 might have fallen asleep.  I am not so sure about that.

Sleeping on Guard Duty

Even if you take into account that he might have sat down and nodded off for a second, the benches that were provided for us had no backs.  He would have had to lay down on the ground which was cold hard-packed dirt, in order to get some real z's.

I have always thought that sleeping on guard duty was about the worst thing you could do in the military, short of maybe fragging a commander on the battlefield or deserting.  I am reading now on Reddit and other message boards that maybe it is more prevalent than I had thought.  A lot of people joke about it and the punishments for it may not be that severe, depending on whether or not any harm was caused.

My perception on this may be tainted by the fact that I received an Article 15 for sleeping in Basic Training on a day when I spent most of my time standing up in the back of a classroom in order to stay awake.  I even got down and did push-ups several times to stay awake.  It was a stiff punishment for something I do not think I did and which I definitely tried my hardest not to do.  I was certain I never fell asleep during training that day but one of my drill sergeants said I closed my eyes for a few seconds and he wrote me up for it and put me on restriction.  Since then I have been hyper-vigilant about staying awake when I am supposed to.  But maybe not everyone cares about this as much as I do because they did not have that experience.
Contractor's Bench
A Typical Contractor's Bench

That notwithstanding, my argument against the possibility that Guard 2 fell asleep is that, for one thing, the benches that were provided for us were what I call a Contractor's Bench.  I do not know if Guard 2 even had a bench but if he did it would likely have been just like the one I sat on.  A Contractor's Bench is something you slap together with scrap wood.  It is built so hastily it may not be balanced, so if you do not sit on it the right way it will rock and may even fall over.  It has no back so if you were to fall asleep while sitting on it you would fall off.

Now I have a lot of experience with sleeping in odd places and situations.  I used to sleep on the subway on my way to work.  I have the ability to sleep while sitting without falling over or snapping my neck.  I would not fall over or wake up with my head on a stranger's shoulder and I always woke up just in time to get off at my stop.  But that is on a seat with a back to lean against and other people's shoulders wedging you in place, not by yourself on a rickety bench.

Can you Sleep While Standing?

I also have the experience of having fallen asleep while standing several times in Basic Training.  I fell asleep in the chow line once and dropped my ID card.  Someone in the line picked it up and pocketed it while I was out and I had to get a new card.  I once fell asleep while standing at parade rest during a military parade.  The guy to my right started pushing on me and said, "C'mon Marceau, let's go!"

I looked to my left and the rest of my platoon was marching away.  I caught up and then turned my head to the guy who was now behind me and said, "It's over already?"
He replied, "What are you talking about?  We've been here for two hours."
It seemed like five minutes to me because I was sound asleep the entire time.  Maybe it was not two full hours but it was definitely much longer than five minutes.

So OK, it is possible to fall asleep on a rickety bench.  But the circumstances behind me sleeping while standing were that I was in Basic Training, getting 4 hours of sleep a night, burning thousands of calories per day.  There were good reasons for me to fall asleep while standing.  I have never been able to do that since then, no matter how tired I have been.  Our Annual Training was nothing like Basic Training.  It was more like camping.  It was not that bad.  I cannot see the work we did causing anyone to be unable to keep their eyes open on a short guard duty - and we were only a few minutes into the shift.

A more likely scenario than sleeping while sitting was that maybe Guard 2 purposely laid down on the ground and took a nap.  But the ground was uneven hard-packed dirt.  The cold and the rocks would have been uncomfortable to lay on.  It would also have been a much greater risk, to lay down.  If a senior NCO or Officer came rolling down the road or snuck up on you, you would get a severe reprimand.  It is one thing to be sitting and then nod off.  You could always say you were looking at something on the ground, or something, and maybe even pop up on your feet before anyone noticed you had your head down.  But if you are on the ground it would be harder to cover up what you were doing there, "Oh hey, Sarge.  I was just, uh... checking the treetops for thieves... on my back... with my eyes closed..."

All of that notwithstanding, the bigger issue is that we were warned to be on the lookout for civilians who might sneak on post and try to steal ammo.  Our driver told us that it had in fact happened the last time our unit did Annual Training at that location.  I would not learn the details on this until later on, that my dad was on duty when that happened.  But that is a story for another post.  At any rate, we were on high alert because of the distinct possibility that we would be robbed.  For me, that alone was enough to keep me awake and alert.

With all of that put together, how could Guard 2 NOT have seen what Mike and I saw?  Based on Mike's account of how long he saw the light I estimate there was about a fifteen minute period where the ship was either directly over Pad 2 or between Pads 2 and 3 (my location).  It would have been right over Guard 2, or very nearby, for up to fifteen minutes before gliding over my way.  How do you not see that?

By the way, it was huge.  It was larger than the one acre clearing I sat in.  And it glided slowly right over the treeline.  If you were anywhere near it, it was clearly visible.

How did Guard 2 not see it?  What happened?

What happened?

Alien Contact 

I think they got him.

Maybe he pointed his weapon at the ship and was viewed as a threat.  Or maybe he was spotted watching the ship by the creatures who were flying it and they wanted to make sure he did not report them.  Or maybe they were just curious about him.  But something happened which caused the occupants of the ship to either freeze Guard 2 or maybe they even brought him aboard.  I can only speculate.  Whatever it was, at the end they somehow erased his memory of the incident.

I know it is a stretch.  With our current technology and understanding of medicine it is not possible for humans to do something like that to other humans.  But it is also not possible for us to silently hover right over a tree line and then zip into space in a streak of light.  So we are dealing with a civilization which is thousands, possibly millions of years ahead of us.  It is plausible that if they possess the technology to create a spaceship with those capabilities they also possess the technology and understanding of biology to freeze people and erase parts of their memory.

We will likely never know for sure because neither Mike nor I can remember who Guard 2 was and I doubt anyone in our reserve unit kept records of who did what that night.  It was twenty-six years ago.

Working purely with logic, however, given the fact that intentionally sleeping on the cold dirt during guard duty (when we knew that civilians had raided the ammo in the past) or accidentally nodding off on a rickety bench on what was essentially a camping trip, is so highly unlikely, you have to allow for other options.  What other option could there be than that the spaceship, which the two guys on either side of Guard 2 saw, did something to him?

I would love to hear thoughts on this, or other suggestions from my readers.  Post your thoughts below in the Comments or on the David Marceau Facebook Page.

* This article was originally published on October 17, 2018.  It was updated and republished on December 4, 2019.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Meeting with The Other Witness

Last week I posted a story about meeting up with the other witness to the Gagetown UFO sighting.  The meeting did indeed happen last Friday.  Today's post provides some details on that.

For twenty-six years I have held on to a not-so-closely-guarded secret.  I saw an alien spaceship.  I'm not publishing many details on that yet because my story may be featured in a documentary a production company is working on in association with Lue Elizondo and To The Stars Academy and I want to see what happens with that and how much they want me to reveal about it.  I have not told many people because, obviously, when you tell most people you have seen a UFO they think you're crazy or mistaken.  Often both.

Until recently I have only spoken about this with close friends.  I may not even have told anyone had it not been for one key detail.  There was another witness.  I have someone to corroborate at least part of my story.  I've mentioned this person in previous blog posts but did not want to say his name because he was even more guarded with this than I was.  He has concerns about being known in his tight-knit community as that UFO Guy.  I share the same concerns, so I get it, but I feel like by now I'm at the point of no return and I have to just trudge forward with this thing.  He is starting to get to that point, I think, because last Friday he said, "What do I have to lose" and he gave me permission to mention his first name in my blog.  I offered to use a pseudonym but he said the first name was OK.  It is Mike.

Plattsburgh Starbucks
Mike and I met up at the Starbucks on Cornelia Street in Plattsburgh.  I recognized him right away even though it has been 26 years and he has changed a lot.  He did not recognize me, even though people tell me all the time that I have not changed much at all since college.  Mike probably did not recognize me because he and I never knew each other well.  We served together in the same Army Reserve unit but did not have much interaction other than on that one fateful night.

We were both students at Plattsburgh State during overlapping intervals but I do not remember ever seeing him around campus.  He was a couple years ahead of me and in a different major.  I was also really into College Radio and my fraternity so I tended to hang around with a couple insular groups of people who did not associate much with others - not that these groups were exclusive and did not want to include others, we just did not go out of our way to create opportunities for that because we did not have to.  We had the others in our groups to do things with.  Bottom line is, I never saw Mike around campus and since he was in a different platoon in our Reserve Unit and I was out in the Motor Pool in an entirely different building, I rarely saw him at Reserve drills either.

We started off with some small talk like careers, kids, recent to-do's, etc.  Mike told me about a trip he had taken to a junk yard to look for some rims for his car.  I told him about the Staffing Agency in Plattsburgh that I run and how I was planning to attend Homecoming that night.  Mike said he doesn't do Homecoming.  He has not kept in close touch with many people from school.

UFO Sighting

We then got into a discussion about the site we were at when we witnessed what I now refer to as the Gagetown UFO.  I showed him the area where I think it is, on Google Maps, with my phone.  He mentioned (for the second time) that sometimes governments will have Google obfuscate certain sections of maps, for national defense.  They do not put a black bar over things because that would just draw more attention to the sites.  Instead, they Photoshop the images to cover up what is there.  I told Mike that I had studied the maps of the location very carefully and there were a few sections that looked bluer than others, sections of trees that should have been the same shade of green as the sections around them but were instead slightly blue.

Mike was not sure about the location because the site where he would have been did not look the way he remembered it.  He recalled his site looking like the one that I thought was my site.  He also remembered being on the same side of the road as me.  I thought so too.  The site that I think was Mike's extends over both sides of the dirt road we traveled.  It is possible that in 26 years, part of his site got overgrown and then a new section was cleared on the other side of the road.

It is also possible I have the wrong site but for many reasons, discussed in a previous post about the site, I'm going with this location.  At the end of the day it does not really matter if we ever pinpoint the exact location.  The spot I found has an ammo pad which looks identical to where I was and would be a good backdrop for filming a narration of events.

Mike reiterated what he saw and I told him more about what I saw.  I had a couple printouts of crude sketches I had done on Microsoft Paint.  He did not see anything like what I had seen because he was behind the ship and at its closest point he would probably have been up to a quarter mile away from it.  All he saw was part of the light that emanated from one of the front quarter panels of the ship, whereas I saw the full body of the ship, about 100-200 yards away.  But because of his vantage point he saw it hovering for about half an hour whereas I only saw it for at most, seven minutes.  After it had glided away from me Mike continued to watch it for several more minutes until suddenly it zipped off into space in a streak of light.

The two of us had talked about all this twice before, over the past two months.  One new development which came out of those first two conversations was what happened to the third guy who was out there that night.  It was not just the two of us.  There was a third possible witness.  And here is where it helps to have another person to talk to about this because you cannot always remember every detail.  I had always thought there were four of us out there that night and that Mike was at the pad next to mine but he remembers there being three of us and that there was someone between us.  I am OK with deferring to his memory on that because he was walking around and more aware of our surroundings and I had my butt planted on a bench, so that I would not give up my position.

Mike also remembers that Guard 2 was not reachable on the field phone which led him to believe the guy was sleeping.  When we got picked up at the end of our guard shift Mike asked Guard 2 if he saw anything and the guy said he did not.  Guard 2 then immediately began making fun of Mike.  The two of us now wonder how Guard 2 could NOT have seen anything.  The ship was not by my pad the whole time.  It was only there from about 11:20 to 11:27 pm.  It came from the direction of Pads 1 and 2 and traveled away from them.  If Mike saw the light from the ship for more like a half hour then Guard 2 had to have seen something.

The only way Guard 2 could have not seen anything was if he was asleep, like Mike speculates.  But sleeping on guard duty in the Army is a Cardinal Rule that you never break.  Depending on what happens while asleep, you could be Court Martialed for that.  You just do not do it.

So what happened to Guard 2?

Post your thoughts below in the Comments section or on the David Marceau Facebook Page.

I'll write more of my thoughts on what happened in tomorrow's post.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Plans with the Other Witness

Western Connecticut UFO Conference

I will attend the Western Connecticut UFO Conference this Saturday at the Danbury Public Library.  They will be discussing sightings.  I hope to meet some of my readers there.

Western Connecticut UFO Conference

I haven't mentioned many details about my own sighting in this blog yet.  This is due in part to the fact that I may be featured in a documentary and I don't want to give everything away ahead of its broadcast.  Another reason is because I want my radio/podcast show to be about the folks I interview, not so much about me.  Ironically (or hypocritically?) it will prospectively be called The David Marceau Show.  That notwithstanding, I do want it to be about my guests.

UFO Witness

Today, though, I'm talking a bit about my sighting only to the extent that it pertains to what I'm doing later.  I will be attending my undergrad alma mater homecoming while visiting my Upstate New York Staffing office.  While I'm in town I thought it would be nice to reunite with someone who is integral to my sighting story.

The night I saw the spacecraft there was another witness.  He was at least a half a mile down the road so his perspective was much different from mine.  He didn't see as much but he saw it for a longer period than I did because being farther away he was able to see more but it was smaller and not as well-lit.

I have not seen this person in over 25 years.  Other than this incident we had no reason to keep in touch, no common friends or associations.  But because of our mutual sighting I have tried to look him up countless times over the decades.  I was unable to find him for a long time, first because I had his name wrong.  I was close but the variation on the spelling was enough to make him a completely different person than the one I was looking for.  He has also kept a low profile and does not have a large footprint on the web - figures, the one person I wanted to track down for over half of my life doesn't cast a shadow on the internet.

When the folks at the production company started talking to me about covering my story they suggested I track this other witness down to include him in it.  By this point I had figured out the correct spelling of his name and I used that info to scour the internet for any kind of breadcrumbs on him.  I finally succeeded at the end of August and made contact.

Our first call started off awkwardly.  As one can imagine, when someone calls out of the blue and says, hey, you probably don't remember me but I'm that guy who saw the UFO with you 26 years ago, it takes a few minutes to break the ice.  But we ended up talking for like 40 minutes that day and I think we both ended the call with an odd combination of both peace and excitement.

We spoke one other time for a few minutes, after the associate producer of the documentary talked to him and that was it.  Since I'm going to be in his neck of the woods for a day I thought it would be nice to meet up and grab coffee.  I'd like to exchange some more history of the past three decades and also trade more notes on what we each saw.  On that first call he was able to recount things I had either forgotten or had never known and vice versa.  I want to know more.

UFO Shame

If at this point the reader wonders why I'm not mentioning this person's name it's because, for various reasons, he's not ready to talk about it publicly.  Even naming those reasons would risk exposing him so I'm not going to go into it any further.  I will briefly mention how it went in a blog post next week but there may not be many details on what we discussed.

Again, I will attend the Western Connecticut UFO Conference this Saturday at the Danbury Public Library.  They will be discussing sightings.  I hope to meet some of my readers there.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Documentary Setback

Some updates on the documentary today:

The Gagetown UFO

There was another little setback.  After I pinpointed the location of my sighting and emailed Google Maps links to the associate producer of the documentary I thought things would move quickly and we might do the shoot as early as last weekend.  But then the whole week went by and I heard nothing but crickets.  I emailed him Friday afternoon to tell him I assumed it was a no-go for the weekend.

He wrote back apologizing for being away on a shoot.  He said we couldn't shoot at my site over the weekend because it was Canadian Thanksgiving so there would be limited availability of personnel on the army base.  The production company also had to change a few things around and he didn't have access to a crew on the East Coast.  He's going to get an update from everyone and work on a new plan.  He'll keep me posted.

I was hoping to knock out the shoot by now for several reasons.  One, I'm antsy.  It's been three months since I first heard from Lue Elizondo and I've been eagerly anticipating that I will finally have the chance to tell the world my story.  That genie has been in the bottle for twenty-six years and now that she's out I can't put her back in.

The second reason is logistically, it will get harder to do the shoot, the longer we wait.  It will soon be wintertime in Canada.  Not only is it getting cold quickly, the leaves will soon be off the trees and then the audience won't be able to see what I saw as I sat alone in the woods, late at night, and watched a huge spacecraft creep over the treeline.  I think it's important to have the leaves on the trees in order to convey that imagery.

Lastly, now that I'm rolling full-steam-ahead on this podcast project, I would like it to coincide with the documentary.  One does not require the other, in order to be successful, and I will move forward with this project no matter what.  But it would be great if the two projects would move forward simultaneously.

I've waited this long, I can wait some more.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that we can get it done soon, though.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep moving along with the podcast.  More updates on that tomorrow.

If you have seen an alien spaceship or any type of unidentified flying object (UFO) contact me using the Contact form on this page or call me at 401-315-9102 between 6:00am and 7:00am Eastern USA (New York) time, any weekday.

You may remain anonymous if you want.  I will not ridicule you or try to tell you why you are wrong.  I get it, I saw one too.

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